18th April 2006 Archive

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  • Symantec inherits $1bn tax bill from Veritas

    Plans to appeal

    Financial News 18 Apr 00:40

  • Wales and Sanger on Wikipedia

    Hey, Jimmy. Didn't you just edit me out of history?

    Media 18 Apr 00:41

  • UK car tracking database delayed to boost capacity

    While Yorkshire police plan handheld checks

    Media 18 Apr 09:07

  • Apple accused of patent infringement

    Burst.com files countersuit

    Hardware 18 Apr 09:09

  • Microsoft’s purchase of ProClarity – the bigger picture

    Deal leaves strong competition out there

    Applications 18 Apr 09:16

  • ATI rebuts 80nm GPU slip claim

    Migrating to smaller process as planned, apparently

    Hardware 18 Apr 09:25

  • Sony debuts DVD Walkman

    Same size as a disc case

    Hardware 18 Apr 09:53

  • Mobile search focuses on smut

    Unless you've got a PDA...

    Mobile 18 Apr 09:58

  • India's Rolta hits London Stock Exchange

    Geo-mappers find their way to London

    The Channel 18 Apr 09:59

  • Firefox under fire from multiple security bugs

    21 reasons to update Mozilla software

    Security 18 Apr 10:05

  • Eircom confirms takeover approach

    Babcock & Brown closes in

    Broadband 18 Apr 10:15

  • AMD said to be researching 'reverse multi-threading' tech

    Multiple cores to appear as one?

    Hardware 18 Apr 10:27

  • Cendant appoints former CA exec Jeff Clarke

    Industry veteran joins travel firm

    Financial News 18 Apr 10:28

  • Microsoft sues Dutch companies for illegal COA use

    Should Neelie intervene?

    Media 18 Apr 11:08

  • Ex-Gizmondo exec denies theft, drink-driving charges

    Eriksson charged, pleads not guilty

    Games 18 Apr 11:15

  • Internet embraces teledildonics

    Saddam Hussein boosts robosex industry

    Bootnotes 18 Apr 11:17

  • EU mulls changes to telecoms 'universal service'

    'Cos we now live in the 'Internet age'

    Broadband 18 Apr 11:31

  • Intel Mac tricked into triple-boot config

    Chainloading time

    Hardware 18 Apr 11:40

  • Afghan market sells US military flash drives

    Bazaar security breach

    Security 18 Apr 12:12

  • Flextronics sells software biz

    Private equity group pays $900m

    Financial News 18 Apr 13:07

  • Nvidia touts 'flagship' GeForce Go 7900 GPUs

    As Toshiba revealed last month, ahem...

    Hardware 18 Apr 13:35

  • Beginning SUSE Linux: From Novice to Professional

    Get up to speed with top IT titles

    Site News 18 Apr 13:40

  • European firms open to security attacks: McAfee

    But at least the board is paying attention

    Security 18 Apr 14:00

  • Universal releases first HD DVD movie

    Serenity ships

    Hardware 18 Apr 14:01

  • Amazon extends food offerings

    Food and snacks section extended

    Financial News 18 Apr 14:12

  • All my personal details for chocolate? Go on then

    On social engineering, rootkits and Easter eggs

    Security 18 Apr 14:17

  • Casio Exilim Card EX-S600 6Mp camera

    Snapability or manual control?

    Hardware 18 Apr 14:43

  • Poker players flock to PartyGaming

    Revs up

    Financial News 18 Apr 15:00

  • Paint-on lasers set to rescue silicon

    Smashing the bottleneck

    Science 18 Apr 15:12

  • Dell unveils 'fastest' consumer laptop

    Glowing case for gamers

    Hardware 18 Apr 15:17

  • Seagate doubles 15K drive capacity with perpendicular

    300GB Cheetah 15K.5 ships

    Hardware 18 Apr 16:02

  • MS patch glitch cripples HP computers

    Inaccessible web sites a new feature

    Security 18 Apr 16:56

  • Fitter IBM drives profit higher in Q1

    Free of PCs and workers

    Financial News 18 Apr 23:58