12th May 2006 Archive

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  • Indian IT firms look for data security chief

    Employee database ain't enough

    Management 12 00:02

  • Microsoft playing waiting game against Google

    Patience, my pretty

    Media 12 00:43

  • Science you can sniff at?

    My police dog's got no nous...

    Security 12 02:02

  • Neptune wooed Triton with magnetic charm

    Stole passing moon from close companion

    Science 12 05:02

  • Digital music nirvana isn't impossible, it just takes longer

    DRM and network barons queer the pitch

    Media 12 05:38

  • Poll: 55% break copyright law

    Nation of thieving scumbags put hands up

    Media 12 06:02

  • Crusading veggies steamroll university into web censorship

    'Why vegetarians should be force fed with lard'

    Media 12 07:02

  • What's the best way to improve the human body?

    Bodily upgrade

    Science 12 08:02

  • DfT unaware of IT payout

    What £25m, sir?

    Policy 12 08:06

  • Scripting and services top Sun software chief's list

    Pastures Green

    Developer 12 08:45

  • The quest for ring zero

    'One ring to rule them all...'

    Security 12 08:48

  • Product Red MacBook, iPod due Tuesday?

    Special edition Motorola SLVR certainly

    Hardware 12 08:52

  • Prison for privacy crooks

    ICO calls for clampdown on data black market

    Security 12 09:08

  • Nvidia posts record quarter

    Income down, though

    Hardware 12 09:14

  • BT batphone to be repackaged for big biz

    Holy Fusion

    Mobile 12 09:17

  • Software asset management becomes an ISO standard

    Good practice benchmark set

    Management 12 09:35

  • Dell unveils mutant XPS gaming PC

    X-Men movie tie-in

    Hardware 12 09:50

  • Hands on with Microsoft Team System

    Is integration sometimes tighter than you’d like?

    Developer 12 10:02

  • O2 and Telefonica cut roaming charges

    'Bout time, too

    Mobile 12 10:06

  • Homechoice yet to hit play on network roll-out plans

    On hold or not?

    Broadband 12 10:18

  • Sony PS3 sports PSP-like user interface

    Multi-user ready, too

    Games 12 10:21

  • Please don't floss with screwdrivers, dentists beg

    Shock survey revelations

    Science 12 10:31

  • Motorola finally ships iTunes phone in UK

    RAZR V3im brings jukebox app to Brits

    Phones 12 10:49

  • Stem cell 'fraud' scientist faces jail time

    Korean genetics debacle heads for court

    Science 12 10:58

  • Tiscali UK joins millionaire broadband club

    Presses on with LLU

    Broadband 12 12:23

  • Oh look, Big Brother's back

    With secret celebs and golden tickets too

    Bootnotes 12 12:40

  • Councillor barred for slating IT dept

    'You are the servants', said former Captain

    Policy 12 12:52

  • Naked Natalie Portman fights for equal pay

    The inverted pyramid paradox syndrome

    Letters 12 13:13

  • NZ 'definitely not for sale'

    Ocker* tries to flog God's Own on eBay

    Media 12 13:22

  • Teen accused of 'email bombing' faces retrial

    Case tests UK denial of service laws

    Media 12 13:40

  • Celebrity monkey fans wowed by new genus


    Science 12 13:42

  • Russian MP3 sales site 'more popular in UK than Napster'

    Study claims AllofMP3.com second only to iTunes

    Media 12 13:57

  • French concessions on DRM not enough for Apple

    Time for Le Crunch

    Media 12 14:15

  • O2 explores fixed line options

    Punters want converged services, says cellco

    Mobile 12 14:20

  • Elonex Artisan VX Viiv media centre PC

    Viiv arrives in the UK

    Hardware 12 15:01

  • Sony UK to ship white PSP next week

    Out on Monday, etailers suggest

    Games 12 15:25

  • Euro judges back HMRC on VAT fraud

    But legit traders given lifeline

    The Channel 12 15:33

  • NSA data trawl furore

    Spy on the wire

    Media 12 15:37

  • MSN Europe re-loads Loudeye/OD2 for digital music

    Handy, given song seller's shift away from US

    Financial News 12 15:38

  • T-Mobile unveils England-backing World Cup phone

    Which is unpatriotic, considering it is German

    Phones 12 16:00

  • Kodak photo sharing service fined over spam campaign

    Not a pretty picture

    Security 12 17:29

  • Wells Fargo fesses up to data loss

    Lightning strikes twice for HP man

    Security 12 19:05

  • Justice Dept slams 'Machiavellian' Microsoft

    Monopoly's anti-trust compliance sucks - DoJ

    Media 12 22:46