18th July 2006 Archive

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  • Microsoft buddies up with open source rival - true

    Moment of Xen or weakness?

    Servers 18 05:57

  • LaCie Safe 250GB biometric hard drive

    Fingerprint security

    Hardware 18 07:02

  • UK gambling boss arrested in Dallas

    Faces racketeering charges

    Financial News 18 08:01

  • Suited phoneys vs honourable technocrats

    Tales from the airshow

    Management 18 08:05

  • Discovery touches down in Florida

    NASA prepping for next mission

    Science 18 08:29

  • Apple to announce movie rentals next month?

    Last-minute developers conference keynote unveiling

    Hardware 18 08:59

  • Yes! It's the all-out nuclear war USB hub!

    Bad day at work? Then destroy the planet

    Hardware 18 09:30

  • Sky crashes into free broadband

    Murdoch's on the line for you

    Broadband 18 09:39

  • The UK office: hotbed of Bacchanalian lust

    Work-based rumpy-pumpy epidemic

    Small Biz 18 09:43

  • Brussels to send 'crats into the real world

    The coup de grâce for a struggling SME?

    Small Biz 18 09:47

  • Intel to cut Celeron D prices in July, October?

    Model number 360 coming in August

    Hardware 18 09:49

  • Intel to fork 'Conroe'

    Low-end E4000 series to join mainstream E6000 line-up

    Hardware 18 10:07

  • AMD plans July, October price cuts - report

    Just like Intel, apparently

    Hardware 18 10:43

  • Curse of Blunkett strikes Home Office minister

    Government mounts live test of 'fool-proof' ID system

    Media 18 10:44

  • SanDisk preps 4GB SDHC memory card

    Bundles USB adaptor

    Hardware 18 10:59

  • Multivalued datatypes considered harmful

    How dangerous can a data type be?

    Developer 18 11:10

  • Cingular claims US first with HSDPA handset


    Mobile 18 11:13

  • Microsoft keelhauls 26 pirates

    Files suit against resellers

    The Channel 18 11:17

  • Judge slashes Rambus damages award

    Hynix should pay $133.6m not $306.5m, court suggests

    Hardware 18 11:17

  • Channel 4 to televise UK's first 'Masturbate-a-thon'

    US degeneracy crosses the Pond

    Bootnotes 18 11:56

  • Fujitsu Siemens unveils 'lightest, smallest' sat nav box

    Pocket Loox N100 series unveiled

    Phones 18 12:31

  • Anyone for Cider?

    A taste of our preferred development tool

    Developer 18 12:45

  • DTI backs unmanned aircraft programme

    Tech eye for the public service guy

    Policy 18 12:57

  • Where's my 3.5G handset?

    Dearth of devices hampers growth of next-gen technology

    Mobile 18 13:46

  • Elonex: the end of an era

    IP riches sustain founders

    The Channel 18 13:46

  • Turn off the aircon and take off your clothes

    UK unions' heatbusting call

    Small Biz 18 14:02

  • Monster roadsigns block Channel Five

    Good news for Bucks residents

    Bootnotes 18 14:12

  • Flash drives to rule laptop market (one day)

    Solid state of affairs

    Storage 18 14:23

  • My mobile is...a...um...

    Consumers unaware of their phone's make and model

    Mobile 18 14:30

  • All forms of life wound up by same key

    Studies unravel DNA replication

    Science 18 14:39

  • Sony unveils 1080p HD LCD TV, 80GB twin-tuner DVR

    Freeview bonanza

    Hardware 18 14:42

  • Round up the youthful suspects! Govt to target crime at birth

    Children, the country's future... lab rats

    Media 18 15:36

  • Google-based malware search tool surfaces

    Malicious code mining fails to undermine society

    Security 18 15:52

  • Moving airbases, codebreaking and supermodel behaviour

    Miracles aplenty

    Letters 18 16:01

  • Open source blamed for malware development

    Sauce for the goose

    Security 18 18:04

  • Intel hopes users see more than double with Montecito

    Tired of me, myself and HP

    Servers 18 18:47

  • Microsoft and Nortel unite on communications

    Can you hear me now, Steve?

    Data Networking 18 23:07

  • Server misfire dampens IBM's Q2

    Profits up, hardware stuck

    Financial News 18 23:37