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Future hype: the myths of technology change

Book reviewDo you believe that the rate of technological growth is accelerating exponentially and that the human race is approaching a singularity that will transform it fundamentally?
Tom Welsh, 07 Jun 2006

RIAA, EFF unite to sabotage digital reform

Sometimes, you just can't win.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Jun 2006

Apple ships 'none more black' U2 iPod

Apple has revived its U2-branded iPod, relaunching the all-black - front and back - machine using the 30GB fifth-generation video-capable version of the player. And just so it's not mistaken for a regular black iPod, the clickwheel's red - as per past U2 iPods - and the casing is made of stainless steel.
'ard Reg, 07 Jun 2006

ATI RS600 chipset surfaces

Computex 2006ATI was more interested in mentioning its upcoming RD600 chipset, but that didn't stop a lone LGA775-oriented RS600-based mobo being placed among a host of CrossFire 3200 for Socket AM2 boards the company had on display at Computex this week.
Tony Smith, 07 Jun 2006

ATI announces PVR-friendly TV chip

Computex 2006ATI quietly announced the latest member of its Theater Pro TV chip family at Computex this week, pitching the part's PVR functionality and ability to tune into both digital and analogue TV signals anywhere in the world.
Tony Smith, 07 Jun 2006

Computex 2006 - Full Coverage

Fast access to the key stories from this year's show.
Register Hardware, 07 Jun 2006

Sun travels to 'Andromeda' for blade server return

For the first time in a long while, Sun Microsystems has managed to silence the moles and keep detailed specifications of an upcoming hardware line safe. We are, of course, talking about Sun's soon-to-be-released Opteron blade servers.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Jun 2006

Dell deals multimedia TFT displays

Dell has started shipping three new TFT displays, offered under its UltraSharp brand. The biggest is the 24in 2407WFP which costs £825 including VAT and delivery at the Dell online shop. Hunt around and you'll find it on sale for £765 or so.
Leo Waldock, 07 Jun 2006

Developer silos considered harmful

So, developer silos are a bad thing, are they, according to IBM/Rational (see story here)?
David Norfolk, 07 Jun 2006

IPS cuts DVLA demands

The Identity and Passport Service (IPS) has linked up with the Vehicle and Driver Licensing Agency (DVLA) to smooth the application process for driving licences.
Kablenet, 07 Jun 2006

Mouse-user's RSI payout sends warning to employers

A former Guardian freelancer has been paid £37,500 to settle a repetitive strain injury claim.
OUT-LAW.COM, 07 Jun 2006
For Sale sign detail

BT in £50m contract with NI government

BT has won a 12 year contract to provide ICT services to Northern Ireland's civil service.
Maxim Kelly, 07 Jun 2006

Tyan unleashes 16-core 'personal' supercomputer

Computex 2006Taiwan's Tyan today pledged to ship a deskside "personal supercomputer" powered by eight Intel low-voltage 'Woodcrest' Xeon processors and packing up to 48GB of memory in the fourth quarter. But expect to pay at least $10,000 for the wheel-mounted machine, the company said.
Tony Smith, 07 Jun 2006

Nvidia bids for next-gen handheld biz

Computex 2006Nvidia today extended its foray into the handheld graphics arena, moving beyond mobile phones to Windows Mobile 5.0 PDAs. Dubbed the MobileMedia Platform, the product comprises hardware, middleware and development tools device makers can use to create Nvidia-equipped handhelds.
Tony Smith, 07 Jun 2006

Allofmp3 breaks its silence

Music site AllofMP3.com has at last broken its silence and responded to US attacks on its business, while the BPI, the trade body for UK music labels, says it will sue the website in the UK courts.
John Oates, 07 Jun 2006

Re-use and win

Despite the best efforts of my dog, a local cab company and the train service, which collectively tried their best to prevent it, I managed to get into London to meet up with Sandy Carter, IBM's worldwide VP of SOA, who had been speaking at an event where she ran through the five entry points to adopting a service-oriented architecture.
Martin Banks, 07 Jun 2006

FIC makes play for slimmest media centre PC

Computex 2006First International (FIC) this week demo'd its upcoming bit to displace Aopen at the top of the mini-PC totem pole: the GE2, a 4.2cm high, 17.2 x 22.6cm footprint Viiv-branded Windows Media Center system.
Tony Smith, 07 Jun 2006

