9th May 2006 Archive

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  • Intel axes Glasgow labs

    First for the chopping block?

    CIO 09 May 00:02

  • Bill Coleman's $1bn gamble

    Checking in with Cassatt

    Servers 09 May 01:03

  • T-Mobile UK ships 'Super 3G' data card

    But no commercial HSDPA service...

    Mobile 09 May 06:02

  • McAfee warns over Apple virus risk

    Reasons to be fearful, part II

    Security 09 May 06:02

  • Oracle and CC eye ISVs

    And open a showroom

    The Channel 09 May 07:02

  • SOA skills attract higher salaries

    The path to riches?

    Reg Technology Panel 09 May 07:27

  • Do pheromones work in human sexual attraction?

    Vomeronasal organ: dead or alive?

    Science 09 May 08:02

  • Microsoft man's shadow over bankrupt SGI

    Belluzzo era left few options

    Servers 09 May 08:22

  • Sony confirms 60GB hard drive for PS3

    Unveils old-look, new-tech controller

    Games 09 May 09:10

  • TfL shelves Oyster e-money

    Reconsiders 'uneconomical' plan

    Financial News 09 May 09:26

  • Microsoft sets Live Messenger Beta free

    Cutting the cord

    Applications 09 May 09:36

  • Museum unscrambles secret agency's past

    But recent activity still matter of national security, natch

    Security 09 May 09:38

  • Dim galactic dwarves lurk around Milky Way

    Dark matters

    Science 09 May 09:43

  • Sage sales leap in H1

    Buys yet another business

    The Channel 09 May 10:01

  • Northerners love shopping online

    Maybe it ain't so grim up north after all

    Financial News 09 May 10:02

  • ATI sued over HDCP compliance claims

    Company misled consumers, lawsuit alleges

    Hardware 09 May 10:12

  • Dual-CPU Linux games console to ship this month

    GP2X pitched at music, movie fans too

    Games 09 May 10:13

  • NetApp guns for EMC and HP

    Undercuts rivals

    Storage 09 May 10:30

  • NTL confirms 6,000 job losses

    Yesterday it was just 'speculation', staff told

    Financial News 09 May 10:43

  • Nvidia to launch nForce 500 chipsets this month

    Debut coming 23 May, apparently

    Hardware 09 May 10:44

  • EDS's RAF pay system struggles to take off

    Services' shared services need servicing

    Government 09 May 11:05

  • BitTorrent to sell Warner movie downloads

    P2P company goes commercial

    Broadband 09 May 11:27

  • Ofcom fudge fails to protect consumers from mis-selling

    'Cannot guarantee any of the information'

    Broadband 09 May 11:36

  • Pantech fingers writing for faster phone texting

    Digital technology

    Phones 09 May 11:56

  • Chip sales to grow 10% in 2006

    Bumper year forecast as demand for electronics soars

    Hardware 09 May 12:03

  • Botnet master jailed for five years

    Resident Evil

    Security 09 May 12:10

  • Sony sets up summer photo printer line-up


    Hardware 09 May 12:21

  • Jellyfish: nature's quickest on the draw

    Even faster than Rolf Harris

    Science 09 May 12:24

  • VAT scams 'cost UK £5bn' in last fiscal year - claim

    HMRC says 'No way'

    The Channel 09 May 13:51

  • Sugababes go mobile!!

    Revolving door social housing girlband hawk mobile TV doc

    Mobile 09 May 13:53

  • Why faking fingerprints with toe prints is a bad idea

    Jamaican jailed after failing to fool US customs

    Security 09 May 13:57

  • Women still vexed over IT pay gap

    'Never mind love, stick the kettle on'

    CIO 09 May 14:03

  • Maxtor Shared Storage Plus NAS box

    An easy-to-use networked back-up drive for home or the office

    Hardware 09 May 15:08

  • Readers stuff Peppers

    Little sympathy for sobbing rockers

    Letters 09 May 15:09

  • Geeks imperiled by e-thrombosis

    E-economy class syndrome

    CIO 09 May 15:11

  • Team Three Pair, the return

    Reviewing the development plan

    Developer 09 May 15:14

  • Tom Cruise sues for TomCruise.com

    Little Tom has big fight on his hands

    Bootnotes 09 May 15:37

  • T-Mobile UK says 'no' to VoIP

    Try it and we may chuck you off the network, warns carrier

    Phones 09 May 15:42

  • German internet cannibal sentenced to life

    Techie meat is murder

    Media 09 May 15:42

  • Open source gang forms to battle IBM, BMC and CA

    Will talk Big Blue into submission

    Servers 09 May 18:21

  • Stealing cars: have laptop, will travel

    It could be yours in just 20 mins

    Security 09 May 21:55

  • Windows Vista - not so clear after all

    And you thought Clippy was annoying

    Operating Systems 09 May 22:26

  • Microsoft develops new SOA acronym for financial services

    IVCAFs IBM and Gartner

    Applications 09 May 22:44

  • A neutral net is a neutered net?

    Verizon waves the shroud

    Broadband 09 May 23:58