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Cat 5 cable

SGI chief outlines roadmap out of mortuary

Dennis McKenna has been in one of the technology industry's most thankless jobs for five months. No, he's not in Itanium marketing, or even Wikipedia's press officer. The CEO has the task of nursing one of Silicon Valley's most storied names, Silicon Graphics Inc., out of bankruptcy. And as you might expect, he reckons the only way for yesterday's Google is up.
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Jun 2006

The state of POJO play

Book reviewFew could deny that one of the biggest drivers of change in the Java world recently has been the complexity of "enterprise Java".
Dr Pan Pantziarka, 10 Jun 2006

Researchers eye machines to tackle malware

The reverse engineer - better known amongst security researchers by his nom de plume, Halvar Flake - created an automated system for classifying software into groups, a process for which he believes machines are much better suited.
Robert Lemos, 10 Jun 2006

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