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Fortress Blair - PM bets on biometric ring of steel to 'fix' immigration

AnalysisID cards last week received one of their strongest endorsements yet from the Prime Minister, to the extent that the walls of the Bliarbunker could now be said to consist largely of e-Borders, ID cards and John Reid. Blair, under severe pressure from opposition leader David Cameron, appropriately enough described an e-Borders and ID card based Fortress Britain as the ultimate fix for illegal immigration.
John Lettice, 22 May 2006

ERG offers alternative to European mobile roaming price cap

European telecommunications regulators have written to the European Commission trying to block its planned legislation on mobile roaming charges, which have skyrocketed out of control in Europe.
Faultline, 22 May 2006

Five tips for employers to beat World Cup fever

For HR professionals, the World Cup is no cause for celebration: last-minute holiday requests or staff feigning illness one day and suffering hangovers the next. With less than three weeks until Germany 2006, OUT-LAW presents tips for HR team managers.
OUT-LAW.COM, 22 May 2006

Reputational risk

Business reputation is established by gaining and retaining the confidence and trust of the stakeholders in the business: customers, suppliers and employees, as well as shareholders.
Bob McDowall, 22 May 2006

MS unveils PC rental plan

Microsoft today launched a technology to enable the delivery of PC rental schemes in emerging markets modelled on mobile phone pay-as-you-go packages. Dubbed FlexGo, the framework allows suppliers to rent out PCs activated by pre-pay cards. Consumers buy access to the machine for a certain period of time - when the card runs dry, the PC refuses access until the user buys more runtime.
Tony Smith, 22 May 2006

Motorola looks to accelerate moves to open source Java

As Sun's new CEO, former software chief Jonathan Schwartz, settles into his new role, it can be expected that the company's key software asset, Java, will take centre stage.
Wireless Watch, 22 May 2006

DoCoMo deal opens i-Mode world to Windows Media

Japanese giant NTT DoCoMo, a long standing Microsoft partner in the world of mobile entertainment, is to port Windows Media DRM (digital rights management) to its 3G handsets, allowing for content to be moved between phones and PCs, and bypassing the Open Mobile Alliance DRM.
Wireless Watch, 22 May 2006

Microsoft takes private action on pirate

Microsoft has taken private action against a UK software pirate after he continued selling counterfeit software, despite receiving a criminal conviction for the same offence.
John Oates, 22 May 2006

Re-enact great Jedi, Sith battles with... an Apple MacBook

Today's silliest idea: hack the motion sensor on an Apple MacBook and use the output it generates to pump out Star Wars authentic lightsabre sound effects. That's what one imaginative coder has done in a bid for 15 minutes of internet fame.
Tony Smith, 22 May 2006

Nintendo DS Lite UK debut detailed

Nintendo will release the DS Lite in the UK on 23 June, the videogames pioneer said today. The redesigned handheld console will set British buyers back £100. It will cost €150 (£102) in continental Europe, the company added.
Tony Smith, 22 May 2006

Voda Arcor sale off - report

Vodafone could be on the verge of signalling an about-turn in strategy amid reports that it plans to hang on to its fixed line phone business in Germany.
Tim Richardson, 22 May 2006
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EU self-flagellates over ICT strategy

A review of the European Commission's plan to boost the EU economy with ICT investment found it lacks ambition and has come up short on what it set out to achieve.
Christopher Williams, 22 May 2006

Euronext confirms bid from NYSE

Euronext confirmed it is looking at offers from both the German stock exchange and the New York Stock Exchange.
John Oates, 22 May 2006

Romeo proposes on Apple's NY store webcam

Last week saw the opening of Apple's new NY Fifth Avenue store - an event marked by throngs of Machead faithful descending on the glass cube shrine of the electronic cult of Jobs.
Lester Haines, 22 May 2006

Trojan exploits unpatched Word vulnerability

Hackers have developed malicious code designed to exploit an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft Word 2002 and 2003.
John Leyden, 22 May 2006

T-Mobile cuts World Cup roaming charges

T-Mobile is slashing the cost of using a mobile in Germany for England football fans travelling to the World Cup.
Tim Richardson, 22 May 2006

Computers make you stupid, innit?