Why phishing catches punters

CommentOccasionally a criminal is so, well, clever that you have to admire him even as you wish that he spends the rest of his life in jail.
Scott Granneman, 07 Jun 2006
arrow pointing up

Gigabyte gives 'Merom' room in mini media PC

Computex 2006Intel's upcoming mobile Core 2 Duo processor, 'Merom', made an appearance - well, sort of - at Computex 2006 this week, slotted inside a Gigabyte-made compact media centre PC.
Tony Smith, 07 Jun 2006

Tiscali pulls Juke Box music service

Tiscali says it has been forced to "turn off" its new Juke Box music service following a run-in with the European music industry.
Tim Richardson, 07 Jun 2006
ECS RD480-A939 mobo

Dell ships notebook with 'super 3G' card

ExclusiveDell UK has begun selling a 3G network datacard kitted out with HSDPA high-speed download technology. The card is available to buy as an optional extra with the PC maker's Latitude D820 notebook computer.
Tony Smith, 07 Jun 2006

HP in tax bonanza

HP has issued a Q2 earnings update, hiking earnings and profits following a favourable settlement with the taxman.
Christopher Williams, 07 Jun 2006

Motorola gobbles up TTPcom

Motorola has made the latest in a string of acquisitions of small, often UK-based technology companies to bolster the key developments within its "seamless mobility" strategy.
Wireless Watch, 07 Jun 2006

Angelina - Brad brat pics leak onto web

UpdatedIt's another case of internet 1, print media 0 today as the first picture of the spawn of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has just surfaced on the web following an apparent leak by someone at UK gossip rag Hello!.
Lester Haines, 07 Jun 2006

Intel pitches VoIP card at office-PC users

Computex 2006Intel has launched its latest bid to encourage computer users to make phone calls via the internet: a slimline PCI card that allows any ordinary handset to be used to make VoIP connections.
Tony Smith, 07 Jun 2006

HP recalls flaming cameras

HP is recalling hundreds of thousands of digital cameras following reports that they catch fire spontaneously.
Christopher Williams, 07 Jun 2006

Scientists probe 2,000-year-old Greek computer

A bronze Greek device constructed in around 80BC could be the world's oldest computer, joint British-Greek research seems to suggest.
Lester Haines, 07 Jun 2006

But is it art, luvviee?

"So, is it art?"
Martin Banks, 07 Jun 2006

Formula 1 carbon mouse mat - yours for £250

For the man who has everything, or the fool who wishes to be parted from his money as soon as possible, might we recommend the Formula 1 carbon mouse mat currently on offer at the official F1 store for a mere 250 quid.
Lester Haines, 07 Jun 2006

World Cup to kick start mobile TV

Analyst house Informa reckons the World Cup will be a big boost to awareness of mobile TV, but expects widespread uptake won't happen until some time between the 2008 Olympics and the 2010 World Cup.
John Oates, 07 Jun 2006

Openreach cuts wholesale broadband charges

BT has cut the cost of migrating end users onto unbundled networks in a move designed to give LLU yet another shot in the arm.
Tim Richardson, 07 Jun 2006

NASA's CloudSat snaps 3-D weather

NASA is pretty pleased with the first pictures beamed back from its CloudSat satellite, which reveal "never-before-seen" 3-D details of clouds, as the press release puts it.
Lester Haines, 07 Jun 2006
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Rogue pharmacy poses as Google

The newest addition to the Google family has just hit the web - the search giant's very own accredited pharmacy, selling pills at rock bottom prices.
Jan Libbenga, 07 Jun 2006

World Cup scores roaming bonanza for operators

Football fans traveling to Germany will spend an estimated €36.5m on mobile calls, text and video messages during this month's World Cup.
John Leyden, 07 Jun 2006

iTunes guilty of breaking Norwegian law

The Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman has ruled that the Apple iTunes service breaks the law, and has given the company two weeks to fix the problem.
John Oates, 07 Jun 2006

Scientists sideline Bush opposition to stem cell research

Harvard scientists have said they will bypass President Bush's moratorium on state funding of embryonic stem cell research by using privately sourced cash.
Christopher Williams, 07 Jun 2006

