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IBM puts cash bounty on Exchange server converts

The decade-old email battle between IBM and Microsoft has taken a fresh twist, with IBM offering partners a cash bounty to move users off Exchange Server.
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Cops launch handheld intelligence

Police on the streets of West Yorkshire went live yesterday with handheld computers that link them to a host of criminal and intelligence databases.
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Russian laser chap lights up US

TechScape Valentin Gapontsev and his company IPG Photonics is a rising star in the laser industry.
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ILOG launches JRules 6

According to Pierre Haren, CEO of ILOG, we are at the start of a new “Industrial Revolution” - based on rules processing, an ILOG speciality, of course, together with Business Process Modelling.
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NEC brings dual-core Xeon to Fault Tolerant crowd

NEC has freshened up one of its fault-tolerant servers with some new chips from Intel and an advanced management package for installing software on-the-fly.
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Dr Who bandwagon starts to roll

Geek TV Update your smartphones, Doctor Who fans: the timelord finally has a time slot. The new Tennant-hued Who starts ay 7pm on Easter Saturday (15 April), together with a new batch of Doctor Who Confidential documentaries on BBC Three. There are games to be played too. Meanwhile, slake your thirst with the first trailer, "early evening" on BBC1 this Saturday.
Geek TV, 31 2006
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Apple, Beatles case hinges on out-moded agreement

Apple vs Apple Apple Comp. yesterday rejected arguments made by Apple Corp. lawyers that its iTunes Music Service goes beyond the terms of the two companies' 1991 trademark usage agreement, as the their legal confrontation in the English High Court moved into its second day.

ATI reports record quarter

ATI last night reported its highest quarterly sales yet. During the three months to 28 February 2006 - ATI's second quarter of fiscal 2006 - the graphics chip company realised revenues of $672m, up 13.7 per cent on the previous quarter and 10.5 per cent on Q2 FY2005's total.
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Crackdown on corporate P2P users in Britain

The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) is about to take action against a number of companies in the UK that have been caught making illegal copies of software available for download from their networks – which may come as a complete surprise to the companies.
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Falcon to fly for the Army

The Army is to get a new digital battlefield communications network.
Kablenet, 31 2006

Nvidia unveils mobile Quadro FX trio

Nvidia has formally rolled out three new workstation GPUs - the Quadro FX 350M, 1500M and 2500M - that Dell has announced will be used in its latest Precision high-end laptops.
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Giving birth to a new breed of SLA

There has been much discussion over the last few years in IT concerning service management and service level management. Much of the dialogue has centred on creating SLAs (Service Level Agreements).
Tony Lock, 31 2006

Toshiba HD DVD player ships in Japan

Toshiba may be delaying the debut of its HD DVD player in the US, but it went ahead today with its Japanese launch. The company said it was bundling the machine (for a limited time) - the first commercially available HD DVD player - with a pair of HD DVD discs.
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Sat TV restored to Kiwiland, Oz

The satellite outage that floored Sky TV services "down under" yesterday appears to have been resolved, although what caused thousands of people to be left twiddling their thumbs last night remains unclear.
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Bush denies human-induced climate change

George W Bush has indicated he doesn't believe human activity is causing climate change. The President made his latest dismissal of the scientific consenus to an Australian journalist at a Whitehouse press briefing.
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Kingston Comms takeover talks end

Shares in Kingston Communications were on the slide this morning after it revealed that talks that could have led to the takeover of the Hull-based telco have collapsed.
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Hackers use BBC story to bait IE exploit

Hackers are using excerpts from BBC news stories as a lure to trick surfers into visiting a website that exploits a new, unpatched vulnerability in Internet Explorer.
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Microsoft makes nice before the law

Microsoft and the European Commission's competition police are getting on like a house of fire, apparently.
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BOFH: Dumping old crap

Episode 12 Episode 12 "Are we actually USING this office?" the Boss asks one morning, tapping on the door to the engineers room. "It's the engineers room!" I reply. "We don't have an engineer..." "True," the PFY says. "But why the interest?" "We're looking for somewhere to house the new Mopier thing. And the A1 plan printer." "Well …

Rivals start to spin Blu-ray, HD DVD alternatives

Suddenly, all sorts of small companies are crawling out into the sunlight to tout alternative optical media technologies that will support HD content without the need to move from the current red-laser technology to tomorrow's blue-wavelength lasers.
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Man flogs wife's box on eBay

NSFW You know how it is: you've got a 30-inch cock but your wife's box is only six inches. The only intelligent solution is to offer the box for sale on eBay, as this Wisconsin vendor attempted to do:
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All hail Grannemanus - Emperor of Security!

