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Nvidia launches dual-GPU GeForce 7950 GX2

Computex 2006Nvidia has launched its anticipated "world's fastest" desktop graphics card, the double-slot, dual-GPU GeForce 7950 GX2 which sandwiches two graphics cards together.
Tony Smith, 06 Jun 2006

Nvidia rolls out Intel edition nForce 500 chipset trio

Computex 2006Nvidia has announced Intel-oriented versions of the nForce 500-series chipsets it rolled out last month for AMD's new Socket AM2 processors in time for the Computex show in Taipei. The line-up includes three parts: the 570 Ultra, 570 SLI and 590 SLI.
Tony Smith, 06 Jun 2006

AMD to re-badge Transmeta CPUs

Computex 2006AMD has decided it's more effective to offer Transmeta's Efficeon x86-compatible processor in emerging markets than one of its own - at least as far as chips that support Microsoft's developing-world PC rental scheme go.
Tony Smith, 06 Jun 2006

ATI claims crown in physics-on-GPU performance

Computex 2006ATI will use GPU-hosted physics processing to "overtake" arch-rival Nvidia's SLI technology "by this time next year", Godfrey Cheng, the company's head of platform marketing said today during the Computex show in Taipei.
Tony Smith, 06 Jun 2006

Intel rolls out P965/ICH8 chipset

Computex 2006Intel has officially launched its first 'Broadwater' chipset, the P965 Express, pitched at the upcoming Core 2 Duo dual-core processor - aka 'Conroe' operating on a 1066MHz frontside bus.
Tony Smith, 06 Jun 2006

Apple posts fix for overly hot MacBooks

"Some MacBooks may have left the factory with a thin piece of clear plastic covering the rear vent," Apple has admitted after some consumers who bought its latest laptop complained the Intel Core Duo-based machines were running too hot.
'ard Reg, 06 Jun 2006

ATI pitches CrossFire certification scheme

Computex 2006ATI has launched a website it claims will make it easier for its fans to choose CrossFire-enabled hardware. The site list the 90-odd graphics cards, mobos, PSUs and memory that have passed the company's CrossFire compatibility certification procedure, it said today.
Our correspondent, 06 Jun 2006

Ransomware Trojan cracked

Security experts have cracked the password needed to retrieve files encrypted by a Trojan horse, dubbed Arhiveus-A, that claimed a number of victims following its appearance on the net last week.
John Leyden, 06 Jun 2006

TfL keeps schtum on underground radio plans

Transport for London (TfL) has declined to shed any light on its timetable for implementing a digital radio network, despite criticisms in a report into the 7 July bombings.
Kablenet, 06 Jun 2006

Google offers spreadsheet beta

Google is launching an online spreadsheet that will let you load Excel files and share documents online.
John Oates, 06 Jun 2006

IBM promises $6bn for India

IBM is spending $6bn in the next three years to extend and improve its operations in India.
John Oates, 06 Jun 2006

Carphone overwhelmed by 'free broadband' interest

The Carphone Warehouse has been blown away by the response to its "free broadband forever" promotion with demand for the bundled product exceeding its own forecasts.
Tim Richardson, 06 Jun 2006
vulture tv reporter

Intel comms business 'for sale'

Intel may sell off its communications business as part of a deep review of its business.
John Oates, 06 Jun 2006

Stick your own pin in Google maps

We reckon this will appeal to anyone who's trying to organise a wedding reception and is dreading the obligatory "yeah, well, the map you sent was bloody awful so we ended up driving the wrong way up the M1 for three hours" - a smart new initiative which allows you to mark a spot on Google maps, stick a pin in it with added text details and then email the link.
Lester Haines, 06 Jun 2006
hands waving dollar bills in the air

ONStor Hammers on UK channel door

Hammer, the specialist storage distie, is to start wholesaling ONStor's NAS gateways to the UK channel.
Drew Cullen, 06 Jun 2006

Vigilante eBayer obtains refund in person

Here's a cautionary tale for anyone thinking of messing around certain UK eBay vendors: do so at your peril, as the following transcript of a bulletin board posting shows. Certain details have been deleted/altered:
Lester Haines, 06 Jun 2006

New businesses spawned from handbag hype

Handbag fever has hit bizarre new heights in New Zealand with a raft of boutique industries springing up to cash in on the hype.
Tracey Cooper, 06 Jun 2006

Bleak outlook for IT outsourcing

Most government organisation's IT outsourcing (ITO) projects are "doomed before they begin", according to new research.
Kablenet, 06 Jun 2006

Older sperm produce more dwarves

Scientists have found that the genetic quality of sperm decreases with age.
Christopher Williams, 06 Jun 2006

VoIP firm backs 'virtual' yacht race

A yachtswoman is acting out a bizarre "virtual" solo transatlantic voyage on a 40-foot racing trimaran - while being firmly anchored in the courtyard of Chelsea College of Art in London.
Tim Richardson, 06 Jun 2006
Kingston HX DDR2

