7th July 2006 Archive

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  • AMD's Q2 revenue forecast slides

    The Intel Effect

    Financial News 07 Jul 03:45

  • Lexar recalls burn-hazard FireFly USB drives

    Secure II units too

    Hardware 07 Jul 08:51

  • Beyond ALM

    MKS seems easy to forget - but it shouldn't be

    Developer 07 Jul 08:56

  • VIA preps UMPC-friendly chipset

    VX700 fits on one chip

    Hardware 07 Jul 09:06

  • Stinky databases for tech support tales?

    Plus prior art on bullet passwords

    Letters 07 Jul 09:08

  • Serco Solutions nabs BT exec

    Public sector focus

    Government 07 Jul 09:12

  • IBM to create 300 new Dublin jobs

    Celebrates anniversary with expanded ops

    CIO 07 Jul 09:16

  • Westcoast does Apple

    Three's company

    The Channel 07 Jul 09:24

  • Police expert admits mobile phone forensics barrier

    Absence of operating system standards to blame

    Mobile 07 Jul 09:25

  • Lightning lashes iPod-packing teenager

    Did the music player save his life?

    Hardware 07 Jul 09:39

  • UK gov waves through McKinnon extradition

    Last chance saloon for 'Pentagon hacker'

    Security 07 Jul 09:45

  • Court punishes software sellers 'not lining Bill Gates's pockets'

    'I'll do you an Office without a licence for £85'

    Media 07 Jul 09:50

  • Gadget uses Skype to send TV anywhere

    Watch out, Slingbox...

    Hardware 07 Jul 09:53

  • Hampshire fails on crime recording

    Blames IT

    Government 07 Jul 09:58

  • Siemens rejigs SBS (again)

    Scale back

    The Channel 07 Jul 10:19

  • England's World Cup verdict: 'unfocused, jerky, inadequate'

    And that's just the mobile videos

    Mobile 07 Jul 10:23

  • AMD, ATI agree acquisition deal?

    Approach with caution...

    Hardware 07 Jul 10:24

  • Show your staff what they spend on company mobiles

    'Companies wasting millions each year'

    Business 07 Jul 10:32

  • Cisco buys Meetinghouse to bolster wireless security

    Network bouncer software controls access

    Data Networking 07 Jul 10:58

  • BOFH: Champion of culture

    Get rid of what to cut costs?

    BOFH 07 Jul 11:02

  • Windows genuine disadvantage

    A step too far?

    Applications 07 Jul 11:19

  • Some mammoths had 'ginger gene'

    Look out for woolly bullies

    Science 07 Jul 11:59

  • Sky launches video recording via text

    Plus the best of this weekend's viewing

    Bootnotes 07 Jul 12:00

  • Elonex sketches phoenix PC plan

    Vision of company as a household name

    The Channel 07 Jul 12:03

  • Chav heartland in BT exchange fire

    Meltdown due to Big Brother voting?

    Broadband 07 Jul 12:05

  • IT upgrade confuses child jab programme

    MMR muddle

    Government 07 Jul 13:17

  • House style

    Hands off the keyboard: it's in crash

    Verity Stob 07 Jul 13:39

  • USB missile launches detected on multiple fronts

    Yes, it's WAR!

    Hardware 07 Jul 13:41

  • Nintendo Wii to make a splash early?

    Production start claims point to September/October release

    Games 07 Jul 14:04

  • What colour is the most sexually attractive?

    Raunchy red or bold black?

    Science 07 Jul 14:15

  • Is heart rate correlated with birth order?

    Beating to a different tune

    Science 07 Jul 14:15

  • Cross-cultural dispatches from the gender wars

    Worldwide snippets

    Science 07 Jul 14:16

  • Is Friday the 13th bad for your health?

    Spooky stats

    Science 07 Jul 14:18

  • Phone maker VK declared bankrupt

    Competition too strong

    Phones 07 Jul 14:39

  • Cast iron robotip: France to win World Cup

    Who wins? A toy decides

    Science 07 Jul 14:45

  • Microsoft appoints new UK boss

    Changing of the guard

    Data Centre 07 Jul 14:50

  • Commission talks MS sanctions next week

    Wednesday is D-Day for Microsoft

    Media 07 Jul 15:00

  • Bexley NHS searches for lost data

    Patient data is safe and sound

    Government 07 Jul 15:22

  • Exabyte to sell out

    Independent tape maker calls in bankers

    Storage 07 Jul 15:34

  • Slim Devices' Squeezebox supports Rhapsody DRM

    Plays protected tracks for the first time

    Hardware 07 Jul 15:35

  • Phone phishers target PayPal

    Sneaky lure

    Security 07 Jul 15:48

  • Print Screen button enables HD DVD, Blu-ray Disc duplication

    Recipe for RSI?

    Hardware 07 Jul 15:51

  • Google, Apple and a Goth

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    Business 07 Jul 16:14

  • Google founders spar over 'party plane'

    Giant Brin needs a giant bed

    Bootnotes 07 Jul 20:44

  • Intel to ship Montecito five-pack on July 18

    Bull in Intertanium heaven

    Servers 07 Jul 22:01

  • Sun 'lets down' users with UltraSPARC IIIi+ delay

    Serrano still not cooked

    Servers 07 Jul 22:31