19th May 2006 Archive

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  • NetSol's email goes titsup

    Customers in the dark

    Broadband 19 May 00:20

  • Dell: 'We'll cut prices and ... er, cut prices'

    Double-digit profit drop prompts overhaul

    Data Centre 19 May 00:32

  • MRSA-stomping antibiotic discovered

    Hospital superbugs could be defeated by African soil

    Science 19 May 01:02

  • Vendors can't stop giving at JavaOne

    Our source is your source

    Applications 19 May 08:21

  • Last call for feedback on SOA

    Reader study closing today

    Reg Technology Panel 19 May 08:40

  • Patent Office to reconsider Amazon's 1-Click patent

    Kiwi lays down challenge to 'have some fun'

    Media 19 May 08:45

  • Intel to prune Core Duo prices - report

    Up to 33.6% off

    Hardware 19 May 08:50

  • Dining out on the ID card fiasco

    Angell - or Devil's advocate?

    Media 19 May 08:52

  • Abit spills Nvidia nForce 570 SLI beans

    Mobo maker announced KN9 SLI board

    Hardware 19 May 09:24

  • The evolution of integration platforms

    MDM + DIP = IMP

    Developer 19 May 09:25

  • SAP boss flirts with... nearly everyone

    Except for Larry

    Applications 19 May 09:42

  • Intel Woodcrest Xeon DP 5100 series to 'ship 25 June'

    Speeds'n'feeds leaked, allegedly

    Hardware 19 May 09:52

  • Tesco offers rum as contraceptive

    Teen pregnancy explosion explained

    Bootnotes 19 May 10:06

  • Gremlins halt BT's 8 meg upgrade

    Yet another cock-up

    Broadband 19 May 10:14

  • Apple countersues Creative

    Lawsuit alleges infringement of four iPod patents

    Hardware 19 May 10:23

  • Web vigilantes seek MS anti-piracy quarry

    Stoned customers fight back

    Applications 19 May 10:25

  • Poll: reliability key to storage end users, vendors coming up short

    Cheers Sherlock

    Storage 19 May 10:26

  • First Big Brother golden ticket surfaces on eBay

    KitKatastic offer pulled at £10m

    Bootnotes 19 May 10:30

  • Dr Who episodes now online

    Battlestar Galactica too...

    Bootnotes 19 May 10:54

  • BOFH: Power down blues

    Averse altruism

    BOFH 19 May 11:02

  • Telcos wish to deny mass snooping

    'Compassionate totalitarianism' proves tricky for the private sector

    Media 19 May 11:21

  • Slovenian brewer reveals miracle properties of beer

    Quaff 'liquid bread', live forever

    Science 19 May 11:25

  • Symantec moves to slap Redmond with Vista injunction

    Fight, fight, fight!

    Operating Systems 19 May 11:30

  • MS posts PC Vista-viability tool

    Can your box run the next version of Windows?

    Hardware 19 May 11:31

  • Virgin Mobile offers free beer and kebabs

    Form an orderly queue here

    Mobile 19 May 11:34

  • EU regulation attacked as censorship

    Television rules for all media

    Media 19 May 11:55

  • Japanese lab recreates Mona Lisa's voice

    'Leo, how long do I have to sit here?'

    Science 19 May 13:03

  • Which comes first: imagination or fantasy?

    And what's the difference between the two?

    Science 19 May 13:06

  • What is the difference between a chromosome and a gene?

    The basis of all life

    Science 19 May 13:07

  • What are chromosome abnormalities and how often do they occur?

    A dip into the gene pool

    Science 19 May 13:14

  • Intel EOLs virtualisation-friendly Pentium 4s

    Farewell, P4 662, 672

    Hardware 19 May 13:15

  • LibDems attack NHS IT programme

    Call for independent review

    Government 19 May 13:27

  • Brocade results set to warm Wall Street

    But what about the GAAP?

    Financial News 19 May 13:48

  • NAO urged to investigate identity fraud

    Gov depts under fire for lax security

    Government 19 May 13:50

  • Sky HD installs delayed

    Viewers face World Cup misery

    Bootnotes 19 May 13:52

  • US State Dept pulls Lenovo PCs

    Spy fears prompt disconnections from secure networks

    Hardware 19 May 13:59

  • Government wants encryption key offence in force

    Return of the RIPA?

    Government 19 May 14:03

  • .xxx registry sues US government

    Alleges DoC hiding extent of net interference

    Media 19 May 14:20

  • Acer n311 Wi-Fi PDA

    A feature-rich PDA - but is it worth the asking price?

    Phones 19 May 14:32

  • GPU shipments up 25 per cent in Q1

    Intel, ATI, Nvidia gained, while VIA and others lost share

    Hardware 19 May 15:09

  • Parkies get police intelligence

    Off the grass, John Bull of 73 Green Drive, or I'll tell your mum about your ASBO

    Media 19 May 15:17

  • The UK's Imagine Cup team on film

    Mark Johnston and Kevin McDaniel pay a visit

    Developer 19 May 15:32

  • Demise fears boosts traffic for AllofMP3.com

    Downtime cheaper than advertising?

    Media 19 May 16:00

  • Dell takes care of Wall Street, not customers with AMD move

    Opteron distraction

    Servers 19 May 17:08

  • Apple shunned superstar chip start-up for Intel

    PA Semi has the goods

    Data Centre 19 May 21:21