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26th May 2006 Archive

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  • Freeview will push UK DVRs as Playback devices

    Consortium to set industry standard, secure market share

    Bootnotes 26 06:02

  • Italy to get mobile TV in time for World Cup

    But is it two systems or one?

    Mobile 26 06:02

  • BEA to go organic on SOA tools

    Déjà vu?

    Developer 26 08:41

  • The myths and legends of the holy land of the database

    The first myth explored and exploded

    Developer 26 09:02

  • Microsoft Identity workshop

    A rough and tumble affair

    Developer 26 09:11

  • Red Hat leans on JBoss for middleware

    Call in the management

    Developer 26 09:20

  • Berners-Lee applies Web 2.0 to improve accessibility

    Pushes vision of the Semantic Web

    Applications 26 09:34

  • Intel to push Core 2 CPUs across the board

    Mainstream price-points targeted from day one

    Hardware 26 09:46

  • z9 BC: A mainframe for the mid tier

    Specs released

    Servers 26 09:55

  • SOCA saves UK high-tech crime unit - offline

    Not gone, merely in storage...

    Security 26 10:03

  • So there is 'community'

    Capitalists go touchy-feely

    Developer 26 10:23

  • For you, Tommy, ze warez is over

    German filesharers' collars felt

    Letters 26 10:43

  • Dell launches XPS 700 gaming rig in UK

    New-look casing

    Hardware 26 10:49

  • BOFH: Blast from the past

    Old flame ignites trouble

    BOFH 26 11:02

  • Danger Hiptop 3 pic pops up on web

    T-Mobile Sidekick III ready for primetime?

    Phones 26 11:08

  • How long does it take the body to...

    The speed of nature

    Science 26 11:26

  • Do our ears grow longer with age?

    Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro...

    Science 26 11:28

  • Do we still remove the appendix as often as we used to?

    Are surgeons reluctant to reach for the scalpel?

    Science 26 11:30

  • How long does it take the body to...

    Ready, steady, grow

    Science 26 11:33

  • HD DVD to incorporate region-coding restrictions

    China to get own disc format too

    Hardware 26 11:47

  • Dell Googles itself

    Tells Microsoft 'It's been great, but...'

    Small Biz 26 11:54

  • Cambodia bans 3G phones

    Mobile porn clampdown

    Mobile 26 12:00

  • 3M Laptop Privacy anti-peek filter

    A blow to glancing?

    Hardware 26 12:03

  • Mobiles now the target for developers

    For 'nomadic' think cellular, not tents and camels

    Mobile 26 12:04

  • Network equipment - get surveyed, win 60Gb iPod Video!

    Prize draw excitement beyond human endurance!

    Site News 26 12:11

  • Invisibility cloak moves a step closer

    Light steer

    Science 26 12:21

  • LG touts 4x Blu-ray Disc recorder

    Only handles single-layer media, though

    Hardware 26 12:26

  • Ofcom chief exec to quit

    Sits Vacant

    Networks 26 12:48

  • Viewers 'confused' by HDTV

    Do what?

    Broadband 26 13:09

  • eBayer driven to edge by email quippery

    Web wags target defenceless car vendor

    Media 26 13:47

  • World Cup and 24 in red button face-off

    Pimp my TV programme

    Bootnotes 26 15:01

  • Symantec coughs to security hole in its AV software

    eEye, eEye, D'oh

    Security 26 15:03

  • Web 2.0 opens can of worms for Cork

    David and Goliath-style legal battle

    Media 26 15:37

  • Bichard reports widespread errors in Police data

    Still flakey after all these years

    Policy 26 15:49