12th July 2006 Archive

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  • Costs swell at America's most infamous weapons lab

    Betting on 'efficiencies'

    Science 12 Jul 01:40

  • Gates 'glad' to delay Vista some more

    If it ain't prime-time

    Operating Systems 12 Jul 01:44

  • German anti-trust officials received complaint against Intel

    But organisation won't say who made it

    Hardware 12 Jul 08:40

  • Microsoft 'streamlines' ERP and CRM pricing

    From each according to his own

    Data Centre 12 Jul 08:45

  • Outsourced data must be protected, says privacy chief

    Companies liable for third party breaches

    Media 12 Jul 09:02

  • Havok ships physics-on-GPU coding tool

    Adds character-environment interaction too

    Hardware 12 Jul 09:12

  • US restricts online gambling

    Outright ban gets closer

    Media 12 Jul 09:36

  • Symbian updates smart-phone OS

    Native Wi-Fi support at last

    Phones 12 Jul 09:38

  • FSP to ship CrossFire, SLI-friendly PSU next week

    Booster X3 on its way

    Hardware 12 Jul 09:58

  • SMS message saves stricken yacht

    With a little help from the Coastguard

    Business 12 Jul 09:59

  • Sky News in soft porn pic outrage

    Kiddies exposed to Spanish smut

    Media 12 Jul 10:07

  • Not delayed, not sleeping, dead - UK ID card scheme goes under

    Damned with indeterminate schedules...

    Media 12 Jul 10:20

  • Google erases Malta

    The lost city of Valletta

    Media 12 Jul 10:23

  • T-Mobile UK brings push email to MDA smart phones

    Updates posted for older devices

    Phones 12 Jul 10:39

  • Secure Computing buys CipherTrust

    Messaging security push gathers momentum

    Security 12 Jul 10:49

  • Capgemini outsources jobs to BT

    225 UK staff affected

    Business 12 Jul 11:13

  • HD DVD backers plan $150m marketing blitz

    Roadshow response to counter PS3 countdown

    Hardware 12 Jul 11:21

  • Commission beats Microsoft with €280m stick

    Penalty dished out before appeal judgement

    Software 12 Jul 11:29

  • Jesus reveals cure for cancer to eBayer

    Also divulges precise location of Heaven

    Media 12 Jul 11:33

  • Oracle signs up Ingram Micro Europe

    SME test

    The Channel 12 Jul 11:44

  • Tiscali and BPI in filesharing standoff

    C&W keeping well out of it

    Media 12 Jul 12:19

  • 'Steady progress' at Computacenter

    Which is nice

    The Channel 12 Jul 12:21

  • C2000 beefs up server and storage sales teams


    The Channel 12 Jul 12:35

  • Five critical updates mark MS Patch Tuesday

    Overtime for sysadmins looms

    Security 12 Jul 12:40

  • Benchmarks, bunkum and baloney

    Performance figure hype

    Developer 12 Jul 13:11

  • Gmail phishing email offers $500 prize

    You've got malware

    Security 12 Jul 13:19

  • EU cuts roaming charges

    Finally punts plan to slash prices

    Business 12 Jul 13:42

  • EC hearing all about patents today

    Costs a major concern

    Business 12 Jul 13:45

  • Indian boffin touts protein-based '50TB DVD'

    From Blu-ray to bacteria...

    Hardware 12 Jul 14:38

  • Indian satellite launch ends in disaster

    Oh dear...

    Science 12 Jul 14:51

  • Galileo codes cracked

    Security by obscurity fails again

    Security 12 Jul 14:56

  • MS turns to ATI for Xbox 360 HD DVD decoder

    Battle lines drawn

    Games 12 Jul 14:56

  • Energy Review looks to generate security

    Darling of the nuclear industry

    Science 12 Jul 15:00

  • EC vs. MS: IT depts find a champ in Europe

    If nerve holds

    Operating Systems 12 Jul 20:14

  • Ingres trades up with NYSE chief

    Door opener

    CIO 12 Jul 21:18

  • Kazaa parent pulls lawsuit against P2P site

    CEO still sue happy

    Media 12 Jul 22:13

  • Web 2.0 meets its Alamo?

    Netscape's New Coke moment

    Media 12 Jul 22:56

  • JEE5: the beginning of the end?

    Complicated, very complicated

    Developer 12 Jul 23:01