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Nokia blesses Google Talk - report

A device that no one uses will feature a chat service with no users, the Wall Street Journal reports today.
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Google's Grey Goo problem

Letters At Google's annual Press Day, the company was keen to remind us that search still matters. The official Google commorative weblog entry for the day is titled, "Yes, we are still about search", and three of the four announcements were search-related - although one of them, an updated Zeitgeist page, is little more than a novelty.
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Is it true my body is not entirely alive?

So you think you’re all alive? Think again. As strange as it may seem, the human body is not entirely "alive". A small part of us is not alive, never has been, and never will be. Ironically, what's not alive is vital to what is.
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Belluzzo's Nvidia pact 'sealed SGI's fate'

Letters Shortly before SGI chief Rick Belluzzo joined Microsoft, he made three fateful decisions that appear to have sealed the great company's fate. We discussed these here this week.