If you want your kids to do well at school, give them books, a recent Ofsted report said.
Mark Ballard, 22 May 2006

Good times with Apache

ApacheCon 2006 is coming up. And this year it's in Dublin, a city famous for knowing how to have a good time. We confidently expect the regular conference on Apache technologies to be not merely productive, but also tremendous fun! So for your diary, that's the week of 24 to 28 June. Register before 29 May for the EarlyBird Discount.
Nick Kew, 22 May 2006

Firms waste billions on network over-design

Most organisations follow outdated network design and procurement practices. Result? Overpriced and under-performing networking infrastructures. So says analyst firm Gartner, which reckons the trend of building over-engineered networks is set to continue.
John Leyden, 22 May 2006

LG shows slimline 2.2Mp camera phone

LG today touted its latest attempt to claim the crown for the world's thinnest mobile phone handset. The KG320, announced earlier this year, is just 9.9mm thick - only 0.9mm thicker than Samsung's SCH-V870 credit card-shaped handset.
'ard Reg, 22 May 2006

BenQ Siemens readies Q-Fi music phone

BenQ Siemens has launched its latest music phone equipped with its 'Q-Fi' music system: a ten-band equaliser hooked up to a pair of built-in 3D surround-sound speakers, fed by the company's own music playback app and activated with dedicated controls.
Tony Smith, 22 May 2006

Green groups sound alarm on synthetic biology

A coalition of environmentalists, ethics watchdogs and trade unions has told synthetic biologists they threaten humanity and the planet by "tinkering" with the fundamentals of life.
Christopher Williams, 22 May 2006

Nvidia ships Quadro FX 3500

Nvidia has launched its latest "high-end" workstation-oriented graphics card, the Quadro FX 3500, with Dell claiming to be the first OEM to introduce a machine equipped with the part.
Tony Smith, 22 May 2006

Technology 'misuse' leads to time-wasting at work

Misuse of office technology adds more than two hours to the average British working day, according to research released today by cableco NTL:Telewest.
Tim Richardson, 22 May 2006

O2 finds World Cup friend

TEAMtalk Media, ukbetting's content arm, has done a deal with O2 to set up a mobile football community.
John Oates, 22 May 2006

Verizon to ship $300 Motorola Q on 31 May

Verizon and Motorola have confirmed that the carrier will begin selling the handset maker's Windows Mobile 5.0-based smart phone, the Q, on Wednesday, 31 May, and that the deal will be an exclusive one. Speculation had centred on a 29 May launch, but what's a couple of days when Motorola's already missed its Q1 2006 deadline?
Tony Smith, 22 May 2006

Age Concern campaign to boost Silver Surfers

This week is Silver Surfer Week, the centrepiece of Age Concern's efforts to get more older people online. Workshops and taster sessions are being held across the country to show Britain's ever-expanding grey army the power of the internet.
Christopher Williams, 22 May 2006

Doctor links solar flares to strokes

A Slovakia doctor claims to have linked peak solar flare activity to an increase in strokes and brain haemorrhages, Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 22 May 2006

.mobi domain opens for business

The race for securing a slice of the "mobile internet" kicked off today with companies given their first opportunity to register for a new ".mobi" internet domain.
Team Register, 22 May 2006

IM worm installs rogue browser

Security researchers are warning of an instant messenger worm that installs a maliciously constructed browser onto compromised Windows PCs. The self-propagating worm, dubbed yhoo32-explr, installs a so-called "Safety Browser". Users who install the software are directed to a site that loads spyware onto their PCs.
John Leyden, 22 May 2006

Griffin TuneFlex gets gratis cassette adaptor

Accessory specialist Griffin Technology today said it will bundle a cassette adaptor with its TuneFlex articulated iPod Nano automobile mount to save buyers from being forced to fork out for one separately.
'ard Reg, 22 May 2006

New space telescope sends back test shots

AKARI, the Japanese infrared space telescope, has beamed back its first images. The image series pictured shows different wavelengths of the infrared spectrum from galaxy M81, a spiral in the constellation Ursa Major.
Christopher Williams, 22 May 2006

LG quietly launches 8GB music player

LG UK has launched an 8GB HDD-based alternative to Apple's iPod with the catchy name 'MFJM53'. But there's nothing pedestrian about the player's design, with its clean lines and 1.77in, 262,144-colour, touch-sensitive OLED screen.
Tony Smith, 22 May 2006
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Biometric whitewash gathers pace

Europe has passed the "tipping point" over which citizens fall head over heels in love with the idea of a society regulated by biometric identity scanners, according to a survey published today.
Mark Ballard, 22 May 2006

Can Hangar One hang on?

The battle to save one of Silicon Valley's true architectural icons has reached a critical stage. Citizens will meet this week at NASA Ames, hoping to convince the Navy not to destroy Hangar One.
Ashlee Vance, 22 May 2006

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