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Man stabs dog, giant pig hosed

RZSLBig Brother is in the news a lot at the moment, bringing with it the inevitable reruns of ponderous 1984 editorials. With public attention consumed with questioning the surveillance society, it is left to followers of the RZSL™ to report the final realisation of another Orwellian nightmare: Animal Farm.
Christopher Williams, 04 Jun 2006

HMG's fix for the immigration NI 'loophole' - build more backlogs

AnalysisOn Thursday morning the Times runs a screamer claiming that the Department of Work & Pensions will happily issue a national insurance number even when it suspects the applicant is an illegal immigrant. By lunchtime the Government has promised to change the law to block this "loophole", and fairly swiftly we can see the latest component of the slow-motion train wreck that is the Home Office begin to slide into place.
John Lettice, 04 Jun 2006

Homebrew chemical terror bombs, hype or horror?

AnalysisShall we do chemical weaponry? Given that at time of writing the Metropolitan Police was conducting a "fingertip search" of a London house for a home-made chemical weapon, it somehow seems appropriate to reality-check the practicalities of such devices. The Met, incidentally, deployed 250 officers and a five mile air exclusion zone to arrest two people at the house, in Forest Gate, London, and in a statement afterwards, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke said that the raid was in response to "very specific" intelligence. This was "such that it demanded an intensive investigation and response." Later, however, sources were quoted as saying there were "questions about the reliability of the informant" - these two positions do not necessarily sit well together.
John Lettice, 04 Jun 2006

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