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MS vs. EC: Why the fine is unfair and the trustee appointment is wrong

On a sunny afternoon in Luxembourg we enter the final lap of this five day case - discussion on the size of the €500m fine and other impositions of the remedy.
John Oates, 29 Apr 2006
hands waving dollar bills in the air

MS vs. EC: Final Q&A and final pleadings

The Judges were arrayed before the shrinking audience like Michelangelo’s Last Supper, complete with white napkins tucked incongruously under their chins.
John Oates, 29 Apr 2006

Luxembourg cabbies back Billg

No company creates conspiracy theories like Microsoft - or maybe that should be Microsoft observers. Sharing facilities with a Microsoft backed blogger is no great hardship, but what if the software giant is recruiting local taxi drivers to deliver its marketing message?
John Oates, 29 Apr 2006

WS-* vs the REST

At Microsoft's Mix06 conference last month, we took the opportunity to speak (separately) to Web 2.0 guru Tim O'Reilly and Amazon's web services evangelist Jeff Barr on how they see the REST vs WS debate.
Tim Anderson, 29 Apr 2006

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