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Bot software looks to improve peerage

Peer-to-peer technology appears to have resurfaced in a worm last weekend.
Robert Lemos, 04 May 2006

Full-up Google choking on web spam?

Webmasters have been seething at Google since it introduced its 'Big Daddy' update in January, the biggest revision to the way its search engine operates for years.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 May 2006
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Borland axes fifth of workforce

Borland is cutting 20 per cent of its workforce, with the axe falling heaviest in sales and marketing, under a restructuring designed to focus on profitable markets.
Gavin Clarke, 04 May 2006

SecurID takes backseat in Windows Vista

It was cheered, specifically by employees of RSA Security, as the means to provide secure login to PCs running Windows Vista, finally dispensing with passwords and helping lock down enterprise networks.
Gavin Clarke, 04 May 2006

Apple sues itself in the foot (again)

Apple Computer's legal policy of shoot first, and ask questions later, has got the company into trouble again.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 May 2006

If software vendors made everything else

CommentSo what is it about quality? We all want it, we all expect it in other products that we buy and yet a goodly number of us try to cut corners on delivering it given half a chance. That is how it seems from a couple of responses to last week’s Blog piece `Unbreakable’? Software? Harr!
Martin Banks, 04 May 2006

Biting the legacy bullet

Developments in the areas of XML-based web services standards, middleware technology and portal frameworks have provided lots of possibilities for extending the life of legacy systems such as old mainframe, AS/400 and first generation UNIX applications. We can now wrap these up in a standard access layer, re-label them “heritage” solutions, and look forward to squeezing another decade of service out of them. This approach can work well, potentially addressing some of the common problems associated with legacy systems that were confirmed during a recent Freeform Dynamics poll of 100 UK-based IT Managers (Figure 1).
Dale Vile, 04 May 2006

Trolltech sees a billion Linux phones

If Linux is to grab a significant chunk of the mobile phones business in the coming years, as supporters hope, then much of its fate is in the hands of Trolltech.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 May 2006

Microsoft expected to buy Massive

Just three week’s ago Faultline said the US in-game advertising networks were so well established that instead of Microsoft and Sony building their own networks, they would do better to buy the existing players.
Faultline, 04 May 2006

QIT: quantum hope or quantum hype?

Quantum information technology (QIT) is here already. Judging by the impressive turn out at the Cambridge-MIT Institute's recent Industry in the Quantum Age chinwag session at the Royal Society, it's here to stay.
Christopher Williams, 04 May 2006

French court drops DRM interoperability provision

A higher French select legal committee has dropped the contentious provision from its copyright law that would have placed the onus on companies using DRM on music services, to license it to other equipment makers.
Faultline, 04 May 2006
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Intel asks judge to dismiss AMD complaint

AMD vs IntelIntel has called on Delaware District Court Judge Joseph J Farnan to dismiss the overseas element of the legal action brought against it by its arch-rival, AMD. The move had been expected: Intel's lawyers announced last month they would make the request. AMD's response could have been forecast too: it said the move was an "effort to escape responsibility" for Intel's alleged ill-conduct.
Tony Smith, 04 May 2006

RIM countersues Visto over patent spat

Research in Motion (RIM) has countersued Visto, the wireless email specialist that formally accused it of intellectual-property infringement on Monday. RIM's complaint demands the Dallas court declare its products do not incorporate technology detailed in Visto's patents.
Tony Smith, 04 May 2006

NZ ordered to increase broadband competition

The Kiwi government is planning to drive through a series of measures to force incumbent telco Telecom New Zealand to unbundle the local loop and increase competition.
Tim Richardson, 04 May 2006

Sky names HD launch day

After months of speculation Sky has officially confirmed that its HD service will start broadcasting on Monday, 22 May. On that date the first of the 40,000 telly addicts who have signed up to the HD service will have their system installed.
Tech Digest, 04 May 2006

Democrats push for action on stem cell bill

US Senate Democrats have attempted to inject some life into an ongoing campaign to allow federal funding of embryonic research with a letter to Majority Leader Bill Frist asking him to add stem cells to a list of health-related issues due for debate next week.
Lester Haines, 04 May 2006
Neuros MPEG 4 Recorder 2

Neuros tells PSP users 'don't run firmware 2.7'

