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Google's latest stealth launch

Google's latest sneaky launch is Google Notebook - a tool that allows you to collect notes and web addresses while browsing the web.
John Oates, 18 May 2006

DNA reveals human-chimp crossbreeding

A new study of chimpanzee and human genomes has revealed that the two lineages leading to the modern species interbred after they split. According to the report to be published in Nature today, the story of how we left our hirsute cousins behind is more complicated than previously thought.
Christopher Williams, 18 May 2006

NetServices 'suspends services' to Fast24

Manchester-based ISP NetServices has suspended the supply of wholesale broadband services to Suffolk-based Fast24.
Tim Richardson, 18 May 2006
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Where innovators meet moneybags

Innovate EuropeChris Shipley won't give anybody money. So why are high-tech innovators who want money clustering around her in the Spanish town of Zaragoza this week?
Guy Kewney, 18 May 2006

Wanadoo in customer data security flap

UK ISP Wanadoo has fixed a serious security problem that exposed the account information of many of its subscribers.
John Leyden, 18 May 2006

Judge OKs MS anti-trust extension

The Judge presiding over the Microsoft anti-trust settlement has agreed to a request by both parties to continue monitoring the company for an additional two years.
Andrew Orlowski, 18 May 2006
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HCI lobby concedes defeat

The IT industry has given up trying to revive the PC tax break that was snuffed by the UK government last month.
Mark Ballard, 18 May 2006

The RIAA's radio lawsuit - and your iPod

AnalysisEver since the invention of electricity, new technologies have been devised to create novel mechanisms for the storage and transmission of music. Finally, with digital, we're seeing the distinction between transmission and storage melt away altogether, with radio that you can record.
Andrew Orlowski, 18 May 2006

AMD rolls out Socket S1 Semprons

AMD has unveiled a trio of Mobile Sempron processors designed to work with the chip maker's new, DDR 2 SDRAM-supporting Socket S1 interconnect. The chips, based on the 'Keene' core, and are believed to incorporate AMD's Digital Media XPress technology.
Tony Smith, 18 May 2006

Nintendo steals the show at E3

E3 Round-upE3 certainly didn't disappoint games fans this year as new games were announced and competition in the games console market was turned up a notch. Sony's PlayStation 3 may have been the most eagerly awaited announcement at this year's event in Los Angeles, but after achieving somewhat of an anti-climax, it was the new Nintendo console that got most people excited.
Ciara O'Brien, 18 May 2006

Samsung touts Flash-fitted hybrid hard disk

Samsung yesterday said it will ship its Flash-equipped hard disk drive in "large quantities" at the end of the year in time, it hopes, for the mass roll-out of Microsoft's Windows Vista. The announcement follows the latest demo of the company's prototype "Hybrid Hard Disk" (HHD) this week.
Tony Smith, 18 May 2006

Sun and Microsoft start to dance

Regardless of which camp a developer inhabits, Java or Microsoft's .NET, as applications get bigger and become composites they will increasingly need to link to applications in the other camp.
Martin Banks, 18 May 2006

A380 flies into London

Airbus's A380 will make its first appearance in UK skies this lunchtime en route from Berlin to Heathrow, where airport officials "will test whether the plane does indeed fit the airport", as the BBC puts it.
Lester Haines, 18 May 2006

Intel cashes in ancient chips

Intel has finally waved farewell to is 386 and 486 processors, though their departure will be a drawn-out process, lasting through to 28 September 2007, Reg Hardware has learned, when the chip maker will no longer ship the parts. Its original RISC chip, the i960, is also for the chop.
Tony Smith, 18 May 2006

BT yet to feel impact of the 'Carphone effect'

BT has seen "no impact" on its business following the much-hyped launch of Carphone Warehouse's "free broadband forever" product.
Tim Richardson, 18 May 2006

Heinz to field test instant beans on toast

International beanmonger HJ Heinz is to field test in New Zealand a frozen sandwich "beans on toast" combo which can be lovingly prepared by sticking it in the toaster for about a minute, The Guardian reports.
Lester Haines, 18 May 2006

MS patches Win XP Core Duo battery drain bug

Microsoft has fixed the battery drain bug that has been affecting a number of computer owners with Intel Core Duo-based notebooks. However, two of the three causes of the drain are not fixed by a patch posted by Microsoft yesterday.
Tony Smith, 18 May 2006

Disability groups call for accessible technology

While websites and many other services must be accessible to disabled people in the UK, the design of products is not subjected to the same regulatory requirement. So disability groups have joined forces to campaign for change.
OUT-LAW.COM, 18 May 2006
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Phoenix jacks up profits

Phoenix IT Group is on the lookout for acquisitions this year as it looks to build on a solid financial performance in the 12 months to March.
Team Register, 18 May 2006

Sony Ericsson unveils clamshell phones

Sony Ericsson today unveiled a pair of clamshell handsets, pitching the phones at, respectively, business users and style-conscious buyers.
Tony Smith, 18 May 2006
sony ericsson walkman w850

Sony Ericsson unveils first 3G Walkman slider phone

Sony Ericsson today rolled out a pair of Walkman music phones: a clamshell model with an eye on the world's joggers, and a slider phone for music fans looking for a compact candybar handset - it's also the company's first 3G Walkman with a slider.
Tony Smith, 18 May 2006

New solar system 'increases chances of finding life'

Astronomers have revealed that a nearby solar system has a planet that could harbour liquid water. Techniques applied in the investigation have also made the search for more habitable planets easier.
Christopher Williams, 18 May 2006

Verizon claims Motorola Q exclusive

Verizon has claimed the exclusive right to ship the EvDO version of Motorola's Q smart phone. According to the US carrier's online store, the would-be BlackBerry-beater will be "exclusively from Verizon Wireless".
Tony Smith, 18 May 2006
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BT mum on plans for dab.com

BT is remaining politely evasive about what its plans for e-commerce outfit dabs.com.
Team Register, 18 May 2006

The future starts here...or does it?