Letters Scott Granneman of SecurityFocus this week elected himself Emperor of Security, and promptly issued some edicts by which his cowering citizens might lead more secure lives. And the result? All hail Grannemanus! Well, more or less:

Intel unveils 'juggernaut' computer for rural India

Intel this week unveiled its entry into the low-cost developing-world computer stakes, and it's a whopper. Designed for India, the tower-on-its-side system is dubbed 'Jaagruti - which means 'awakening' in the local lingo - though 'juggernaut' might be a better choice given its size.
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LG sues Samsung for slander

LG is suing rival South Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung for slander over a series of adverts which, it alleged, make false and defamatory claims about one of its top-of-the-range digital TV products.
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Naomi Campbell on mobile phone assault rap

Battling UK supermodel Naomi Campell is in trouble again for allegedly assaulting a member of her staff with an electronic device. Back in 2005, press reports suggested she'd battered one of her personal assistants with a BlackBerry during a jaunt to Rio de Janeiro - something the multi-talented Ms Campbell strongly denied.
PowerColor X1900XT small

PowerColor X1900 XT 512MB

Review It's generally a waste of a lot of money to go for a top-of-the-range card from any manufacturer. Unless you really, really need that extra little bit of performance, it makes more financial sense to go for the next card down. This is especially the case with ATI's X1900 XT and X1900 XTX - the XTX's performance advantage over the XT simply isn't enough to justify its higher price...
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Tiscali UK on verge of 1m broadband punters

Tiscali UK is on the verge of signing up one million broadband punters. Publishing draft consolidated results for the whole Tiscali group, it emerged that the UK operation is a mainstay for the European ISP.
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Doctor Who stars sign for Season Three

The second season of the new, revamped Doctor Who isn't even underway - they've not even completed filming - but tenth Doctor David Tennant and umpteenth companion Billie Piper have both been hired for series three.
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'Tag all the foreigners' - possible ID card sales pitch emerges

Comment The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) suggestion that the UK's illegal immigrant population should be offered amnesty (full report here) does not on the surface look entirely helpful to the Government. Could it be that one of the top Blairite think tanks has joined those sinking their fangs into Mr Tony? Perhaps - but The Register's department of strange coincidences sees a strong possibility that this is a lifeboat whose time is coming.
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Phoenix profits better than expected

Phoenix IT Group said it had enjoyed “another successful year” in a trading statement issued yesterday.
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Why phishing reels punters in

To tech savvy punters most phishing sites are obviously bogus. But a recent study by academics at Harvard and Berkeley reveal that 23 per cent of users only look at the content of sites when deciding whether they are legitimate or not. The presence or absence of SSL certificates and the url of sites doesn't enter into the decision of these potential dupes.
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Demon 'forgets' to bill customer for four years

Demon Internet has launched an urgent investigation into how it failed to charge one of its customers a single penny for their broadband service for four years.
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Beginning ASP.NET 1.1 Ecommerce

Cash'n'Carrion This book follows the ecommerce site creation process through from design to deployment, demonstrating proven approaches to building. The power of this book is this complete approach from the beginning right to the end of the project. The ecommerce site in the book is built in phases, showing website developers how to make use of third-party shopping-cart and payment facilities, suitable for a small operation. The book then gradually brings more and more functionality into the site, developing eventually into a complete online shopping and order processing system. Solid architectural principles are demonstrated throughout, with modular, n-tier design.
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Infineon DRAM biz to spin off as Qimonda

Infineon's memory division will become a separate entity - named Qimonda - on 1 May, the company said today.
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Unions to test Siemens' mettle

Siemens has become the new face on the dart board of the union movement after trying to outsource more jobs to India.
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The mystery of the vanishing neutrinos

Physicists have confirmed enigmatic sub-atomic neutrino particles do indeed have mass. Seemingly paradoxially, the MINOS experiment at the huge underground Fermilab accelerator in Illinois corroborated the fact by showing that they disappear.
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AOL UK boss get Europe promotion

UK AOL chairman and chief executive Karen Thomson is to be promoted to the role of president of AOL Europe.
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Apple 'iPhone' coming tomorrow/delayed to 2007*

Comment Apple will tomorrow announce it is to enter the crowded mobile phone market. Or maybe it won't - it depends on who you talk to. Some say it's planning such a move, others that it's already well on its way to an announcement. Alternative voices claim it has had to delay its scheme for the time being.