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Indian IT firms look for data security chief

The Indian IT industry is setting up an organisation to police data security among firms handling outsourcing contracts from countries such as the UK.
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Microsoft playing waiting game against Google

Microsoft will beat Google in the online advertising market through sheer tenacity during the next five years, not by offering a new or radically different online strategy, according to chief executive Steve Ballmer.

Science you can sniff at?

Analysis Ever wondered where the expression "barking up the wrong tree" comes from? It comes from dogs, who have been getting the wrong end of the stick for donkeys' years.
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Neptune wooed Triton with magnetic charm

A pair of US scientists has come up with a plausible explanation as to how Neptune successfully captured its moon Triton - a process which had previously baffled boffins, who couldn't work out how the moon had lost sufficient energy to settle into a nice, comfy orbit rather than continuing on into the infinite yonder.
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Digital music nirvana isn't impossible, it just takes longer

The idea of being able to play your music anywhere, on any device, has become a cliche without quite coming to pass. Viewed from a distance, this looks like one of technology's greatest failures.
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Poll: 55% break copyright law

A poll has spotlighted the folly of current copyright law in the UK.
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Crusading veggies steamroll university into web censorship

A provocative essay has been pulled from servers by Newcastle University authorities following complaints from vegetarians.
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What's the best way to improve the human body?

We humans would look considerably different - both inside and out - if evolution had designed the human body to work better and last longer.
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DfT unaware of IT payout

MPs have revealed that the Department for Transport's permanent secretary was unaware it had paid £25m to an IT company for work on the Transport Direct project.
Kablenet, 12 2006
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Scripting and services top Sun software chief's list

Interview Support for scripting languages in Java, squeezing revenue from a set of long-promised - but strangely MIA - services, and more open source initiatives are among top priorities for Sun Microsystems' newly appointed software chief.

The quest for ring zero

Federico Biancuzzi sits down with French researcher Loïc Duflot and speaks about the System Management Mode attack, how to mitigate it, what hardware is vulnerable, and why we should be concerned with recent X Server bugs.

Product Red MacBook, iPod due Tuesday?

Will next Tuesday, 16 May see the debut of the much-touted red iPod? Let's string together a series of coincidences and see if it will. We've no evidence - think of the exercise as a thought experiment. Apple was rumoured to announce its new Intel-based MacBook this week, on Tuesday. A variety of sources say the launch will now take place next Tuesday...
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Prison for privacy crooks

Information commissioner Richard Thomas has called for prison sentences of up to two years for the illegal buying and selling of personal information.
Kablenet, 12 2006

Nvidia posts record quarter

Nvidia yesterday reported record revenues for the first quarter of its 2007 financial year. Sales totalled $681.8m, up 17 per cent on the year-ago quarter's $583.8m and 7.6 per cent up on the previous quarter's $633.6m.
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BT batphone to be repackaged for big biz

BT is to unveil a new corporate-strength version of its Fusion batphone early next year.
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Software asset management becomes an ISO standard

A new international standard has been produced to enable organisations to prove they are performing Software Asset Management (SAM) to a standard sufficient to satisfy corporate governance and to aid industry and vendors with software compliance.

Dell unveils mutant XPS gaming PC

Dell yesterday unwrapped a special "collector's" edition XPS gaming PC designed to cash in on the hype surrounding the third X-Men movie, which opens in cinemas later this month. Like the XPS 600 Renegade system announced earlier this year, the X-Men model is expected to cost a whopping $10,000.
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Hands on with Microsoft Team System

Historically, Microsoft has shown little interest in application lifecycle tools. The company was content to make Visual Studio extensible, and have third-parties fill the gap between a single-developer IDE and a manageable software development process.
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O2 and Telefonica cut roaming charges

O2 and Telefonica Moviles are following in the footsteps of other mobile operators by slashing the cost of making and receiving calls when travelling abroad.
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Homechoice yet to hit play on network roll-out plans

Homechoice is trying to flog a "white label" version of its broadband TV service amid speculation that the national rollout of its network is on hold.
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Sony PS3 sports PSP-like user interface

Sony's PlayStation 3 presents a user interface based on the one the company developed for the PlayStation Portable, complete with Games, Music, Movies and Photo settings - and a multi-user system, it has emerged.
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Please don't floss with screwdrivers, dentists beg

In news that will no doubt amuse our American readers, a survey has shown up the British approach to flossing in all its ham-fisted glory. As well as screwdrivers, ingenious dental daredevils confessed to jamming knives, scissors and needles between their teeth, the BBC reports.

