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AMD, Intel and MIT chastised for cheap PC fight

WCITThe unusual struggle to provide adequate, cheap PCs to the world's poor has gone awry before it really even began in earnest. A group of technology leaders today chastised the likes of AMD, Intel and MIT for failing to cooperate around their efforts to create low-cost computers. Compounding the tension, the leaders added that they'd prefer to see the likes of Nokia and Motorola dumping cell phones on their nations before the PC crowd arrives.
Ashlee Vance, 06 May 2006

Hackers spamvertise World Cup wallchart Trojan

A Trojan horse that poses as a World Cup wallchart has begun circulating on the net. The Haxdoor-IN Trojan horse is been spamvertised in messages, written in German, that purport a program that will allow fans to keep tab on football teams participating in next month's eagerly anticipated tournament.
John Leyden, 06 May 2006
DVD it in many colours

Intel joins the herd with slimmer, four-core Itanium

Intel's future version of Itanium code-named Tukwila has gone under the knife more times than Michael Jackson's nose. During its slideware career, the chip has changed names twice and been said to range anywhere from four to even 32-cores. Now, however, Intel seems to have settled on four-cores once and for all.
Ashlee Vance, 06 May 2006
Drew Barrymore holding a pineapple in 50 First Dates

Could Drew Barrymore's memory loss in 50 First Dates really happen?

(Asked by Nikki Long of Waltham, Massachusetts)
Stephen Juan, 06 May 2006

Why do we say 'um', 'er', or 'ah' when we hesitate in speaking?

(Asked by Tom Lanier of Austin, Texas)
Stephen Juan, 06 May 2006

Dell stuns India with increased R&D spend

Dell tends to spend most of its time paring back research and development efforts at every opportunity. Fierce enterprise growth, however, has forced the no nonsense vendor to expand server and storage R&D work in India, according to a Dell official.
Ashlee Vance, 06 May 2006

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