7th April 2006 Archive

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  • Salesforce cheers one-month of uptime with outage

    We're so grea . . . aw crap

    Applications 07 00:52

  • Sony schedules DVD/HDD recorder re-vamp

    Five new models in the pipeline

    Hardware 07 08:44

  • Liteon to ship slotload DVD writer

    External drive for notebooks

    Hardware 07 09:03

  • Watchdog rules in favour of 'greediest man in Britain'

    Says we can expect privacy at home, not photographers

    Media 07 09:25

  • Firm pitches $2,800 64GB USB Flash disk

    Feeling flush?

    Hardware 07 09:29

  • Sky mulls 'free broadband' - report

    Broadband giveaway? Getaway...

    Broadband 07 09:32

  • Villa bet on 32Red for new sponsorship deal

    Double or quits?

    Financial News 07 09:33

  • Devil rabbit terrorises village

    'We are dealing with a monster', admits shaken local

    Bootnotes 07 09:36

  • Police bust UK's largest 'DVD piracy' factory

    Five held for questioning

    Media 07 09:40

  • Air pollution will kill you eight months early

    Cheerful Defra report

    Science 07 09:52

  • Dublin firm to target African mobile users

    And launches PhoneBackUp at home

    Mobile 07 09:53

  • Bling bling: Nokia models L'Amour collection

    I'm too sexy for this mobile

    Mobile 07 10:04

  • Suffolk BlackBerry pickers pushed on gadget splurge

    How much!?

    Mobile 07 10:13

  • Nvidia shows 'best quality' twin-tuner TV card

    Analogue for the Americans; digital version for the UK coming soon?

    Hardware 07 10:22

  • Which? finds low awareness of DTV

    Call for action

    Networks 07 10:40

  • BAE to flog Airbus stake

    UK jobs safe, company claims

    Financial News 07 10:47

  • AMD to focus on Turion brand for 65nm mobile CPUs?

    Only 90nm Mobile Athlon 64 X2s, it seems

    Hardware 07 10:52

  • Subversion v. Perforce. Collabnet replies

    Hooks and scales

    Developer 07 10:56

  • CRB opens the umbrella

    New database for criminal checks

    Policy 07 10:56

  • BOFH: Headcase

    A law unto himself

    BOFH 07 11:02

  • Thinking in Java, new 4th Ed.

    A new edition of an established classic, re-evaluated.

    Developer 07 11:22

  • Aussie PM airs Telstra sale doubts

    Won't be flogged at just any price

    Broadband 07 11:24

  • Acer unveils world's second HD DVD laptop

    May ship with DVD support only, at first

    Hardware 07 11:25

  • Critical IE fix due Tuesday

    As more unpatched browser bugs arrive over the horizon

    Security 07 11:27

  • Acer touts 'super 3G' notebook duo

    But full HSDPA likely to come later as a wireless-card upgrade

    Hardware 07 11:46

  • Gmail in emergency lightning response shocker

    'To hear a list of terrorist organisations, press 1...'

    Bootnotes 07 12:30

  • Asus unveils Dolby-driven laptops

    Dolby Digital Live on one, Home Theater on the other

    Hardware 07 12:43

  • German Postbank uses e-signatures to curb phishing

    Dotted line in the sand

    Security 07 12:46

  • Linguists have more white matter: official

    Brains asymmetrical, too

    Science 07 12:52

  • Is VoIP ready for business?

    Concerns over robustness and reliability

    VoIP 07 12:58

  • Napster subscribers up, losses down

    Squaring the circle?

    Hardware 07 13:04

  • Warning over rogue anti-spyware app

    False alarm alert

    Security 07 13:21

  • Podstar preps fiendish iPod Nano case

    'I walked alone... my mind was blank...'

    Hardware 07 13:23

  • Three-way targets cellphone parts market


    Mobile 07 14:10

  • Sky HD is here

    Subscriptions up for grabs next week

    Bootnotes 07 14:13

  • New site launched for disconnected Wanadoo punters

    This is no LLU laughing matter

    Broadband 07 14:19

  • How much is that Apple in the Windows?

    A corporate view of the Boot Camp announcement

    Data Centre 07 14:49

  • Subs up at RIM

    Patent woes lifted

    Mobile 07 14:59

  • Europeans in .eu landrush frenzy

    Well, sort of

    Financial News 07 15:05

  • Sun sends SPARC team members packing

    Blasts Jupiter out of orbit

    Management 07 17:35

  • Sun zinged by rent-a-quote analyst

    Economist phones friend of Dell, HP and IBM

    Bootnotes 07 20:48