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C&W sets sights on one million wholesale LLU lines

Cable & Wireless (C&W) plans to supply one million unbundled broadband lines over the next couple of years as it changes tack to provide wholesale DSL.

Shuttle readies CrossFire XPC

Computex 2006 Shuttle's new XPC SD37P2 with CrossFire support - the follow-up to last year's SLI-enabled XPC - was shown up and running at Computex this week. It’s built in the new P2 series of chassis. it’s based on the i975X chipset and it features dual x16 PCI Express slots.

MSI unveils 'posh' iPod Nano rival

Computex 2006 MSI isn't one of the world's best known purveyors of portable digital music products, but we were quite taken by its slimline P610 device, the company's alternative to Apple's iPod Nano. MSI also showed off its 1in hard disk-equipped P640 player.

Asus unwraps HD DVD notebook duo

Computex 2006 Asus this week demo'd two notebooks featuring integrated HD DVD drives. Unlike Acer, which showed off a 20.1in monster HD DVD notebook at Computex, Asus limited itself to laptops at the more portable 17in and 15.4in sizes.
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O2 preps basic phone for business users

Exclusive O2 is believed to be preparing to bring to market a new handset, codenamed 'Jet', that will be pitched at the countless business users who want long battery life and solid telephony features without the fripperies used to entice consumers.
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Introduction to Developing Web Applications with AJAX - Part 1

How often have you found yourself filling out a web form requiring umpteen fields to be specified which, when you submit the form, returns the message, “Invalid input” or “Field value not valid”?
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Watching World Cup online could land you in court

Employees watching World Cup matches on the internet without a TV licence could for the first time land company directors in court as the TV Licensing Authority extends its World Cup clampdown to broadband and internet usage.
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Skype accused of patent infringement

Internet telephony pioneer Net2Phone is suing the industry's most successful consumer internet telephony firm for patent infringement.
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Grand Theft Auto maker settles with the Feds

Grand Theft Auto has settled with the Federal Trade Commission which was investigating the company over the "Hot Coffee" scandal - a hack which allowed players to view adult, animated content within the game.
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RM buys into Oz

RM has bought Australian education management firm CAZ Software. The buy-out is expected to run to £1.2m, with CAZ becoming part of RM's Asia-Pacific tentacle, headquartered in Perth.

MI5 helps pharma firms counter electronic threats

The UK pharmaceutical industry has been brought into the fold by British security services with the formation of a pharmaceutical information exchange.
Joe Fay, 09 2006
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419er sets cops on eBayer

Here's a cautionary tale for all those eBayers among you: if a Nigerian contacts you claiming to have stumped up for a successful auction bid and demands that you ship goods forthwith to Lagos, you'd better jump to it.

Cadbury blames IT for £12m profit dent

Chocolate maker Cadbury Schweppes blamed problems with its SAP inventory system for a £12m downturn in profits.
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Music fans warned about buying gig tickets online

A consumer watchdog is warning music fans to take care when buying tickets online for music festivals and other events.
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Intel pledges 60 per cent price cuts

Intel says new technology will let it get chips to market faster, allowing it to cut prices by as much as 60 per cent.
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Students think mainframes are cool

A personal ad going up in campuses around the world says:
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iSoft in intensive care

iSoft - one of the primary providers for the government's NHS IT project - saw its shares fall 38 per cent yesterday when it announced job cuts and changes to how it accounts for revenue.
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IBM acquires BuildForge

IBM has announced it has acquired BuildForge Inc, a privately held software company based in Texas.
Tony Lock, 09 2006
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How the World Cup will destroy your business

Apocalypse alert It has come to our attention that many UK companies have not, despite stark warnings of the possible consequences, taken adequate steps to prevent their infrastructure from World Cup-induced meltdown.
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What lies within

Also in this week's column:
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What happened to haemophiliacs before blood supplies were safe?

Also in this week's column:
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Is the brain-sex theory founded in fact?

Also in this week's column:
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BT confirms engineer visits to install broadband

BT has confirmed that customers will be able to book an engineer to visit their homes and businesses to install their BT Broadband connection.
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Microsoft's Patch Tuesday looks like a whopper

Next week's Patch Tuesday, Microsoft's monthly security update, will see the release of nine security updates, some of which are deemed critical.
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What's this 'scotomisation' in The Da Vinci Code?

Also in this week's column:

Griffin TuneFlex in-car iPod Nano holder

Review I like listening to my iPod in the car, but I've longed for a more sophisticated set-up than having the player tucked in a cup-holder with one cable dangling down from the cassette player and another coming from a power adaptor plugging into the ciggie lighter...

Microsoft HPC set to take over the world, allegedly

Comment If our English readers need an ego boost, Microsoft has just chosen the UK for the worldwide launch of Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003, its HPC (High Performance Computing) offering.

AOL grabs for security blanket

AOL’s latest reinvention wheeze seems to be positioning itself as a security player.
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Double whammy for Cisco

Networking behemoth Cisco has bought two companies - Metreos and Audium - to simplify making applications on its Unified Communications System.
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World Cup web meltdown

Geek TV OK, what bright BBC spark decided to stream the World Cup live online? Experts now reckon the internet will go into meltdown, thanks to office-bound footie fans watching afternoon games while they should be pimping spreadsheets.
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Examples of good practice, or not...

It's always an issue, when publishing tutorials, as to how much care you take about "good practice" peripheral to the main tutorial subject. What's appropriate when knocking up a quick demo to illustrate the capabilities of a new technology isn't appropriate when the new technology might end up in a business production environment - but you do need to concentrate on the main subject.

C&W moves to reassure wholesale resellers

Cable & Wireless (C&W) has apologised to some 200 reseller partners after sending out an email yesterday telling them that its Bulldog ISP would not be taking on any new residential or business customers.
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Net Neut nixed in Congress

Congress has declined an opportunity to shackle US telecoms companies with restrictions on the services they offer. The Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act (COPE) act passed in the House yesterday by without the non-discrimination provisions campaigners wanted.

Intel yanks 'Tulsa' launch forward

Intel has pulled forward the release of a server chip meant for four-socket servers, as it desperately tries to catch-up with rival AMD.
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Whiney EFF and RIAA knocked by digital license go ahead

The US copyright office's proposal to simplify the nightmare of licensing digital music has been rubber stamped by a House committee - despite the objections of the RIAA and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.