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15th May 2006 Archive

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  • What was wrong with the 'bubble boy'?

    Life inside a bubble suit

    Science 15 08:15

  • RM talks tough market

    RM reports: could do better

    The Channel 15 08:27

  • Fayrewood AGM: warning on profits

    But not all bad news...

    The Channel 15 08:31

  • Business Objects extends further into infrastructure

    Looks to take on the big boys in EIM

    Developer 15 08:34

  • Chinese academic fired for 'faking' chip designs

    Chips didn't work as claimed, if at all, probe alleges

    Hardware 15 08:46

  • Pantech ships iPod-like phone

    PG-3600V sports 'revolutionary' clickwheel

    Phones 15 09:05

  • DCC results coming up rosy

    Recovers from rubbish first half

    The Channel 15 09:11

  • Refactoring and Smalltalk

    A sexy new name for 'design'

    Developer 15 09:16

  • Casio preps 'highest' power density portable fuel cell

    Runs four times longer than a standard notebook battery, apparently

    Hardware 15 09:34

  • Carnivores spit roast

    Mad cow eaters stampede censorous soy-based lonely hearts

    Bootnotes 15 09:35

  • Indian employee database to be mandatory

    Staff representation negligible

    Management 15 09:37

  • Verizon Wireless closes in on Voda stake

    It could be yours (for $48bn + debt)

    Mobile 15 09:44

  • Nvidia silently ships GeForce 7900 GS

    Four fewer pixel processors than the 7900 GT?

    Hardware 15 09:52

  • Is this the dullest spam ever?

    Dunno. Don't care

    Security 15 10:08

  • Five ways to watch the World Cup on the move

    There's no escape this time...

    Mobile 15 10:22

  • Palm launches Palm OS Treo 700 in US

    Is the 700p UK-bound?

    Phones 15 10:26

  • Cab drivers lecturing on lawsuits

    The flat pavement syndrome

    Security 15 10:29

  • Create improved human, win prizes

    Reg goodies up for grabs

    Site News 15 10:40

  • C&W bosses in line for massive payday

    Fat cats to lap-up CWeam

    Broadband 15 10:48

  • Sony set to unveil UMPC?

    Vaio UX spec seems a little too good to be true...

    Hardware 15 10:53

  • SoftBank denies Apple iPhone partnership

    Media speculation, nothin more, firm claims

    Hardware 15 11:09

  • Ireland, Oz and NZ top world loneliness index

    Brentford also nucleus of human misery

    Media 15 11:25

  • Blair backs animal testing petition

    Campaigners blast 'hugely irresponsible' stance

    Science 15 11:31

  • DoJ intervenes in 'warrantless' wiretapping lawsuit

    Secrets and lies

    Media 15 11:51

  • Police probe BT break-in

    Telecoms kit nicked

    Broadband 15 12:10

  • Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT surfaces

    Board-partner announcements begin

    Hardware 15 12:45

  • Motorola sees red for Bono's AIDS charity

    Red SLVR ships with Edge support?

    Phones 15 13:13

  • Kodak EasyShare V610 6Mp camera

    Hardware 15 13:46

  • AOL Germany for sale?

    Looking for new investments

    Broadband 15 13:49

  • Hospital phone charges 'extortionate' say patients

    It's enough to make you sick

    Broadband 15 13:58

  • UK lawyers net £19m from software piracy case

    Nice work if you can get it

    The Channel 15 14:05

  • CA catches z/OS data for encryption

    IBM left as the Betamax of mainframe tape crypto?

    Storage 15 14:14

  • Sony to ship 17in Blu-ray Vaio next month?

    AR11S makes its appearance on dealers' lists

    Hardware 15 14:17

  • Football vigilante tackles air rage vixen

    Red card for Swedish supermodel

    Bootnotes 15 14:22

  • RAF admin system takes off

    Stand-by for debriefing

    Policy 15 14:28

  • Telewest scores HDTV deal for World Cup

    On me 'ead, son

    Broadband 15 14:59

  • Bill Gates builds massive booze factory

    If you've got it, spend it

    Science 15 15:01

  • Hitachi touts notebook-oriented 'drive of steel'

    Best perpendicular recording around, company claims

    Hardware 15 15:26

  • Botnet implicated in click fraud scam

    Google Adword abuse

    Security 15 15:43

  • Corsair confirms Nvidia's nForce 590 SLI

    New DIMMs made with auto-overclocking in mind

    Hardware 15 15:57

  • US man jailed for hacking supervisor's PC

    DoE hacker learns hard lesson

    Security 15 16:12

  • Apple updates to defend against OS, app and QuickTime flaws

    Take that, Windows

    Security 15 17:00

  • Sun's storage boss offloaded in reorg

    Server shuffle too

    Servers 15 18:43

  • McDonald's wants to fatten Asians on Web 2.0

    Yeeeer of de dock!

    Media 15 21:28