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Ruby on Rails Part 2

TutorialIn the previous introductory Ruby on Rails article, we created an Oracle database table. In this article we shall develop a Model-View-Controller (MVC) CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete functionality) application using Ruby on Rails. Rails is a combination of the following sub-projects…
Deepak Vohra, 17 Jul 2006

Shuttle, plus leak, set to land today

The Space Shuttle Discovery is scheduled to land in Florida this afternoon, after completing an almost 13-day mission.
Lucy Sherriff, 17 Jul 2006

Sony BMG ruling rocks European Commission

The European Commission's arguments supporting the Sony/BMG merger in 2004 were not of "the requisite legal standard" and were marred by "a manifest error of assessment" according to Europe's second highest court.
OUT-LAW.COM, 17 Jul 2006

Police number plate cameras may breach RIPA - Commissioner

Police use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras could 'break human rights law' according to some reports. Which, it would seem to us, is a novel way to categorise the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, the Act police procedures appear to break. This had not previously been thought to be a landmark of human rights legislation, but go on then, blame the Human Rights Act and move swiftly on to blaming Europe, why don't you?
John Lettice, 17 Jul 2006

High-tech chicanery worries Irish punters

Consumer fear of online identity theft could be costing Irish businesses up to €250m a year, according to a survey released on Friday.
Maxim Kelly, 17 Jul 2006

Does Reid plan to punish businesses mean ID card for immigrants?

Company directors will be disqualified if their firms are caught employing illegal immigrants on two separate occasions, according to proposals to be put forward by Home Secretary John Reid. The move is apparently planned as a 'central plank' of Reid's master plan to deal with the immigration component of his "dysfunctional" department.
John Lettice, 17 Jul 2006

AMD reverse multi-threading tech 'does not exist'

AMD is not working on technology to allow a multi-core processor to emulate a single-core chip, it has been claimed by reports citing sources close to the company. The claims contradict alternative allegations that maintain the chip company has been working on just such as system.
Tony Smith, 17 Jul 2006

Intel to add 3G connectivity to next-gen Centrino?

The next generation of Intel's Centrino platform, codenamed 'Santa Rosa', may well include 3G mobile phone network connectivity as well as the standard Wi-Fi, if allegedly leaked company roadmaps are to be believed.
Tony Smith, 17 Jul 2006

BT tops DSL league

BT is the UK's best performing broadband provider, according to a survey from network speed testing firm Epitiro.
John Oates, 17 Jul 2006

Intel plans 3 September Celeron M update

Intel will extend its Celeron M low-cost mobile processor line-up on 3 September - the day that will see the debut of the anticipated low-voltage Core Duo L2500. The new arrivals will push down the prices of existing models.
Hard Reg, 17 Jul 2006

VoIP goes wireless

Innovative Jajah uses PCs for internet phone calls - but only to set up the calls. They then connect two landline or mobile phones together to chat over the IP network. Now, the company has revealed it's going one step further, and will use a Java applet on the phone itself to set up the call.
Guy Kewney, 17 Jul 2006
hp wireless chip

HP reveals tiny, tiny wireless chip

Some of HP’s biggest brains have created what the company claims is the world’s tiniest wireless data chip.
Joe Fay, 17 Jul 2006

Naomi Campbell in yacht trash rumpus

WSASupermodel Naomi Campbell allegedly caused £30k worth of damage to her lover's £1.5m yacht after an Italian chef's "romantic meal" for the two nautical lovebirds failed to float her boat.
Lester Haines, 17 Jul 2006
graph up

Firefox fans offered name check

Firefox fans are being offered the chance of "geek immortality".
John Leyden, 17 Jul 2006

Daily flaws ratchet up debate

HD Moore is used to polarising the vulnerability-research community.
Robert Lemos, 17 Jul 2006

Intel 'Merom' due 23 July?

Intel's pricing plan for 'Merom', its next-generation architecture mobile Core 2 Duo processor, has leaked out ahead of the chip family's debut - now apparently scheduled for 23 July.
Tony Smith, 17 Jul 2006

Bogus clicks undermine online advertising

More than one in ten clicks on internet ads are fraudulent, according to new data released on Monday.
Maxim Kelly, 17 Jul 2006

Get your very own Channel9 Guy

Imagine CupWhile we were in the sunny US we headed over to see those fine chaps at Channel9, for an interview about the Imagine Cup.
Team Three Pair, 17 Jul 2006

Eclipse: We don’t have a relationship with Sun

Prospects of a thaw between Sun and the Eclipse Foundation seem as slim as ever, judging by remarks made to The Register by Eclipse executive director Mike Milinkovich.
Tim Anderson, 17 Jul 2006

