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PC-less VoIP Wi-Fi phone

Computex 2006 A little-known company called BCM used Computex to show a multi-format VoIP Wi-Fi phone based on the Windows CE kernel. The WLAN800I is compatible with Skype, SIP services, MSN Talk and MSN Messenger.
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DVB-H on display

Computex 2006 Philips ran live DVB-H demos during Computex, showing just how close the technology is to entering at least a test phase with operators.
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Nvidia talks Purevideo HD

Computex 2006 Nvidia was talking up Purevideo HD at Computex last week, saying you can now purchase machines that support the Purevideo HD technology.
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Working dual X1600XT from GeCube

Computex 2006 GeCube joined Asus in showing a dual X1600XT at Computex, but says its card could hit the streets as soon as next month.
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Teacher-proof ringtone hits the US

A noise designed to drive kids out of shopping malls has been re-engineered as a ringtone which parents and teachers cannot hear.

NetApp targets high performance

NetApp is finally unleashing the first fruit of its 2003 acquisition of Spinnaker today.
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Court says US gov can keep on snooping on VoIP calls

US courts ruled last week that authorities can continue tapping VoIP calls and that providers must give them access to their networks.
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Brangelina pics were 'fair use'

A gossip website which still carries disputed pictures of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's baby says that its publishing of the pictures constitutes 'fair use'.
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Adata shows solar powered USB memory key

Computex 2006 So you'd thought there wouldn't be any new ideas for USB memory keys...think again.
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E-tailers can still shop for best VAT regime

A bid to stop ecommerce companies shopping around for the best VAT regime has failed to win support at European Union level.

McAfee hit by SEC investigation

McAfee has confirmed that it received notice from the Securities and Exchange Commission of a probe into its share options scheme.
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BT and Sky in chase for AOL UK - report

BSkyB and BT are reportedly close to making a bid for AOL UK although both firms are understood to be unhappy at the £1bn price tag.
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Boys' book on conkers and catapults tops Amazon hit list

Here's some refreshing news for those parents who increasingly despair of their sons ever ungluing themselves from their consoles: a book containing vital information on playing conkers, constructing paper aeroplanes and climbing trees is currently topping Amazon.co.uk's Hot 100 Books.
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Buy tech book, get free Stob tome

Cash'n'Carrion Here's a tempting offer for those of you looking for programming and related literature: while stocks last, purchase of any APress or APress Academic tome down at Cash'n'Carrion will earn you a free copy of The Best of Verity Stob - normally going out for £17.99.
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Top tat - the five worst World Cup gadgets

Tech Digest The World Cup - a great time for football, an even better time for flag sellers and for manufacturers of gadgets.
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Scientists breed allergy-free moggies

A San Diego-based biotech firm has started selling hypoallergenic cats. Allerca's kittens have been selectively bred to reduce the amount of a protein called FEL D1, which causes adverse reactions in allergy sufferers.
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AverMedia shows Mac USB TV-tuner

Computex 2006 AverMedia is one of the first companies to pick up on the increasing ease of making Mac-compatible products, and announced it will soon have drivers ready for one of its USB TV tuners to allow it to work with Macs.
Sony DLSR A100

Sony unveils its first D-SLR, the Alpha 100

Sony's new D-SLR Alpha 100, or α100 if you prefer, takes over where Konica Minolta left off when it pulled out of the camera business earlier this year.
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Vantage point for .NET

Where would the world be without the "80:20 rule" and the IT industry's attempts to fix its many and varied applications?

IT outfit neutralises carbon emissions

Tech consultancy appiChar has gone carbon neutral, and is offering to offset a year's worth of carbon emissions for all computers it sells.
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Microsoft WGA row continues

Letters Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) - what's the actual advantage?

Trend Micro sees resellers grow

Since launching its "Worry Free" bundle of services in late 2005, Trend Micro has seen improved interest from the channel - it has signed up 50 per cent more resellers since launch.
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Wi-Fi crypto - China calls foul

China says the international standards group IEEE is engaging in a 'conspiracy' and 'amoral behaviour' to defeat its home grown encryption technology for wireless networks, WAPI.
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Watercooled motherboard from Asus

Computex 2006 Asus has managed to find a cooling solution for its next generation high-end motherboards, using a very small integrated pump and water reservior.
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RTE trials mobile TV in Dublin

RTE - Ireland's public service broadcaster - is conducting technical trials of a mobile TV service.
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Acer pushes three huge TFT displays

Acer has announced three enormous TFT displays – two in its Value Line and one in its Office Line.
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Spyware dominates malware production efforts

Malware authors are shifting their production efforts towards cranking out more Trojans and spyware programs instead of more traditional computer viruses.

Panasonic camcorder supports SDHC media

The new SDR-S150 is an update of the SDR-S100 camcorder which records to SD card, rather than DV tape, hard disk, or DVD.
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Nokia makes the mobile 'a full member of the internet'

Nokia may be the most unlikely convert to the open internet model, but it is becoming one of the most enthusiastic.
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UK first battleground for European convergence

The UK is shaping up to be a key battleground as the major operators start to put their convergence theories into practise.
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'Rude' councillor hangs up his hat

The 70-year-old councillor who got barred from Chichester District Council for being rude to IT staff has given up his chance to appeal.
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Brits hit rock bottom at 2.16pm

The average Brit loses his or her va-va-voom at precisely 2.16pm, a poll sponsored by tea outfit Typhoo has revealed.
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NASA's green science budget slashed and burned

NASA has been hacking away at its budget for environmental research projects in a recent round of book balancing, but says its Shuttle programme is still on track.

NpfIT responds to Reg criticism

Letter The Register always welcomes letters on any subject. We received the following missive this lunchtime in response to this story:

Lucent signs six new disties

Lucent Technologies has signed up six new "value added distributors" to resell its security products.
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Commissioner overrules DWP on ID report

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has ordered the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to publish a report on the risks and benefits of identity cards (ID).
Kablenet, 12 2006
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JavaScript worm targets Yahoo!

A JavaScript worm that takes advantage of an unpatched vulnerability in Yahoo!'s webmail service has been discovered on the net.
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Gigantic fireball spotted on galactic rampage

Astronomers have identified a massive comet-like structure - spanning a whopping three million light years - that is tearing through a distant galaxy cluster at more than 750 kilometres a second.
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YouTube owns YourStuff

Never trust a hippy - John Lydon

Taiwan fingered as the hub of spam distribution

Almost two thirds (64 per cent) of servers controlling spam traffic are located in Taiwan, according to a survey by email security firm CipherTrust.