22nd May 2006 Archive

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  • Fortress Blair - PM bets on biometric ring of steel to 'fix' immigration

    Round up the usual foreigners...

    Media 22 08:25

  • ERG offers alternative to European mobile roaming price cap

    Calls for wholesale regulation

    Mobile 22 08:29

  • Five tips for employers to beat World Cup fever

    Flexibility could reap rewards

    Business 22 08:38

  • Reputational risk

    Without reputation, you have no business

    Business 22 09:05

  • MS unveils PC rental plan

    Pay-as-you-go computing for emerging markets

    Hardware 22 09:33

  • Motorola looks to accelerate moves to open source Java

    Steps offer promise of unified J2ME environment

    Mobile 22 09:38

  • DoCoMo deal opens i-Mode world to Windows Media

    Bypasses OMA digital rights management gateway

    Mobile 22 09:38

  • Microsoft takes private action on pirate

    Busted pirate sued

    Applications 22 10:01

  • Re-enact great Jedi, Sith battles with... an Apple MacBook

    Dark side or light side

    Hardware 22 10:03

  • Nintendo DS Lite UK debut detailed

    iPod-like black and white models on offer

    Games 22 10:20

  • Voda Arcor sale off - report

    Mobile's love affair with fixed line continues

    Mobile 22 10:35

  • EU self-flagellates over ICT strategy

    'Not good enough'

    Management 22 10:51

  • Euronext confirms bid from NYSE

    And one from Deutsche Bourse

    The Channel 22 10:53

  • Romeo proposes on Apple's NY store webcam


    Hardware 22 10:59

  • Trojan exploits unpatched Word vulnerability

    Real and present danger

    Security 22 11:42

  • T-Mobile cuts World Cup roaming charges

    Over the moon

    Mobile 22 11:51

  • Computers make you stupid, innit?

    Learning by numbers tethers kids' IQs

    Policy 22 12:20

  • Good times with Apache

    Fancy a trip to ApacheCon in Dublin?

    Developer 22 12:30

  • Firms waste billions on network over-design

    Who needs desktop Gigabit Ethernet anyway?

    Data Networking 22 12:36

  • LG shows slimline 2.2Mp camera phone

    But not as thin as Samsung's latest

    Phones 22 12:46

  • Pentax Optio W10 waterproof 6Mp camera

    Safe to use in the desert... and underwater

    Hardware 22 13:27

  • BenQ Siemens readies Q-Fi music phone

    Touts EF71's surround sound speakers, ten-band equaliser

    Mobile 22 13:53

  • Green groups sound alarm on synthetic biology

    Life 2.0 faces critics

    Science 22 14:13

  • Nvidia ships Quadro FX 3500

    Dell gets first shout at new workstation GPU

    Hardware 22 14:15

  • Technology 'misuse' leads to time-wasting at work

    So that explains why NTL:Telewest has yet to return our calls

    Management 22 14:20

  • O2 finds World Cup friend

    Football365 in your pocket

    Mobile 22 14:25

  • Verizon to ship $300 Motorola Q on 31 May

    BlackBerry-like smart phone arrives at last

    Mobile 22 14:37

  • Age Concern campaign to boost Silver Surfers

    Next up: meals on wheels for the Incredible Hulk

    Media 22 14:37

  • Doctor links solar flares to strokes

    These coronal mass ejections are doin' me bleedin' 'ead in

    Science 22 14:38

  • .mobi domain opens for business


    Mobile 22 14:53

  • IM worm installs rogue browser

    Safety last

    Security 22 14:57

  • Griffin TuneFlex gets gratis cassette adaptor

    Got in-car iPod use taped?

    Hardware 22 15:29

  • New space telescope sends back test shots

    The universe in infrared

    Science 22 15:34

  • LG quietly launches 8GB music player

    No clickwheel, just a touch-sensitive OLED

    Hardware 22 16:56

  • Biometric whitewash gathers pace

    Where there's cash there's a hash

    Security 22 19:36

  • Can Hangar One hang on?

    Battle to save Silicon Valley icon

    Science 22 20:56