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Sun buffs Opteron, SPARC and Sun Ray

Sun Microsystems this week has gone through one of its sweeping product upgrades, freshening up its Opteron, SPARC and thin client lines.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Apr 2006

Is working at Cisco worth a 7-hour commute?

Dave Givens knew a seven-hour roundtrip commute to and from Mariposa to Cisco's San Jose headquarters wasn't normal, but he didn't think it exceptionally unusual. Then Midas called.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Apr 2006

ATI updates Catalyst with Linux X1000 drivers

ATI has posted the latest version of its Catalyst drivers. Release 6.4 incorporates Linux support for the chip maker's Radeon X1300, X1600, X1800 and X1900 GPUs, and tweaks video quality on Windows systems courtesy of a few adjustments to the Avivo engine.
Tony Smith, 13 Apr 2006

Brum reckons on Capita quality

Capita has just three years to turn a "middling" IT department seconded from local government into a "world-class" player that can compete in the cut-throat world of private sector outsourcers.
Mark Ballard, 13 Apr 2006

Civil unrest closes UK ISP's Indian call centre

Civil unrest in Bangalore, India, has led to the closure of a call centre used by UK-based LLU ISP Be.
Tim Richardson, 13 Apr 2006

iRiver E10 said to sport TV remote control

iRiver will ship its latest hard drive-based MP3 players, dubbed the E10, into the South Korean market later this month, pitching the machine's 6GB capacity, 1.5in colour screen and 32-hour playback period against Apple's iPod Nano. It's claimed the device also operates as a TV remote control.
Tony Smith, 13 Apr 2006

Ethiopian bone-anza buttresses human family tree

Paleontologists have unearthed an unprecedented cache of early human fossils in Ethiopia. The discoveries, reported in Nature, bone-up the story of our ancestors in the cradle of humanity.
Christopher Williams, 13 Apr 2006

Sony preps PS2 price cut

Sony is close to announcing PlayStation price cuts, in the US at the very least. Stateside, the price will fall from $149 to $129 before April is out, an industry analyst forecast yesterday.
Tony Smith, 13 Apr 2006

Fujitsu-Siemens peddles new SMB storage kit

Fujitsu-Siemen's storage division is hawking a new tape storage solution for SMBs. It says its groovily-dubbed FibreCAT TX24 eliminates human error in the backup process.
Christopher Williams, 13 Apr 2006

Averatec touts 3G, Wi-Fi UMPC

Notebook specialist Averatec will ship its take on the ultra-mobile PC concept this autumn, offering a handheld Windows XP Home Edition-based machine with a keyboard that sits underneath a slide-out 5in, 1,280 x 1,204 touch-sensitive screen.
Tony Smith, 13 Apr 2006

Black helicopters circle .eu domain

LettersBlack helicopters have been circling this week over the .eu domain landrush. The TLD has just been made available to the unwashed masses after a sunrise period for companies and organisations to stake their legitimate claims. Naturally, it's all gone titsup:
Lester Haines, 13 Apr 2006

Info Commissioner draws FOIA flak

The Freedom of Information Act has produced wider access to information – but the legislation has been implemented in a way that hinders requests, and the Information Commissioner is partly to blame, a House of Commons committee has heard.
OUT-LAW.COM, 13 Apr 2006

BT runs out of broadband in Hemel Hempstead

BT has run out of broadband capacity in Hemel Hempstead. It means orders for new broadband connections have been put on hold while the UK's former phone monopoly installs new kit to meet demand.
Tim Richardson, 13 Apr 2006

Samsung UMPC to ship worldwide 1 May

Samsung's upcoming ultra-mobile PC, the Q1, will be pricey enough when it hits the UK's shores, but buyers in the company's native land of South Korea will have to splash out even more if they want one. According to local reports, they will have to pay the best part of KRW2m - equivalent to $2,100/£1,198.
Tony Smith, 13 Apr 2006
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Alleged Pentagon hacker fears Guantanamo

Lawyers for a Briton fighting extradition to the US on charges that he perpetrated the biggest ever hack against US government systems fear their client could end up in Guantanamo. Gary McKinnon, 40, might be tried under US anti-terror laws over alleged attacks on military and NASA systems between 2001 and 2002.
John Leyden, 13 Apr 2006

Bulb busting light source invented

Researchers working on organic light-emitting devices (OLEDs) have made a critical jump that could finally call lights out time for the humble bulb. Since OLEDs are transparent when switched off, the prospect is of whole surfaces like walls, windows, or even curtains flooding rooms with brilliant white light.
Christopher Williams, 13 Apr 2006

MiniDAB handheld digital radio to debut at £180

UK digital radio company Oono will ship its first handheld offering, the iPod-esque MiniDAB, in June. The asking price? A mere £180, the company told Reg Hardware today.
Tony Smith, 13 Apr 2006

Help wanted, apply within

Imagine CupJust a quick follow up to yesterday's entry, we mentioned ward sister Mel and her insights into friends, family and patients. We think it would be interesting to open the floor to you guys.
Team Three Pair, 13 Apr 2006

Actor's death sparks Bangalore unrest

A number of technology companies in Bangalore, India, have shut up shop for the day following the death of the famous septuagenarian Indian actor Rajkumar.
Tim Richardson, 13 Apr 2006

Las Vegas hotelier to test inflatable space motel

A Las Vegas hotelier is to test two one-third scale versions of an inflatable space motel, New Scientist reports.
Lester Haines, 13 Apr 2006

Reg Hardware's Critical Mass

Review round-upThis week's no-holds-barred product assessments from around the web...
Register Hardware, 13 Apr 2006

Browser crashers warm to data fuzzing

Last month, security researcher HD Moore decided to write a simple program that would mangle the code found in web pages and gauge the effect such data would have on the major browsers. The result: hundreds of crashes and the discovery of several dozen flaws.
Robert Lemos, 13 Apr 2006

D-Link accused of 'killing' time servers

Networking manufacturer D-Link is facing an escalating row over how its kit queries internet time servers.
John Leyden, 13 Apr 2006

Buffalo boosts home NAS box capacity to 2TB

Buffalo has upped the capacity of its TeraStation Pro network-attached storage (NAS) boxes to 2TB, an increase in data-archive space of 25 per cent. It also announced a 2TB version of its TeraStation Home Server (HS) unit, doubling the product's current capacity.
Tony Smith, 13 Apr 2006

Virtualization for security

Sometimes we don't really see what our eyes are viewing. That's true with your computer screen, and it's true in nature as well. Oh sure, we can say what we think we're seeing, but we're missing the big story such as the man behind the curtain, to recall a famous phrase from an even more beloved movie.
Scott Granneman, 13 Apr 2006

DLO ships 'first' UI-on-a-TV iPod dock

iPod accessory specialist DLO has begun shipping what it claims is the first ever iPod dock that uses a TV screen to let you navigate through your player's music collection from a distance. In short, no more squinting at the iPod's screen.
Tony Smith, 13 Apr 2006
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Investors practice tough love with AMD

Wall Street's fling with AMD officially ended today with investors deciding the company has milked all it can out of a performance, price and power consumption edge on rival Intel.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Apr 2006

Microsoft flips Atlas a second time

Microsoft has made its latest thrust into the internet futurama that is Web 2.0, by issuing a second batch of pre-release code for its Atlas technology along with a toolkit for Visual Studio developers to build Atlas controls.
Gavin Clarke, 13 Apr 2006

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