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Google - cult or corporation?

Is Google a cult, or is Google a corporation? It's hard to tell, and from the company's official literature it seems like it would really, really like to have it both ways.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Jul 2006

ICO hits personal data service

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has clamped down on a website that was illegally using information from electoral registers.
Kablenet, 10 Jul 2006

Discovery cleared for landing

The space Shuttle Discovery is fit to return to Earth, NASA says, after the inspection of the heat shield found no problems with the insulation.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Jul 2006

FCO takes on Murray and the blogs over Murder in Samarkand

The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office is following up on its earlier moves against former ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray with the threat of an injunction. Alongside the publication of his book, Murder in Samarkand, last week Murray posted a collection of supporting documents on his web site (here); the current FCO action demands the removal of these.
John Lettice, 10 Jul 2006

Researchers look to predict software flaws

Want to know how many flaws will be in the next version of a software product? Using historical data, researchers at Colorado State University are attempting to build models that predict the number of flaws in a particular operating system or application.
Robert Lemos, 10 Jul 2006

SWIFT: the challenges of being multi-national

CommentThe recent disclosure in a US newspaper that, post 9/11, SWIFT responded to compulsory subpoenas from the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States Department of the Treasury by "providing limited sets of data" is embarrassing for both SWIFT and the US Government.
Bob McDowall, 10 Jul 2006

HMRC sets out standards for VAT software

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has launched new guidelines for businesses wanting to use technology to file their VAT returns that it reckons could reduce errors in VAT reporting by as much as 25 per cent.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Jul 2006

Orange agrees to resolve router snafu

Orange has said it will resolve the case of a customer forced to honour a 12-month broadband contract, despite being downgraded to dial-up after a software update crippled her wireless router.
Andrew Smith, 10 Jul 2006

Second analysts forecasts iPod hold-up

A second analyst has forecast iPod delays. Late last week, Baird analyst Tristan Gerra added his voice to American Technology Research market watcher Shaw Wu to tell investors higher-capacity iPod Nanos will not appear as early as expected.
Tony Smith, 10 Jul 2006

Google ordered to disclose advertiser information

Google has been ordered to disclose the identity of one of its advertisers. The High Court has issued the ruling to assist a potential copyright infringement case.
OUT-LAW.COM, 10 Jul 2006

Apple delays Scandinavian iTunes reaction

Apple has been given more time to defend the Digital Rights Management (DRM) in iTunes, which has fallen foul of Scandinavian regulators. It now has until 1 August to prepare its case. The Norwegian Ombudsman ruled in June that the terms and conditions for iTunes were unlawful and have to be changed. The body gave Apple until 21 June to respond to the ruling, but that deadline has been extended until 1 August, said Norway's Consumer Council.
OUT-LAW.COM, 10 Jul 2006

Sony readies 4GB MemoryStick Pro Duo

Sony will this Summer ship a 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo memory card, the company announced today. With the company's array of MemoryStick, Pro, Duo, Pro Duo, Micro, Tiny and High Speed variants, the "revitalised" packagin design Sony promised is probably more welcome than the higher storage capacity.
Tony Smith, 10 Jul 2006

Beware, beware, the auditor's coming

Comment"Know thy enemy." For developers, try talking to an IT auditor sometime.
David Norfolk, 10 Jul 2006

Diode dearth to hinder Blu-ray Disc drive launches?

Will Sony's PlayStation 3 production ramp limit the ability of optical drive vendors to ship sufficient Blu-ray Disc writers? That's effectively what a report from the Far East today reckons.
Hard Reg, 10 Jul 2006

Asus unveils Core 2 Duo mobos

Asus has formally announced its first two motherboards to support Intel's upcoming Core 2 Extreme and Core 2 Duo desktop processors aka 'Conroe', though the P965-based boards may also play host to a number of older CPUs, right back to the P4.
Tony Smith, 10 Jul 2006

EU to settle roaming debate

The EU Commission is poised to make its long-mooted swoop on the mobile industry this week, forcing operators to cut roaming charges, according to weekend reports.
Christopher Williams, 10 Jul 2006

AMD shuffles 'Brisbane' roll-out?

AMD will extend its Socket AM2 Athlon 64 X2 line-up in Q3 with the debut of the 5200+, allegedly leaked roadmaps now turning up on a variety of websites reveal. The 65W TDP part will be joined by the 125W TDP Athlon 64 FX-64 the following quarter.
Tony Smith, 10 Jul 2006

Half of ICT firms suffer security breach

Over 50 per cent of ICT firms reported a security breach in the last 12 months, according to a survey conducted by business advisory firm Deloitte.
Deirdre McArdle, 10 Jul 2006

iSoft delays results again

Software supplier iSoft upset the City yesterday when it announced it would delay reporting its annual results indefinitely, saying it needed more time to sort things out with its bank, and time to hammer out the details of its future contract with the NHS's National Programme for IT.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Jul 2006

Panasonic to ship 103in monster TV by year's end

Panasonic will begin selling its 103in plasma TV by the end of the year, less than 12 months after the monster monitor - claimed to be the world's largest - was first demo'd in public, the company said today.
Hard Reg, 10 Jul 2006

O2 to offer Motorola's i-mode SLVR

UK carrier O2 is to add Motorola's L7 handset - aka the SLVR - to its selection of i-mode phones later this month, Reg Hardware has learned.
Tony Smith, 10 Jul 2006

BPI: ISPs must give filesharers the boot

Music industry body, the BPI, is demanding that two ISPs close the accounts of 59 internet users after it presented them with what it calls "unequivocal evidence of copyright infringement" on their accounts.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Jul 2006

PS3 to play all PSOne, PS2 games

Sony's PlayStation 3 will play almost every PlayStation game, a senior IBM staffer has claimed. It's not clear how many PSOne titles won't play, but according to Tom Reeves, VP of semiconductor and technology services at IBM, even 40 of them was too high a number for Sony.
Hard Reg, 10 Jul 2006

EMC misses Q2 target

EMC will fall short of its quarterly target, the storage blimp revealed today.
Christopher Williams, 10 Jul 2006
fingers pointing at man

HP sees EPIC time for Microsoft

Montecito, the dual-core implementation of the Itanium processor, formally arrives this month and its chief protagonist, HP, is expected to launch a revamped range of Integrity servers using the processor early in Q4. Said to be a `significant revision’ of the Integrity range, it is likely to include further expansion beyond HP-UX, Linux and Windows with more development of the ex-Tandem Non-Stop technology.
Martin Banks, 10 Jul 2006

DWP launches new IT infrastucture

Civil servants at the Department of Work and Pensions were told today they are to get all-new new computer gear as the much criticised organ bids to slash £1bn from its annual expenditure through modernisation.
Christopher Williams, 10 Jul 2006

EC to raise MS fine?

The European Commission is planning to raise the cap on the amount it will fine Microsoft for failing to comply with its anti-trust ruling from €2m to €3m per day, according to Reuters.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Jul 2006

Online gambling addict destroyed building firm

A junior accountant has confessed to stealing in excess of £1m from his employers in order to bankroll his spiraling gambling addiction.
John Leyden, 10 Jul 2006

Trade Commission probes Nokia

The US International Trade Commission is investigating Nokia over allegations that it infringed Qualcomm patents.
John Oates, 10 Jul 2006

NZ spectrum debate highlights WiMAX regulatory dilemma

An obscure spectrum debate in New Zealand highlights the dilemmas that will be faced in many countries as broadband wireless frequencies become prime real estate instead of neglected side streets.
Wireless Watch, 10 Jul 2006

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