30th May 2006 Archive

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  • Boardrooms split over offshore outsourcing

    'No, I want to do the redundancies!'

    Management 30 08:11

  • NHS IT: Over budget, overdue and unpopular

    Patient records two and half years late...

    Policy 30 08:44

  • Commission proposes ecommerce VAT rule extension

    2008, please

    Small Biz 30 08:51

  • Slingbox TV-via-internet kit ships in UK

    Freeview and SCART support in the box

    Hardware 30 08:52

  • Amnesty takes a strike against web censorship

    Campaigns to uphold internet freedom of speech

    Media 30 09:01

  • AMD to quadruple chip-making capacity

    Starts work on second 300mm-wafer fab

    Hardware 30 09:08

  • Irish SMEs bamboozled by technology

    Mobiles the answer to daunting tech, says O2

    Small Biz 30 09:17

  • VIA unveils Vista-friendly Intel chipset

    P4M900 adds DirectX 9 support and more

    Hardware 30 09:41

  • Deconstructing databases with Jim Gray

    A genuine guru

    Developer 30 10:15

  • AOpen re-styles second-generation MiniPC

    Rolls out MP945-VXR

    Hardware 30 10:18

  • Pressure mounts on NHS IT

    Headline transposition error describes problem

    Policy 30 10:52

  • Taking a punt on Vonage IPO

    Despite Wall Street's slating

    VoIP 30 10:56

  • Fujifilm snaps dual-shot Z3 anti-blur camera

    Slimline and female-friendly, company claims

    Hardware 30 11:10

  • IT jobs under threat as Voda reports £15bn loss

    Cellco announces massive shake-up

    Mobile 30 11:12

  • One in six Brit workers drunk at work

    And that's before the World Cup...

    Media 30 11:15

  • Tesco grabs at PC consumers

    Grocery goliath wants a bigger slice of IT pie

    The Channel 30 11:20

  • Nokia steps up open source efforts

    Opens Series 60 browser engine, more to follow

    Mobile 30 11:35

  • Microsoft 'mulls eBay purchase'

    Well, it might put a bid in...

    Financial News 30 12:09

  • BT dogged by Deutsche Telekom takeover talk

    'Unlikely', say analysts

    Financial News 30 12:14

  • Intel forks 'Merom' mobile CPU

    One series with 2MB L2, the other with 4MB

    Hardware 30 13:13

  • FTC forces P2P website to pay back subscribers

    $24.95 for a license to, er, do nothing

    Media 30 13:42

  • AllofMP3 is illegal, says music industry

    Legal action kick-started

    Media 30 14:17

  • Watch ads, get free calls says Virgin Mobile US

    Getting 'something for something'

    Mobile 30 14:27

  • British men prefer porn to sex

    Foreplay? Is that like a page refresh?

    Media 30 14:54

  • HD TV in the UK

    Need a next-gen telly? We'll put you in the picture

    Hardware 30 15:04

  • EU court stomps passenger data sharing

    US deal illegal, say judges

    Media 30 15:23

  • Dell support sites lists Mac OS notebook downloads

    Wishful thinking?

    Hardware 30 15:41

  • Griffin RoadDock straps Sony PSP to car seat

    Make car journeys like long-haul flights

    Games 30 15:59

  • Orange France does Triple Play

    Wanadoo rebranding kicks off

    Broadband 30 16:12

  • Segway confuses investors with 'liquidity event' vow

    IPO or trail of tears?

    Hardware 30 17:03