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British mum starts baking 'cancer-free' baby

The UK's first made-to-order baby has sprouted in London, according to a report in The Times.
Ashlee Vance, 14 May 2006

Can I cause another person to dream?

Studies show that you can bring about a dream in another person. One way is by holding an open bottle of perfume under the sleeper's nose. Another is by whistling. A third way is by blowing air across the sleeper's face with a fan. Someone else can also affect the content of a sleeper’s dream. For example, turning on a light produces happier dreams. And darkening an already bright room can induce nightmares.
Stephen Juan, 14 May 2006

DB2: the Viper is coming

CommentThe next release of IBM's DB2 (for both z series and distributed systems), which is code-named ‘Viper’, will be generally available in the not too distant future: “mid-summer” for distributed systems, according to IBM. It is therefore appropriate to consider some of the new features it will introduce, and its impact on the market.
Philip Howard, 14 May 2006

Diebold voting systems critically flawed

Michael Shamos remembers that the call came late at night, during the last week of April.
Robert Lemos, 14 May 2006

Adobe gets Spry about AJAX

Sometimes it seems that you’ve waited ages for an AJAX framework to come along, and then suddenly there’s a whole queue of them lined up, ready for testing. The latest to join the line up is Macromedia - sorry, Adobe now - with its Spry AJAX framework, which you can download here.
Simon Bisson, 14 May 2006

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