More thoughts on identity

Reg Developer contributor Mary Branscombe has some thoughts on the Microsoft Identity Management Workshop (see blog here) - she fell foul of our seven day limit for replies.
David Norfolk, 07 Jun 2006

Nvidia nForce 590 mobos shown by ECS and DFI

Computex 2006ECS and DFI were the first motherboard manufacturers to have Intel-oriented nForce 590 SLI-based boards on display at Computex. ECS has one board mounted on the wall together with an array of other motherboards, but it was clear that this was not an ECS motherboard due to the colour scheme. ECS openly admitted that it was indeed an Nvidia reference board.
Lars-Goran-Nilsson, 07 Jun 2006

Leadtek rebuts Foxconn handover claim

Computex 2006Leadtek has denied claims it is to quit the graphics card market in favour of manufacturing partner Foxconn, which yesterday used the Computex 2006 show in Taipei to announce it will begin selling Nvidia-based cards under its own name.
Lars-Goran-Nilsson, 07 Jun 2006

French publisher sues Google

French publishing group La Martiniere is suing Google for piracy because of its Google Books project - which is scanning thousands of books into a database so users can search the text of books.
John Oates, 07 Jun 2006

Netgear launches 'pre-n' wireless kit

Netgear is about to release a whole stack of wireless networking products under the name RangeMax Next to distinguish them from the existing, non-802.11n RangeMax family. It also pledged to ship its Wi-Fi VoIP phone "shortly".
Leo Waldock, 07 Jun 2006
For Sale sign detail

MS charts July email security launch

Microsoft has set a date for the release of in-house versions of corporate email security products flowing out of last-year's acquisition of Sybari.
John Leyden, 07 Jun 2006

Intel does HD with G965 chipset

Computex 2006Although Intel officially announced the P965 chipset yesterday, today's press briefing contained some further information about the other chipsets in the 965 family, aka 'Broadwater'. Intel talked about the G965 for Viiv and Q965 for vPro. As we reported earlier, the integrated graphics core will indeed be known as GMA X3000 for the G965, but on the Q965 it will be the GMA 3000.
Lars-Goran-Nilsson, 07 Jun 2006

Dialogue demos 'unique' laptop display rig

Computex 2006Is it a notebook or a desktop? Taiwan's Dialogue Flybook VM doesn't seem sure either, thanks to a novel screen hinge mechanism that literally lifts the machine's 12.1in, 1,280 x 768 widescreen panel up and away from the keyboard unit.
Tony Smith, 07 Jun 2006
vulture tv reporter

Man fined measly $2K over anti-spyware scam

A New Hampshire man has been fined $2,000 for allegedly using Microsoft's name to lend credibility to false claims that users' PCs were infected with spyware.
John Leyden, 07 Jun 2006

Dell extends dual-core servers for the Enterprise

Dell is upping the stakes in the enterprise server market with the release of its ninth generation of PowerEdge servers.
Eric Doyle, 07 Jun 2006

Hexadecimal coinages

StobAll top computing publications should occasionally put out a glossary of new and with-it computing jargon, together with clarifications of expressions that have evolved with the new technology. Here is ours.
Verity Stob, 07 Jun 2006

BPI urges Apple to open iTunes

The British Phonographic Institute has called on Apple to make its iTunes DRM compatible with other music players.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Jun 2006
Cat 5 cable

Intel tires of performance per watt chatter

Intel has not yet reached the point where it can talk about server and desktop chip performance per watt metrics with a straight face, but the vendor has already tired of the concept. In the next three to five years, Intel plans to push the industry toward a new, more nebulous metric.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Jun 2006

Neurosis as a lifestyle: remixing revisited

Analysis"We stand on the last promontory of the centuries! Why should we look back, when what we want is to break down the mysterious doors of the impossible ? Time and Space died yesterday. We already live in the absolute, because we have created eternal, omnipresent speed" - Fillippo Marinetti, 1909
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Jun 2006

Intel together forever – or at least 2010 – with x86

Intel seems to have learned its lessons from AMD's quick embrace of x86-64-bit extensions and the Itanium debacle. It's sticking with x86 chips for the foreseeable future.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Jun 2006

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