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Only 'freaks' waste their time with Linux in Oklahoma

For the last two weeks, the Linux army has seized on Tuttle, Oklahoma city manager Jerry Taylor as a symbol of all that's wrong with the world. This man attacked Linux maker CentOS without cause, threatened to call the FBI on the firm and refused to apologize for these actions even after learning the error of his ways. Typical Microsoft-loving, bureaucrat thinking, right?
Ashlee Vance, 08 Apr 2006

SF Wi-Fi a 'dinosaur deal' for the poor

San Francisco's municipal Wi-Fi initiative isn't the biggest such project in the world, but it may be the most keenly watched. And after this week's award to Google and Earthlink, the battle to win the best deal for the city's residents is only just starting.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Apr 2006

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