4th July 2006 Archive

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  • Shiny rocks could hold evidence of Martian life

    Always in the last place you look

    Science 04 06:02

  • UK film biz hires piracy-busting 'cinema investigator'

    Is that a camcorder in your pocket..? etc, etc

    Media 04 07:02

  • Man invents 'password-protected bullets'

    Safety cap

    Security 04 08:45

  • Yahoo!, MSN chat interop steps out

    Baby talk

    Applications 04 08:49

  • LugRadio Live returns

    More geekiness than you could shake a light-sabre at

    Software 04 08:56

  • Becta embarks on software review

    Microsoft Campus under the microscope

    Policy 04 08:56

  • EU opens public consultation on RFID

    Attempt to allay 'Big Brother' fears

    Security 04 09:13

  • World chip sales revive in May after April's dip

    Revenues growing again

    Hardware 04 09:20

  • If Orange is German, then it's buying AOL

    Otherwise, it's T-Systems

    Broadband 04 09:27

  • Nvidia said to be readying HDCP-native GPU updates

    GeForce 7900 GT, GTX to support copy protection system as standard

    Hardware 04 09:42

  • Industries lobby EU Commission to cut copyright fees

    But proposal 'may have a bumpy ride'

    Media 04 09:53

  • Microsoft fines OK'd - reports

    The men from the EU say 'yes'

    Data Centre 04 09:58

  • Apple extends MacBook line-up

    Upgraded black and white models

    Hardware 04 10:00

  • Snow this week in Brum: official

    More BBC weather merriment

    Media 04 10:01

  • NTL:Telewest scores with Virgin

    Finally seals the deal

    Networks 04 10:06

  • Next generation BI - Part two

    Technical issues

    Developer 04 10:06

  • German officials deny probe into Intel, Metro collusion claim

    We have no evidence to justify an investigation, says Cartel Office

    Hardware 04 10:32

  • MI5 bumps off ambitious IT plan

    Opts for Microsoft Office instead?

    Data Centre 04 10:46

  • AMD posts dual-core tweaking tool

    Games performance issues addressed

    Hardware 04 10:50

  • Oracle stays mum over database glitch

    Nominet 'very disappointed' with response

    Data Centre 04 11:13

  • Sharp, Willcom unveil Nokia Communicator competitor

    Windows Mobile-based W-Zero3 to out-brick the brick?

    Phones 04 11:38

  • NHS farce leads to lost data

    Patient data may have been saved

    Business 04 11:44

  • Medion charts budget sat nav kit revamp

    GoPal PNA line-up unveiled

    Hardware 04 12:05

  • Volkswagen unleashes 150mph self-driving car

    Lizard Alliance vehicle of death

    Science 04 12:11

  • Crash test dummies

    UK firm put valid data into prototype systems

    Security 04 12:13

  • Adobe frees software to win developers

    Flexes muscles

    Software 04 12:48

  • Samsung's snazzy snappers to ship September

    New-look NV series unveiled

    Hardware 04 13:13

  • A tech health check for SMBs

    IT innoculation

    Business 04 14:09

  • Mac Pro to sport case redesign for Intel era?

    August debut, sources claim

    Hardware 04 14:13

  • IT set to dominate European patents debate

    Initial findings published, hearing next week

    Media 04 14:18

  • Samsung to bring 'BlackBerry beater' to Europe

    July arrival for SGH-i320

    Phones 04 14:49

  • Judge slaps US Navy with sonar ban

    Reprieve for Hawaiian sea mammals

    Science 04 14:55

  • Korean stem cell 'fraud' gives emotional testimony

    Hwang tells court: 'I admit it'

    Science 04 15:43

  • Eclipse comes last in quality vote

    Joins NetBeans

    Software 04 15:55

  • MySpace, kids today and the NHS

    Floating beds

    Letters 04 16:08

  • Police probe Paris Hilton link in LexisNexis breach

    Accused hackers deny ID theft

    Security 04 16:13