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Nokia 6103 low-end mobile phone

ReviewThe Nokia 6103 is that rarest of beasts, a drop-dead simple mobile phone. In this fast-moving world of smart phones, music phones, GPS phones, camera phones and gpsmusiccamerasmartphones it's unusual to find a plain old-fashioned phone phone. The Nokia 6103 is just that though, and it's none the worse for its simplicity...
Shaun Marin, 17 Apr 2006
For Sale sign detail

SAP steals BEA's thunder

BEA Systems has claimed industry-leading growth for its Java application server just as a fresh challenge has emerged from SAP, the business applications giant.
Gavin Clarke, 17 Apr 2006

iRiver preps WiMAX UMPC

South Korea's iRiver is preparing to enter the ultra-mobile PC arena, the company has revealed. This week it demo'd its first UMPC, the W10, at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. The prototype device shown at the event sports Wi-Fi, WiMax and WiBro connectivity.
Tony Smith, 17 Apr 2006

DVD+RW bosses OK double-layer rewriteable format

The DVD+RW Alliance, the organisation behind the unofficial rewriteable DVD standard, has approved a dual-layer version of the DVD+RW disc specification. Like existing DVD+R two-layer media, the rewriteable form sports a capacity of 8.5GB.
Tony Smith, 17 Apr 2006

Nvidia preps single-chip integrated chipsets

Nvidia's next-generation single-chip integrated chipsets have begun to appear on the company's roadmap, with three SKUs pitched at the upper and lower reaches of the mainstream-system, and the value-system market segments.
Tony Smith, 17 Apr 2006
DVD it in many colours

Bring me the head of Paul Otellini

A prominent Wall Street analyst has hit out at Intel management for failing to address the competitive threat posed by AMD and not preparing the company to expand into new markets.
Ashlee Vance, 17 Apr 2006

At one with himself, Ellison ponders crushing the Linux market

Those wondering how Oracle would respond to Red Hat's purchase last week of JBoss didn't have to wait long for some action. Oracle chief Larry Ellison dropped a few not so subtle bombs during a recent interview, saying he would buy a Linux maker if the companies had some real value. Given that Ellison doesn't think Red Hat or Novell worth their market cap, he may order Oracle to fire up its own version of Linux.
Ashlee Vance, 17 Apr 2006

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