Watching demos of Microsoft's Expression tools and XAML-based presentation experience at this event, I was left somewhat unmoved. Very slick, and the User Experience merits more attention of course, but haven't I seen this all before – OS/2 Workplace Shell (updated Presentation Manager) and OpenDoc, perhaps?
David Norfolk, 18 May 2006

Nokia touts business-friendly handset

Nokia has launched its latest E-series handset, a basic candybar phone designed to appeal to business users who don't want too many consumer-friendly frills. Not that Nokia's been able to resist equipping the E50 with a camera and MP3 player.
Tony Smith, 18 May 2006

Every Intel CPU from 4004 to P4 up for grabs on eBay

With Intel gearing up to cease manufacturing its 386, 486, 960 and other processors of yore, one eBayer is offering technology enthusiasts the chance to own almost the entire collection of the chip giant's microprocessor products.
Tony Smith, 18 May 2006
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Morse stumbles in Germany and Austria

Morse’s problematic German and Austrian operations are likely to leave a £1m sized hole in the resellers’ full year results.
Team Register, 18 May 2006

Govt sets target for blocking child porn sites

The government has given internet service providers until 2008 to block all access to websites containing illegal images of child abuse listed by the Internet Watch Foundation.
Mark Ballard, 18 May 2006

BT to offer home visits for broadband installs

BT customers who'd prefer not to install their own broadband connection can now get the giant telco to do it - for a price.
Tim Richardson, 18 May 2006

Kazaa parent sues, er, P2P site

Try and wrap your head around this one. Sharman Networks - the big daddy behind the Kazaa P2P software - and its CEO have filed a lawsuit against the pro P2P news site P2Pnet.
Ashlee Vance, 18 May 2006
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VeriSign buys SSL certs rival for $125m

VeriSign has announced plans to acquire GeoTrust, its largest SSL certificate rival, for approximately $125m in cash. The deal, announced on Wednesday, is expected to close in the second half of this year, subject to regulatory approval.
John Leyden, 18 May 2006

PS3 to cost £425 in the UK

Sony's 60GB PlayStation 3 will cost British buyers £425 ($803) when it ships on 17 November, the head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's UK operation has revealed. He went on to call the machine "cheap" and a "bargain".
Tony Smith, 18 May 2006

Exploding mobile outbreak perplexes Brazil

In BriefThe explosion of five mobile phones in Brazil over the last two months is causing concern in the Samba-loving South American country. The incidents, all involving Motorola phones, are being linked to dodgy batteries. Both Motorola and local telecoms regulators have tasked investigators with confirming the cause of the problems.
John Leyden, 18 May 2006

DoJ targets 'illegal' net gambling operation

The US Department of Justice is suing an internet gambling operation based in Antigua over allegations of money laundering. WorldWide Telesports Inc, run by William Scott and Jessica Davis, allegedly violated US federal laws in laundering an estimated $250m worth of internet gambling wagers. Scott and Davis are currently fugitives from US justice.
John Leyden, 18 May 2006
Neuros MPEG 4 Recorder 2

Neuros solves MPEG Recorder PSP playback problem

Neuros Technology has released a firmware update for its MPEG 4 Recorder 2 that allows the gadget to once again encode video that will play back on a PlayStation Portable with Firmware 2.7 installed. The new release also adds a set of phone-friendly recording formats.
Tony Smith, 18 May 2006

Sun+Eclipse - almost a good story

JavaOneThe sleepy reverie of an IBM Rational keynote presentation at JavaOne in San Francisco was temporarily broken by what appeared to be one of the news stories of the week – Sun had opted to join Eclipse.
Martin Banks, 18 May 2006

Dell hooks up with AMD

Dell has done what many thought impossible and broken its Intel-only stance. The company today announced that it will pick up AMD's Opteron processor for use in servers - a move reported first by The Register earlier today.
Ashlee Vance, 18 May 2006

CIA defends unaccountable snooping

General Michael Hayden, President Bush's nominee for CIA director, has defended his secret programme of snooping on citizens' telephone calls without warrants.
Mark Ballard, 18 May 2006

Red Hat: Java Linux license does not go far enough

Sun Microsystems' new GNU/Linux-friendly Java license does not go far enough for Red Hat. It says Sun should have open-sourced Java instead.
Gavin Clarke, 18 May 2006
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Seagate swallows Maxtor

In briefThe largest hard drive vendor has just got larger.
Andrew Orlowski, 18 May 2006

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