Kingston DDR 2 memory blasts past 1GHz

HyperX KHX8000D2 DDR2 1000MHz (PC2-8000) and HyperX KHX8500D2 DDR2 1066MHz (PC2-8500) are unbuffered modules with Latency Timings of 5-5-5-15-1 and 2.2 Volts operation.
Leo Waldock, 06 Jun 2006
WD MyBook Pro on desk

Western Digital My Book goes Pro with Firewire 800

Western Digital has added a new member to its range of My Book external hard drives.
Leo Waldock, 06 Jun 2006
graph up

IBM blows open development silos

Developer silos: who needs ‘em? IBM says they are a Bad Thing and here is why:
Drew Cullen, 06 Jun 2006

IBM a go-go to the Ajax Dojo

IBM is donating some home-grown software and technology know-how to Dojo, an open source Javascript toolkit for Ajax web development.
Drew Cullen, 06 Jun 2006

ESP and CEP...what's the difference?

CommentIf you talk to some vendors you could be forgiven for thinking that ESP (event stream processing) and CEP (complex event processing) are one and the same.
Philip Howard, 06 Jun 2006
For Sale sign detail

NHS IT costs hospitals dear

More bad news for the UK government's NHS IT programme - cash-strapped health authorities are having to pay millions in compensation to Fujitsu and CSC .
John Oates, 06 Jun 2006

Times to flick switch on net TV

The Times is to launch an internet TV service later this week as part of a strategy to branch out into online and mobile content.
Tim Richardson, 06 Jun 2006

UK trials multimedia over DAB

Boffins from South Korea and the UK are teaming up to trial mobile data broadcasting over DAB (digital audio broadcasting) networks.
John Leyden, 06 Jun 2006

Getting on the right side of IE 7 security

As Internet Explorer tries to get serious on security, you have to find out how to make sure you don't look like one of the bad guys. When it comes to security, things are rarely black and white: my handy IM Web client is your potential security hole. The issue is, who is in control: you as the site developer; or the user who owns the PC Internet Explorer is running on.
Mary Branscombe, 06 Jun 2006
For Sale sign detail

McAfee bolsters risk management with Preventsys buy

Net security firm McAfee has acquired risk management and security compliance firm Preventsys for an undisclosed amount.
John Leyden, 06 Jun 2006

Proles warm to 'groupthink'

LettersMorgan Stanley was recently awarded the domain mymorganstanleyplatinum.com - wrested without pity from it previous owner Baroness Penelope Cat of Nash DCB. Here' some more background from the horse's mouth, Mike Woods, who acted for said feline:
Lester Haines, 06 Jun 2006

Ad-supported P2P service signs EMI

EMI has agreed to release its music portfolio through an ad-support peer-to-peer service. The deal is a significant coup for Qtrax, which plans to begin offering music downloads supported by ads, as well as a more conventional ad-free premium service, in the US later this year. EMI is the first major label on Qtrax's roster. The music publisher will earn an undisclosed percentage of advertising and song sales sourced from its catalog and sold by Qtrax.
John Leyden, 06 Jun 2006

Iwill punts 16-FB-DIMM Xeon mobo

Computex 2006Iwill displayed its latest range of server motherboards for the Intel Dempsey and Woodcrest range of Xeon processors at Computex this week. The DPK66S series of motherboards all features support for dual Socket 771 Xeon processors and no less than 16 FB-DIMM slots for up to 64GB of RAM which would set you back in the region of £5,300 inc VAT.
Lars-Goran-Nilsson, 06 Jun 2006

Asus readies HDMI-enabled graphics cards

Computex 2006Asus showed two graphics cards with HDMI connectors on its stand at Computex this week. The first was an ATI Radeon X1600 Pro-based low-profile card with an HDMI and D-sub connector - a similar design to the ones that Sapphire has shown in the past. However, the second card was based on an Nvidia GeFore 7600GT and featured S/PDIF input.
Lars-Goran-Nilsson, 06 Jun 2006

UK passport forgery free-for-all ends tonight

The Home Office has plugged an embarrassing legal loophole while continuing to deny that the loophole ever existed. As of tomorrow (7 June) it will again be illegal to forge a UK passport, or alternatively, if it never stopped being illegal, tomorrow it will stop being illegal and start being illegal again instantaneously.
John Lettice, 06 Jun 2006

Sun Labs edges toward practicality

You never know what will turn up when Sun Microsystems opens the doors to its Labs operations, as it did for reporters last week. In the past, the company has tried to woo observers with things as trite as drying paint - or at least drying paint full of sensors. This time around, Sun offered some more gripping - and reality tethered - labs work to the press.
Ashlee Vance, 06 Jun 2006

Fine looms, as Microsoft sees EU settlement recede

Much like the Vista release date, Microsoft's hopes of a speedy European antitrust case settlement are receding. The company is "some more months" away from a settlement with the European Commission, Microsoft's european president Jean-Philippe Courtois said today.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Jun 2006

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