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Microsoft buddies up with open source rival - true

Microsoft's tolerance for Linux expanded today via an alliance with open source server virtualization backer XenSource.
Ashlee Vance, 18 Jul 2006

UK gambling boss arrested in Dallas

Shares in online gaming firm Betonsports have been suspended this morning to allow markets to digest news that David Carruthers, the outspoken chief executive of Betonsports, has been arrested in Dallas.
John Oates, 18 Jul 2006

Suited phoneys vs honourable technocrats

CommentSmart suits, I've come to understand, are a sure sign of a business involving a bunch of phoneys. After this year's visit to the 1950s (otherwise known as the Farnborough Airshow) I've also discovered something just as important: I'm allergic to these guys.
Guy Kewney, 18 Jul 2006

Discovery touches down in Florida

Shuttle has landed at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, after nearly a fortnight in space, and with one crew member less than when it took off.
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Jul 2006

Apple to announce movie rentals next month?

The Mac Pro may not be the only thing Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveils at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference next month: he'll pull the rabbit of iTunes Music Store movie downloads out of his hat too, one Apple-watching website claims.
Tony Smith, 18 Jul 2006

Yes! It's the all-out nuclear war USB hub!

Had enough of being beaten into the submission by other USB Missile Launcher-wielding workmates? Just had a bad day with the boss? Then it's time to fall back on the ultimate sanction: the USB nuclear armageddon button. One push and... boom.
Tony Smith, 18 Jul 2006

Sky crashes into free broadband

Sky is the latest company to get on the convergence wagon by offering broadband internet access alongside other comms services.
John Oates, 18 Jul 2006

The UK office: hotbed of Bacchanalian lust

It's official: the UK office is a steaming cauldron of sexual desire in which colleagues exchange flirtatious emails and smouldering looks as a ritual prelude to forming the work-based beast with two backs.
Lester Haines, 18 Jul 2006

Brussels to send 'crats into the real world

The European Commission would like its bureaucrats to have a better understanding of the real world, so it plans to send them them out on a terrifying expedition into the land of the SME.
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Jul 2006

Intel to cut Celeron D prices in July, October?

Intel will introduced its latest Celeron D budget desktop processor on 27 August - the day it ships 'Tulsa', the 65nm dual-core Xeon MP, incidentally - before slashing the line-up's prices on 22 October, it has been claimed.
Tony Smith, 18 Jul 2006

Intel to fork 'Conroe'

Intel looks set to fork its 'Conroe' Core 2 Duo desktop processor line-up in much the same way it's going to split its 'Merom' Core 2 Duo mobile family in two. Recently leaked roadmaps show a Core 2 Duo E4300 turning up in Q1 2007.
Tony Smith, 18 Jul 2006

AMD plans July, October price cuts - report

Details have emerged of the wide-ranging price cuts AMD is expected to implement later this month in response to Intel's launches of 'Merom' and 'Conroe' - the chip giant's next-generation architecture mobile and desktop Core 2 Duo processors.
Tony Smith, 18 Jul 2006

Curse of Blunkett strikes Home Office minister

Joan Ryan, Home Office junior minister i/c ID cards, has not exactly gained glowing reviews of her performance defending the wretched things in the Commons yesterday. And on top of all that hard-won opprobrium, she seems to have inadvertently called down the Curse of Blunkett on herself.
John Lettice, 18 Jul 2006

SanDisk preps 4GB SDHC memory card

Solid-state memory specialist SanDisk will this month ship its first 4GB SD card, based on version 2.0 of the SD standard, also known as SDHC. The company said it plans to bundle the card with a compact USB adaptor - handy given the paucity of devices with SDHC slots.
Hard Reg, 18 Jul 2006

Multivalued datatypes considered harmful

Increasingly developers are required to write applications that interact with database engines – typically Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL or Access. In many ways the database engine is pretty much immaterial; no matter what the flavour it’s still simply a matter of tables, columns, rows and a variety of data types; text, memo, BLOB, numeric, whatever. However if you work with Access, a completely new data type is on the horizon for 2007 – multi-valued. Unfortunately, this isn’t just-another-data-type; this is a whole different ball game and a dangerous one – more like rollerball than baseball.
Mark Whitehorn, 18 Jul 2006

Cingular claims US first with HSDPA handset

Cingular yesterday claimed a US first for its new HSDPA phone, a skinny black clamshell from LG, dubbed the CU500.
Drew Cullen, 18 Jul 2006

Microsoft keelhauls 26 pirates

Microsoft has set the lawyers on 26 computer dealers for allegedly selling pirate software.
John Oates, 18 Jul 2006

Judge slashes Rambus damages award

Hynix will not have to pay Rambus as much for infringing the memory technology company's patents as it had expected to after the judge presiding over the case slashed the damages awarded against it.
Team Register, 18 Jul 2006

Channel 4 to televise UK's first 'Masturbate-a-thon'

