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IT: the world's most stressful profession

A poll has revealed what sobbing IT operatives already know only too well: their chosen profession is the most stressful on God's Green Earth and Iraqi A&E doctors should consider themselves lucky not to spend their days at the sharp end of a relentless assault of clueless users and badgering bosses.
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Government may pay for MOT chaos

Garages offering MOTs may receive compensation after the computer system crashed last month.
Kablenet, 16 2006
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Public procurement: Better rights for rejected bidders

The losing bidder who suspects foul play in the award of a public procurement contract has too few effective remedies and too little time to exercise them if he's to stand a chance of winning a contract. But the European Commission plans to make changes.

Creative sues Apple, seeks iPod import ban

Creative has at long last put its threats into action and slapped rival MP3 player maker Apple with a lawsuit alleging the iPod violates its intellectual property. It has also asked the US International Trade Commission to ban imports of allegedly infringing products.
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Skype scraps domestic call charges for US punters

US and Canadian customers of Voice over Internet Protocol phone company Skype can now make free calls to landlines and mobile phones within the two countries. Such calls previously cost 2 cents a minute.
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Copyright reforms strike a balance in Oz

The Australian Government has announced it will introduce major changes to the Australian Copyright Act.

AMD unveils low-power, high speed desktop CPUs

AMD today unveiled a range of "energy efficient" dual- and single-core Athlon and Sempron desktop processors it hopes will help it win the support of manufacturers of small form-factor PCs who might otherwise be tempted by Intel's Core Duo and upcoming Core 2 Duo chips.
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Transformation time for 'Brum'

Birmingham City Council has set up a number of internal bodies to manage its service transformation.
Kablenet, 16 2006

Sony revives mini PC line for UMPC era

Sony will ship its Vaio UX UMPC on 27 May, the consumer electronics giant said today. The successor to the company's U series of handheld mini PCs will ship as the retail-oriented UX-50 and as the Sony-sold UX-90S and UX-90PS.
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Corals take the heat from climate change

Coral reefs, some of the world's most productive and diverse ecosystems, may already be wrecked beyond repair by global warming, according to a new study.

Intel 65nm Celeron D to ship '28 May'

Intel has chosen 28 May as the day it will release 65nm Celeron D processor, Taiwanese motherboard maker sources have claimed. The launch date is just five days after AMD is expected to ship its Socket AM2 interconnect and compatible CPUs.
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Virgin Mobile founder steps down

The founder of Virgin Mobile is to step down as chief exec once the cellco is finally gobbled up by NTL in July.
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Uri Geller secures Elvis's first house

Uri Geller has stumped up a $905,100 winning bid to secure Elvis Presley's first house in Memphis, the BBC reports.
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AMD prunes single-core prices by up to 19.2%

AMD has taken the opportunity present by the launch of its energy-efficient Athlon 64 and Sempron processors to prune the prices and some of the members of its existing single-core desktop chip line-ups.
'ard Reg, 16 2006

Sony unveils Blu-ray notebooks

Sony Japan has unveiled the Blu-ray Disc player-equipped Vaio notebook expected to ship in the UK and Europe as the AR11S, which the consumer electronics giant also announced today. The Japanese model will ship on 24 June, Sony said. It didn't provide a date for the AR11S' debut, though it too is expected to debut next month.
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Wireless event to feature 'corporate 3G' installations

Missing (strangely) from this week's Wireless Event in London's Olympia exhibition centre will be Picochip, which is preparing to astonish the world with a home 3G base station. But corporate versions will be on show, and the news will be a big blow to Wi-Fi fans.
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Dutch bears in monkey murder shocker

Bears at a Dutch safari park hunted down a petrified monkey in front of horrified visitors, then ate it, AP reports.

AMD's 65nm Athlon 64 X2 to debut December?