Unmasking Novell's identity plans

Identity systems such as Higgins and InfoCard give us new ways of storing and exchanging information about users; good news for users and developers.
Mary Branscombe, 17 Jul 2006

Orange reveals upcoming smart phones

Orange's upcoming smart phones got an airing this weekend, revealing the carrier will be bringing Samsung's QWERTY keyboard-equipped, 3G-connected Windows Mobile 5.0 device, the i320, on board.
Tony Smith, 17 Jul 2006

Wanted: Protector of the (easy) faith

easyJet founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou shows few signs of abandoning his megalomaniacal campaign to own all things prefixed "easy".
Drew Cullen, 17 Jul 2006

Freescale serves up alternative to flash

CommentWhen Freescale recently announced a four megabit memory chip, my immediate reaction was to laugh.
Guy Kewney, 17 Jul 2006

How to fry an egg… on an Apple MacBook

Now we know why Apple’s notebooks run hot — the company wants you to own a computer you can cook your breakfast on. Well, maybe not, but hasn’t stopped one enterprising user claiming to have done so. He’s even gone so far as to put the laptop’s AC adaptor into service as a coffee warmer.
Tony Smith, 17 Jul 2006

Home Office defends DNA practice

The Home Office has insisted that details from the National DNA Database are not being misused by commercial companies.
Kablenet, 17 Jul 2006
vulture tv reporter

Trojan downloader uses Zidane lure

Nefarious virus writers are using continued interest in Zinedine Zidane's infamous headbutt in the World Cup final to distribute malware via a malicious website (screen shot here) that poses as an official FIFA World Cup 2006 website.
John Leyden, 17 Jul 2006

Intel 'Tulsa' 65nm Xeon MPs to ship 27 August?

Intel appears set to introduce a new line of dual-core Xeon MP server chips on 27 August, bringing the family into the 65nm era and once again equipping its top-of-the-line x86 server chips with L3 cache.
Tony Smith, 17 Jul 2006

Senate to debate stem cell research

The eternally thorny issue of stem cell research comes before the US Senate today, in a debate that is as much about politics as science.
Lucy Sherriff, 17 Jul 2006

UK betting boss held in US

David Carruthers, chief executive of online betting site Betonsports.com, has been detained by Federal agents while changing planes in the US.
John Oates, 17 Jul 2006

Baseball blacks-out online

CommentYou won't find a more un-American business than Major League Baseball's online arm - MLB Advanced Media. There. We said it.
Ashlee Vance, 17 Jul 2006

Vodafone chases Telecom Italia for $666m

Vodafone is demanding $666m from Telecom Italia after accusing the rival telco of beastly market abuses, it has emerged.
Joe Fay, 17 Jul 2006

Dell, Acer tout 802.11n wireless laptops

Dell and Acer both announced today notebook-oriented add-in cards equipped with a pre-standard version of the 802.11n next-generation Wi-Fi specification. The company's cards provide data transfer rates of up to 270Mbps and 300Mbps, the two firms claimed respectively.
Tony Smith, 17 Jul 2006

NASA: checking out the sun in Stereo

Next month, NASA is to launch a new solar observatory that will make it possible for scientists to observe the sun in three dimensions for the first time. This should lead to better forecasting of space weather and a clearer understanding of the processes at work in our local star.
Lucy Sherriff, 17 Jul 2006

'Skype clone' surfaces in China

Chinese software developers have reportedly reverse engineered Skype's internet telephony software to develop a clone. The unnamed company has developed a software client using the same protocol and encryption technology used by Skype. This software, which is still in the early stages of development, was used to call Charlie Paglee, co-founder of Voice over IP startup Vozin Communications.
John Leyden, 17 Jul 2006
hands waving dollar bills in the air

When PowerPoint presentations attack

Virus writers have seized upon an unpatched PowerPoint vulnerability to launch targeted attacks. The assault relies on tricking users into opening an infected PowerPoint document.
John Leyden, 17 Jul 2006

How 'Saving The Net' may kill it

InterviewIf you've followed the occasionally surreal, and often hysterical debate around 'Net Neutrality' on US blogs and discussion forums, you may have encountered Richard Bennett. The veteran engineer played a role in the design of the internet we use today, and helped shaped Wi-Fi. He's also been blogging for a decade. And he doesn't suffer fools gladly.
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Jul 2006

AMD's Geode exiles float to new Fort Collins center

There's a new game sweeping through AMD's engineering ranks called the "Colorado Shuffle." The company has revealed plans to relocate about 75 of the workers affected by the closure of its Longmont office to a new design center in Fort Collins. Ultimately, the Fort Collins outpost will employ more than 200 people.
Ashlee Vance, 17 Jul 2006

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