PlayStation Portable owners who use Neuros Technology's MPEG-4 Recorder 2 to record video for playback on their consoles are being warned not to apply Sony's latest PSP firmware, version 2.7. Neuros claims the update prevents the PSP playing video recorded on its device.
Tony Smith, 04 May 2006
fingers pointing at man

MS throws hat into paid-search engine ring

Microsoft is taking on the great Google Money Machine with an inhouse answer to Google Adwords.
Drew Cullen, 04 May 2006

Woman eBays groping slimeball's jacket

Any reader who has ever tried to pick up a woman in Chicago may already be aware of the techniques which are absolutely guaranteed to result in abject failure - or worse.
Lester Haines, 04 May 2006

Early MacBook Pros hit by battery glitch?

Apple has apparently added battery problems to the list of woes potentially affecting its MacBook Pro notebook family. Online reports allege a small number of early versions of the Intel-based machines may have shipped with troublesome batteries. Apple is said to be replacing the power units on a customer-by-customer basis.
Tony Smith, 04 May 2006

FTC sues over mobile phone records sale

A US consumer watchdog has launched a series of lawsuits designed to frustrate the controversial sale of consumers' telephone records to data brokers. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is seeking a permanent injunction against five web-based operations over the practice.
John Leyden, 04 May 2006

ATI Radeon X1900 GT slips out early

ATI's upcoming Radeon X1900 GT GPU appears to have slipped out early. Boards based on the chip aren't expected to arrive until 9 May, but at least one store from the US retail chain Best Buy put a handful of the units on sale this week, an online report alleges.
Tony Smith, 04 May 2006

AOL still on the slide

AOL is still struggling to make up lost revenues as subscribers continue to flee the service. The internet giant has lost more than three million customers over the last year as the number of US subscribers fell to 18.6m - down 835,000 over the last three months alone.
Team Register, 04 May 2006

Toshiba pegs laptop refunds on England World Cup win

If England wins the 2006 World Cup, Toshiba will refund 66 per cent of the purchase price of many of its Centrino Duo-branded Satellite, Satellite Pro, Portégé, Tecra and Qosmio and notebooks, the company has announced.
Tony Smith, 04 May 2006

Scientists moot Romulan-style cloaking device

Two mathematicians have boldly gone where no boffin has gone before and described the theoretical possibility of a cloaking device, the BBC reports.
Lester Haines, 04 May 2006

ATI, Nokia converge on phone multimedia

ATI may have scored a major design win for its mobile phone graphics chips: the world's leading handset maker, Nokia. The pair today announced they are to make it easier for developers to create multimedia material for phones, giving content creators a "12-18 months" heads-up, presumably a launch target for ATI-powered Nokia handsets.
Tony Smith, 04 May 2006

IT spend failing to support UK.biz

British businesses are failing to develop IT systems that support business objectives, according to a new book from the British Computer Society (BCS). Many firms are failing to get the most out of technology and wasting money because of poor planning, the BCS tome - snappily titled Business Analysis - concludes.
John Leyden, 04 May 2006

Chris Eccleston linked to remake of The Prisoner

Former Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston has been "linked" with the lead role in a remake of The Prisoner, the BBC reports.
Lester Haines, 04 May 2006

BT exchange reopens after asbestos scare

A BT exchange in Isleworth, West London, is now up and running again after the discovery of asbestos in the building.
Tim Richardson, 04 May 2006
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Sun sues Azul, using Tremblay Gambit

Sun Microsystems has done the expected and countersued server appliance start-up Azul, and this time it's personal.
Ashlee Vance, 04 May 2006

Wayne Rooney 'hits roof' over fiancée's txt from '5am'

This is very silly indeed: currently crocked Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney reportedly "hit the roof" when fiancée Coleen McLoughlin got a txt msg apparently from someone called "Sam".
Lester Haines, 04 May 2006

Sonic ESB chosen for BT Integrate

Sonic Software has just had a rather nice endorsement for its ESB (Enterprise Service Bus): BT Global Services is using it in its BT Integrate distributed integration appliance.
David Norfolk, 04 May 2006

Sony delays Blu-ray Disc movie launch

Sony's US home video division has put back the release of pre-recorded Blu-ray Discs by a month because machines capable of playing them will not be available until 20 June. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) had originally intended to ship the discs on 23 May.
Tony Smith, 04 May 2006