Motorola finally ships iTunes phone in UK

Motorola has at least allowed UK consumers to buy a handset that incorporates Apple's iTunes music software. Phones made available in the US with iTunes have to date shipped over here without the application.
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Stem cell 'fraud' scientist faces jail time

Hwang Woo-Suk, the disgraced South Korean stem cell scientist is to face criminal embezzlement and ethics charges, prosecutors have announced.
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Tiscali UK joins millionaire broadband club

Tiscali UK has joined the exclusive "millionaires" club after revealing that at the end of March it had more than 1.08m broadband users.
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Oh look, Big Brother's back

Tech Digest Can we get the Big Brother stuff out of the way first, please? At the time of writing, the wily eBayer who’s flogging a BB Golden Ticket out of a KitKat that he hasn't bought yet has seen bids shoot to £1.67. Hey, don’t laugh. You can get two KitKat Chunky three-packs for that.
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Councillor barred for slating IT dept

A Chichester councillor was so rude to IT staff that he was suspended from his elected office, an official report revealed yesterday.
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Naked Natalie Portman fights for equal pay

Letters It's official: women in IT get paid less. That's according to a survey by Intellect, which says "this is just one of the reasons the IT sector is still struggling to recruit women to work in the industry". Another gem from the department of the fairly bleedin' obvious?:
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NZ 'definitely not for sale'

An Australian man, obviously a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock, tried to flog off Aotearoa* on online auction site eBay.
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Teen accused of 'email bombing' faces retrial

A teenager accused of crashing the email server of his former employer with millions of junk mail messages, is to face retrial.
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Celebrity monkey fans wowed by new genus

Zoologists have described the first new genus of African monkey in 83 years. The new species, named Rungwecebus kipunji, is so different from other monkeys that a new grouping had to be specially created.
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Russian MP3 sales site 'more popular in UK than Napster'

A Russian company labelled by the music industry as as an "unlawful" operation was nonetheless second only to iTunes as the favoured destination of UK digital music buyers during April 2006, figures from UK-based market watcher XTN Data reveal.

French concessions on DRM not enough for Apple

Moves by French politicians to soften plans that will force Apple and others to open up DRM to help consumers do not go far enough, industry representatives have claimed. The interoperabilty bill was passed yesterday by the upper house of the French parliament.
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O2 explores fixed line options

Mobile outfit O2 - which was snapped up by Spanish telco Telefonica for £18bn last year - has confirmed it is chewing over the idea of entering the fixed line telecoms market in the UK.

Elonex Artisan VX Viiv media centre PC

Review Elonex might not be the first brand you think of when you're going to buy a computer and even less so as a supplier for your next PVR/DVD recorder. But Elonex has been making some excellent Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) PCs for quite some time. Its latest mode, the Artisan VX, is one of the first Intel Viiv-branded PCs that you can actually buy...

Sony UK to ship white PSP next week

Sony looks set to ship its glossy white version of the PlayStation Portable in the UK early next week, if a number of the country's biggest retailers are anything to go by. The special-edition handheld console will ship in the Value Pack bundle configuration.
'ard Reg, 12 2006

Euro judges back HMRC on VAT fraud

UK customs authorities struggling to contain ballooning VAT fraud have won a partial victory in the European Court of Justice.
Joe Fay, 12 2006
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NSA data trawl furore

The NSA has compiled phone records of tens of millions of Americans as part of its efforts to combat terrorism, according to an investigation by USA Today.
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MSN Europe re-loads Loudeye/OD2 for digital music

Microsoft's European MSN operation has re-signed Loudeye subsidiary OD2 to run its digital music downloads service. OD2 currently sells music on MSN's behalf in 13 European countries, where MSN Music has attracted "hundreds of thousands" of buyers.

T-Mobile unveils England-backing World Cup phone

T-Mobile UK has launched a special edition Samsung phone to celebrate England's latest attempt to avoid being ignominiously knocked out of the World Cup tournament. Hoping to rekindle the team's fomer glories, the handset is preloaded with a video clip of Geoff Hurst's winning goal in 1966.
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Kodak photo sharing service fined over spam campaign

Kodak's online picture sharing service has been fined for promoting its product using junk mail.

Wells Fargo fesses up to data loss

At least one poor Hewlett Packard employee compromised by Fidelity's March laptop loss has now been told Wells Fargo lost his personal data, too.
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Justice Dept slams 'Machiavellian' Microsoft

The US Department of Justice says Microsoft is doing a lousy job complying with the anti-trust settlement, and quoted Machiavelli to support its case for an extension to the monitoring program.