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Stem cell trigger pinpointed

Stem cell scientists have pinpointed a molecule that confers the cells with amazing powers of self-renewal and maintains their ability to develop into any other type of cell in the body.
Christopher Williams, 16 Jun 2006

Boulder boffins reveal secret of gas giants' moons

A computer model developed by scientists at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, sheds new light on the formation of many of the moons in the solar system.
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Jun 2006

Bring back Bichard

The prime minister has fended off a call to reconvene the Bichard inquiry team – at least for now.
Kablenet, 16 Jun 2006

NetSuite seeks ISVs

Editors' BlogSo you've got this great piece of code, and you know it could make a great little product. It could even make your fortune if you get a business going around it. That last bit, however, is still the stumbling block; the grind of running the business is the part where most small companies stagger and fall, product ideas are dead easy by comparison.
Martin Banks, 16 Jun 2006
Mio C210 Sat Nav

Mio launches C210 Sat Nav in Brussels

Belgian company Mio Technology has launched the C210 Sat Nav package, with a very reasonable retail price of £199.
Leo Waldock, 16 Jun 2006

Yahoo! worst in China

Yahoo! restricts access to more websites than any other search engine in China.
John Oates, 16 Jun 2006

Boy George tries to squeeze into US patent shoes

OpinionEuropean ministers have pinned their hopes on more targets to solve the riddle posed so sycophantically by shadow chancellor George Osborne this week in a speech to IT bigwigs in California: How come you Yanks are so big, bold and beautiful, while us Europeans are such wet and weedy sucklers of the great American teat?
Mark Ballard, 16 Jun 2006

France first in MS IPTV rollout

CommentRight on schedule, T-Online France, trading as Club Internet, an ISP subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom operating in France, will deliver the first live Microsoft IPTV service in Europe later this month.
Faultline, 16 Jun 2006

Nortel weakened by failure of Huawei venture

CommentFour months after announcing an important joint venture with China's Huawei, Nortel quietly announced in an SEC filing that the plan had been cancelled.
Faultline, 16 Jun 2006

Tiscali unveils VoIP service

Tiscali, which recently clocked up one million broadband lines in the UK, has unveiled details of a new VoIP service.
Team Register, 16 Jun 2006

Oracle busts through own forecasts for Q4

Oracle was full of itself yesterday after announcing it would exceed financial targets for its fourth quarter.
Joe Fay, 16 Jun 2006

What is a Chinese restaurant headache?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 16 Jun 2006

Is long life related to where you live?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 16 Jun 2006

What cultures don't share Western economic values?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 16 Jun 2006

Do lie detector tests really work?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 16 Jun 2006

Hacking your vacuum cleaner

What's the difference between a dishwasher and a robot that washes dishes? Pay enough for your dishwasher and it will use fuzzy logic to decide how much water to use given the number of plates you put in.
Mary Branscombe, 16 Jun 2006

A lesson in spyware

I use a computer of course, but only for fun. I'm certainly not a guru. So when people started talking about "spyware" I was a little confused. It sounded like a virus, but it clearly wasn't. No problem, I visited a site that I trust (Microsoft.com) and found a very nice lady there (in a video, of course) who told me all about it.
Mark Whitehorn, 16 Jun 2006
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Welsh email filterer can use 'spam' in trademark

Swansea email filter firm NetBop Technologies has become the first to register a text trademark containing the word "spam".
Christopher Williams, 16 Jun 2006
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NHS IT cost doubled to £12.4bn

The £6.2bn National Programme for IT will henceforward be known as the £12.4bn National Programme for IT, after a long-awaited National Audit Office report into the ambitious NHS IT scheme revealed the full extent of its costs to date.
Mark Ballard, 16 Jun 2006
Acer MP 500 small

Acer MP-500 breaks cover in Germany

We've been waiting for Acer's MP-500 PMP for some time now and, if a product page on Acer's German website is anything to go by, it seems that the launch day may be very close.
Leo Waldock, 16 Jun 2006

Consumers to flock to VoIP

The traditional home phone number could become a thing of the past as more and more people opt for fixed-mobile services and VoIP.
Tim Richardson, 16 Jun 2006

Sky viewers show Motty the red button

Tech DigestThere's much excitement in Geek TV's plush suite over a Sky press release that fails to mention the World Cup.
Jane Hoskyn, 16 Jun 2006

CMDB standards wrangle

CMDB? That's Configuration Management Database in long-hand, and it is the tool through which IT managements can keep a handle on the increasing complex melange of applications, tools, utilities and the rest that go to make up the operational IT infrastructure of a business or organisation.
Martin Banks, 16 Jun 2006

Powergen pulls plug on Indian call centres

Powergen is pulling the plug on its Indian call centres following complaints from customers. The energy giant announced yesterday that it plans to withdraw all inbound call handling from India and create 1,000 new jobs in the UK instead.
Tim Richardson, 16 Jun 2006

VIA socket-479 CPU appears in Japan

VIA has been very quiet recently, especially in the UK. Although it had a stand at Computex this year, there was really very little in terms of new products on display.
Lars-Goran-Nilsson, 16 Jun 2006

Developing world malware writers throw a sickie

LettersDoes sending PCs to the developing world fuel malware? That's what Eugene Kaspersky said recently. We reckoned the potential benefits outweighed the dangers, but here are your thoughts:
Lester Haines, 16 Jun 2006
Think Outside Boomtube

What's Boomtube? Yup, speakers in a tube

Think Outside's Boomtube portable speakers are housed in an aluminium tube with ends that twist off that reveal stereo satellite speakers.
Leo Waldock, 16 Jun 2006

ATI denies 80nm problems

When Windows Vista hits the shops at the turn of the New Year it will include DirectX 10 which supports Shader Model with unified Shaders, as opposed to dedicated Pixel, Vertex and Geometry Shaders. This is a significant change for ATI and Nvidia and it means that the next chips will be taking a much greater step than a relatively simple speed bump from Radeon X1900 and GeForce 7900GTX.
Leo Waldock, 16 Jun 2006

Mealy-mouthed NAO pampers NHS IT

The £12.4bn National Programme for IT might not be delivering value for money, according to the National Audit Office report into the ambitious NHS IT scheme.
Mark Ballard, 16 Jun 2006

The US soccer team will always stink

And ninthlyOne might also say: Surely the owner of the visual room would have to be the same kind of thing as it is; but he is not to be found in it, and there is no outside - Ludwig Wittgenstein
Otto Z. Stern, 16 Jun 2006

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