Schools fail to renew ageing PCs

Schools and colleges have more computers but many face a growing problem in renewing their IT equipment, a new report reveals.
Kablenet, 04 May 2006

Orange UK to axe 2,000 jobs

Orange is to axe up to 2,000 jobs in the UK as part of the cellco's plans to merge with sister company Wanadoo. Around 15 per cent of the workforce is to be cut as the Wanadoo ISP sheds its name and becomes part of Orange to create a single telecoms firm.
Tim Richardson, 04 May 2006

Kazakh heavy metal virusmonger avoids jail

A former heavy metal guitarist has escaped jail after been convicted of running websites that distributed an estimated 4,000 different computer viruses.
John Leyden, 04 May 2006

Ageia PhysX physics accelerator chip

ReviewAccelerating game physics is a hot topic for gamers. The concept of using add-on hardware - be it GPU or even a new kind of dedicated physics processing unit (PPU) - to speed up physics calculations that would otherwise have to run on the CPU is back at the forefront of developers' discussions...
Ryszard Sommefeldt, 04 May 2006

June US debut for Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo's redesigned handheld games console, the DS Lite, will go on sale in the US on 11 June, the company announced today. The new version will retail for $130, and will be available in a single colour: glossy white.
Tony Smith, 04 May 2006

Teachers strike threat over kid's mucky snap

Teachers at a school in Newcastle upon Tyne are being balloted on strike action after a pupil who snapped a picture of a female teacher's cleavage on his mobile phone was allowed to return to class.
Team Register, 04 May 2006

'Buy our PCs or founder,' Dell tells nations

WCITThe Dell model isn't just about removing the middle man and creating an efficient business. When it comes to developing nations, the Dell model is one where the countries create policies that make buying computers, servers and storage easy.
Ashlee Vance, 04 May 2006

Please don't download our album, sob Red Hot Chilis

Mainstream rockers Red Hot Chili Peppers have resorted to emotional blackmail to prevent their fans from downloading illegal copies of their new album before it is released on 9 May.
Team Register, 04 May 2006

VESA completes DVI successor

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has unwrapped the final version of DisplayPort, the monitor interconnect it hopes will succeed DVI by adding HD audio as well as picture signals, and support for higher resolutions and refresh rates than are available today.
Tony Smith, 04 May 2006

Traumatised email servers mark Love Bug anniversary

Thursday 4 May marks the sixth anniversary of the spread of the infamous Love Bug (AKA ILOVEYOU) worm, a mass mailer that infected numerous Windows computers worldwide. Even those not infected directly found their email inboxes filed with junk, an experience that was to be repeated several times over subsequent years.
John Leyden, 04 May 2006

BOFH 2006: Lock, stock and barrel

17 minutes of goodwill Episode 1 Happy New Year
Team Register, 04 May 2006
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Blue Security offloads DoS attack onto blogs

A denial of service attack against Blue Security, distributors of a controversial anti-spam system, has taken the firm's site offline. Mistakes in the firm's response to the attack are been linked to a traffic flood that took numerous blogs offline too.
John Leyden, 04 May 2006

Gates: 'We'll keep Google honest'

Bill Gates has promised to keep Google "honest" by pushing the internet rival to "to better" despite coming late to the internet services market with an unfinished offering.
Gavin Clarke, 04 May 2006

Muni Wi-Fi KO'd by wrong kind of hills, trees, rain

Google's launch of a Wi-Fi network in its home town of Mountain View may be delayed, according to reports. The company is scrambling to build more transmitters than it originally planned, notes eWeek's Ben Charny.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 May 2006

Apple heads for new carrier collision

The US Patent and Trademark Office has published two patent applications today which offer some clue to the future shape of the iPod, and also Apple's ambitions as a digital media distributor. As well as an intriguing glimpse of what a wireless iPod could do, it potentially sets Apple on a collision course with the major cellular phone networks.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 May 2006

US in open source backlash

WCITThe US has fallen way behind other nations with regard to its embrace of open source technology, and the situation may only get worse. Open source coders face their grandest test to date as organizations place more and more scrutiny on the origins and value of FOSS (free and open source software) products.
Ashlee Vance, 04 May 2006

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