AMD's first 65nm processors will appear late this year, online reports coming out of Taiwan's mobo-maker community have claimed. Four Athlon 64 X2s based on the 'Brisbane' core will ship in December, but don't get your hopes up: they're likely to be only available as engineering samples for hardware developers.
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Performance dashboards

Business Intelligence (BI) is a very popular idea, but it has its problems in practice.
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Don't stifle net content, Tories warn BBC

The Tories have warned the BBC not to "stifle the growth of innovative new companies" looking to invest in the internet and new media.
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Allofmp3.com bounces back - sort of

Update Music download site allofmp3.com lurched back into life today after almost three days of silence.
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Search results lead to malicious sites

Links from internet search results sometimes point to web pages harbouring spyware, a study from net security firm McAfee warns. The four month study from McAfee's SiteAdvisor team on five major search engines concludes that 285m clicks to hostile sites occurs every month as a result of search queries initiated by US net users alone.

Apple launches black, white MacBooks

Apple has introduced the long-awaited Intel-based MacBook laptop - in black and white casings. It has also dropped the 1.83GHz 15.4in MacBook Pro and made the high-end 2.16GHz 15.4in machine a standard configuration - and it cut their prices.
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DARPA plots emergency man-cannon

You'd think that with global terrorist threats and fighting two wars, the US Defense Department would have little time on its hands to start a circus troupe.

Poker tips site harbours Trojan

Security watchers have discovered a Trojan with built in root-kit functionality that's designed to steal the credentials of online poker players.
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Lancaster fingered as phone theft capital

If you're planning on visiting Lancaster over the coming months, make sure you leave your mobile phone at home. That's because Lancaster has been named as the UK's number one place to have your cellphone nicked followed by Wirral, Chester and Coventry.
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Brentford: home of the suicidal IT professional

Letters IT: the world's most stressful profession? Yes, according to the stressed IT operatives among you:

Microsoft countersues Lucent

In brief Microsoft is countersuing Lucent, alleging the company is infringing 10 of its patents.
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US cities sue travel sites

Several big travel sites are facing legal action in the US over unpaid hotel taxes.
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MTV and Microsoft team for downloads

Microsoft and MTV are teaming up to offer music downloads for everything except iPods.

Toshiba ships 12.1in business notebook

Apple may have dropped 12.1in notebooks from its pro-oriented notebook family, but Toshiba today stepped into the breach to offer an "ultra-portable" Centrino Duo-based machine with just such a display.
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Supremes harry patent trolls

Judges in the US Supreme Court pointed the finger at patent trolls, firms that milk other people's inventions, with a ruling yesterday that saved eBay from having the rug pulled from under its auction site.

Ingram lands RFID in Europe

Ingram Micro has jumped higher on the RFID bandwagon with the cash purchase of assets belonging to a Nordic retail technology distributor.

IBM makes superdense magnetic Lazarus

IBM researchers have shattered the limits of how densely good ol' magnetic tape can store data, breathing new life into the technology.

AMD unveils 'next gen' CPU plans

Processor Forum AMD confirmed details of its "Next Generation Processor Technology" today, but it's really business as usual for the company. As AMD heads to four-core country, the company will continue to improve the bandwidth of its processor package, tweak memory and rely on help from partners to compete with an upcoming line of revamped chips from Intel.

Sun to open source Java - eventually

JavaOne Sun Microsystems has pledged to open source Java if individual developers, rather than corporations, sign-up to the Java Community Process (JCP) and also adopt Sun's NetBeans development environment.

Expand snags DiskSites

WAN application acceleration firm Expand Networks has agreed to buy privately-held wide area file services (WAFS) firm DiskSites. The all-stock deal, which gives DiskSites shareholders a 13.5 per cent interest in Expand Networks, was announced on Monday and is expected to close within two months.

New server 'space heater' benchmark in the works

Processor Forum The server benchmark wars will soon extend into new territory thanks to work being done to refine a standard energy consumption test.

HP halfway through cull - Hurd

Retirement security may be a fading memory for many Hewlett Packard employees, but the company cheered Wall Street with increased revenue and profits today.