5th April 2006 Archive

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  • Trojan-powered scam network dismantled

    Malware à la carte

    Security 05 00:02

  • Dixons ditches the High Street

    Brand will live online only

    Financial News 05 08:32

  • Negroponte tells software industry to slim down

    That includes you, Gates

    Applications 05 08:41

  • IBM takes different track on SOA

    Resetting the hype?

    Developer 05 08:50

  • Developers get busy with open source bugs

    How fast?

    Applications 05 08:53

  • Lucent sues Microsoft in Xbox 360 patent clash

    Alleges IP infringement, seeks damages

    Games 05 08:54

  • Spitzer blitzes adware

    Popup suit

    Security 05 09:24

  • Verizon email blockade - rebate offered

    Europeans, Asians need not apply

    Broadband 05 09:27

  • Intel 'Conroe' pricing leaks out

    Pentium D 9xx price cut claims confirmed

    Hardware 05 09:27

  • P2P radio now free

    Legit music sharing service revamped

    Media 05 09:36

  • EC calls time on internet betting bans

    First step of investigation

    Financial News 05 09:37

  • NHTCU disappears into SOCA

    New crime busting agency to be more effective...or not?

    Media 05 09:41

  • Unipalm adds to security offering

    Network Engines get the nod

    The Channel 05 09:41

  • BT broadband punters must register for 8 meg upgrade

    First come, first served

    Broadband 05 09:43

  • Overseas credit card purchases are protected

    Appeal court ruling good news for consumers

    Financial News 05 09:49

  • Hitachi readies high-density desktop hard drives

    CE-oriented versions too

    Hardware 05 10:00

  • More accurate on the eye

    Iris scan tech improves but other biometrics still unreliable

    Security 05 10:05

  • VIA preps single-chip C7, Eden chipset

    CX700 pitched at embedded roles

    Hardware 05 10:25

  • Intel and Red Hat team for speed

    And celebrate increase in resellers

    Servers 05 10:26

  • Jesus's 'walk on water' illusion exposed?

    A different kind of Bible bashing

    Science 05 10:29

  • BT takes on cellcos in converged services for SMEs

    Launches Business Plan for Mobile

    Mobile 05 10:42

  • UK retailer claims Bluetooth iPod imminent

    Accessory after the fact

    Hardware 05 10:51

  • IBM and Novell go after SMBs

    Watch out small biz...

    Small Biz 05 10:51

  • EU caps may dent competition

    But cellcos brought it on themselves: Reding

    Mobile 05 11:13

  • Mastercare to be folded into DSGi

    Insiders fear job losses

    Financial News 05 11:28

  • Clash fan nicked

    Terror profiling finds punk...

    Bootnotes 05 11:36

  • NEC spotlights 'brightest' semi-reflective LCD yet

    Super screen tech for PSPs, PDAs, iPods etc, company claims

    Hardware 05 12:03

  • EU beats MS with jewel-encrusted PDA

    Reg hack also takes a shoeing

    Letters 05 12:29

  • Crackpot satnav route leads to 100ft cliff

    North Yorkshire road of death

    Bootnotes 05 12:31

  • US Senators edge toward carbon cutting consensus

    Heel-dragging committee gets industry kick up the behind

    Science 05 12:33

  • Infected Windows PC? Just nuke it

    Forget repairing virus infected systems, says MS security manager

    Security 05 12:51

  • One-legged sexagenarian in car chase crash-and-burn

    Jail possible

    Bootnotes 05 12:53

  • NY Times administers coup de grâce to crippled website

    Death by a thousand gimmicks

    Financial News 05 12:55

  • New style reviews

    Making product reviews more useful and interactive

    Developer 05 13:25

  • Apple blesses Windows XP on Macs

    Boot Camp download makes installation more easy

    Hardware 05 13:49

  • Skunkworks roundup

    It's a far, far beta thing

    Verity Stob 05 13:53

  • Intel, EMC eye up SMB storage

    Marriage of convenience begets new kit

    Storage 05 14:26

  • BT silent on 'green goo' results

    Readers finger giant maggots for mess

    Broadband 05 14:37

  • Samsung SGH-Z320i 3G i-mode mobile phone

    O2's first 3G i-mode combi phone

    Phones 05 14:45

  • LSD appeal for cash global consciousness

    Hofmann's mates want another party

    Science 05 14:49

  • Tripe is absolutely offal: official

    Tops UK crap food poll

    Bootnotes 05 14:54

  • Virus writers at war

    Rival gangs and security industry both under attack

    Security 05 15:20

  • Negroponte defends the hundred dollar laptop

    One laptop per child...

    Media 05 15:26

  • Final drug trial victim out of the woods

    As placebo man balks at follow-ups

    Science 05 16:03

  • Unisys sets LinuxWorld alight


    Servers 05 16:08

  • From Boot Camp to Legacy API? An Apple timeline

    Developers, developers, developers...

    Operating Systems 05 20:13

  • Net neutrality bid fails


    Media 05 22:12

  • MLB.com hands baseball to Microsoft

    As American as a software monopoly

    Financial News 05 22:27