NSFWNot content with dragging the good old US of A straight down to Hell with its public displays of mass masturbatory degeneracy, the San Fran-based Centre for Sex and Culture - organiser of the legendary "Masturbate-a-thon" - will in August travel to London for a similar event in which Brits will be invited to tug the trouser snake and pet the beaver for the benefit of safe sex charities and Channel 4 viewers.
Lester Haines, 18 Jul 2006

Fujitsu Siemens unveils 'lightest, smallest' sat nav box

Fujitsu Siemens today unveiled its latest Pocket Loox PDAs: a pair of models featuring integrated GPS receivers, route-planning code, a music player app and full personal information management functionality all in a unit weighing just 110g - a record, the company claimed.
Tony Smith, 18 Jul 2006

Anyone for Cider?

Imagine CupWe recently spent a week at the Microsoft Technology Centre in Reading. We had a great time, including an all-night code/debug-athon and copious amounts of Coca Cola.
Team Three Pair, 18 Jul 2006

DTI backs unmanned aircraft programme

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is to provide funds for the development of unmanned aviation vehicles to support public services.
Kablenet, 18 Jul 2006

Where's my 3.5G handset?

The number of 3.5G mobile broadband subscribers globally will soar from around 2.5m to more than 300m in 2011 despite a shortage in compelling devices, according to a new study.
John Leyden, 18 Jul 2006
vulture tv reporter

Elonex: the end of an era

AnalysisThe reaction of many people in the PC business to the news that Elonex Plc (UK) was in administration was a shrug: Elowho?
Tim Phillips, 18 Jul 2006

Turn off the aircon and take off your clothes

As UK temperatures head for a possible all-time high, British unions have called for UK companies to adopt a more relaxed dress code, the BBC reports.
Lester Haines, 18 Jul 2006

Monster roadsigns block Channel Five

Residents close to a Buckinghamshire A-road are up in arms at giant roadsigns which are not only ruining views of the countryside but, far worse, blocking reception of Channel Five.
Lester Haines, 18 Jul 2006
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Flash drives to rule laptop market (one day)

Flash-based solid state drives could become the dominant storage device in laptops.
Drew Cullen, 18 Jul 2006

My mobile is...a...um...

Mobile phone operators are missing an opportunity to sell high-cost multimedia mobile services because more than half their customers don't have a clue what phone they are using, according to research.
Team Register, 18 Jul 2006

All forms of life wound up by same key

You have more in common with E. coli than you may think. US researchers have demonstrated that DNA replication is triggered in exactly the same way whether you happen to be a bacterium, an archaeum or a eukaryote (that's modern bacteria, old bacteria, or cells with a nucleus, to you and me).
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Jul 2006

Sony unveils 1080p HD LCD TV, 80GB twin-tuner DVR

Sony has launched a slimline DVR that allows viewers to watch one Freeview channel while recording another on the box's built-in 80GB hard drive. The consumer electronics giant also introduced the first of its 1080p HD Ready Bravia LCD TVs into the UK.
Tony Smith, 18 Jul 2006

Round up the youthful suspects! Govt to target crime at birth

Children's Minister Hilary Armstrong was due today to outline what could become one of Project Blair's most ambitious, misguided and hubristic projects yet. The Government will attempt to identify children at risk of failure, violent behaviour or criminality at birth, and take the necessary corrective actions to steer them onto a law-abiding and successful path.
John Lettice, 18 Jul 2006

Google-based malware search tool surfaces

The creator of the Metasploit hacking tool has released code that can be used to find malicious software using specially-crafted Google search queries. The malware search engine created by H.D. Moore can be found here.
John Leyden, 18 Jul 2006

Moving airbases, codebreaking and supermodel behaviour

LettersThe faithful gather to worship at the altar of Ballmer in Boston. Perhaps we missed the importance of Microsoft's relationship with its partners. You were quick to set us straight:
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Jul 2006

Open source blamed for malware development

Malware authors are adopting open source development models to develop more potent threats. It's well known among security experts that botnet clients such as SDBot are written in a modular framework that allows hackers to add features that, for example, facilitate its spread through IM networks or add more potent attack features.
John Leyden, 18 Jul 2006

Intel hopes users see more than double with Montecito

"They can take our revenue, but they'll never take our freedom!"
Ashlee Vance, 18 Jul 2006

Microsoft and Nortel unite on communications

Nortel has signed a four-year deal with Microsoft for the development and installation of integrated voice and data communications products running on Windows.
Gavin Clarke, 18 Jul 2006
fingers pointing at man

Server misfire dampens IBM's Q2

IBM could solve two problems at once by getting its global services division to fix the server division's manufacturing woes. The IT giant today reported that weaker services revenue coupled with a derailed server supply chain hurt second quarter revenue. All told, however, IBM beat out analysts' expectations and pleased investors.
Ashlee Vance, 18 Jul 2006

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