31st March 2006 Archive

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  • IBM puts cash bounty on Exchange server converts

    Wanted: Migrated and alive

    The Channel 31 01:06

  • Cops launch handheld intelligence

    Local model of things to come

    Mobile 31 07:02

  • Russian laser chap lights up US

    Valentin Gapontsev, come on down

    Business 31 08:02

  • ILOG launches JRules 6

    New industrial revolution

    Developer 31 08:04

  • NEC brings dual-core Xeon to Fault Tolerant crowd

    Up for anything

    Servers 31 08:42

  • Dr Who bandwagon starts to roll

    New series starts 15 April

    Bootnotes 31 08:47

  • Apple, Beatles case hinges on out-moded agreement

    Firms' 1991 deal says they're both right

    Hardware 31 09:16

  • ATI reports record quarter

    But income down year on year

    The Channel 31 09:33

  • Crackdown on corporate P2P users in Britain

    Software pirates beware: FAST will get you

    Media 31 09:44

  • Falcon to fly for the Army

    £200m communications upgrade

    Policy 31 09:55

  • Nvidia unveils mobile Quadro FX trio

    Yes, the ones Dell's already announced...

    Hardware 31 10:02

  • Giving birth to a new breed of SLA

    Marrying IT and business

    Management 31 10:13

  • Toshiba HD DVD player ships in Japan

    Top of the range HD-XA1 goes on sale for around $935

    Hardware 31 10:32

  • Sat TV restored to Kiwiland, Oz

    What's that Skippy? Sky blames yesterday's solar eclipse for the outage?

    Broadband 31 10:33

  • Bush denies human-induced climate change

    Genius from the Crawford school of climatology

    Science 31 10:35

  • Kingston Comms takeover talks end

    Shares slide

    Broadband 31 10:45

  • Hackers use BBC story to bait IE exploit

    Auntie abused

    Security 31 10:46

  • Microsoft makes nice before the law

    It's all sweetness and light in Brussels

    Operating Systems 31 11:22

  • BOFH: Dumping old crap

    Your room, your responsibility!

    BOFH 31 11:25

  • Rivals start to spin Blu-ray, HD DVD alternatives

    All the 'Versatile' disc technologies explained

    Storage 31 11:28

  • Man flogs wife's box on eBay

    Why? Too small...

    Bootnotes 31 11:34

  • All hail Grannemanus - Emperor of Security!

    Benign dictator gets the popular vote

    Letters 31 11:43

  • Intel unveils 'juggernaut' computer for rural India

    Heat and dust proof?

    Hardware 31 12:25

  • LG sues Samsung for slander

    Alleges advertising dirty tricks

    Hardware 31 12:47

  • Naomi Campbell on mobile phone assault rap

    For the love of God, what model?

    Bootnotes 31 13:21

  • PowerColor X1900 XT 512MB

    PowerColour brings a price-competitive ATI Radeon X1900 XT to the market

    Hardware 31 13:21

  • Tiscali UK on verge of 1m broadband punters

    Who cares, it's Friday...

    Broadband 31 13:28

  • Doctor Who stars sign for Season Three

    David Tennant and Billie Piper to return

    Bootnotes 31 13:39

  • 'Tag all the foreigners' - possible ID card sales pitch emerges

    Why settle for oppressed illegal workers when you can have oppressed legal ones instead?

    Media 31 13:46

  • Phoenix profits better than expected

    What, no ashes pun?

    The Channel 31 13:55

  • Why phishing reels punters in

    User stupidity, natch

    Security 31 14:04

  • Demon 'forgets' to bill customer for four years

    Admits cock-up, then sends in debt collectors

    Broadband 31 14:13

  • Beginning ASP.NET 1.1 Ecommerce

    And many more

    Site News 31 14:37

  • Infineon DRAM biz to spin off as Qimonda

    IPO at some point, presumably

    The Channel 31 14:41

  • Click here for your custom-built Reg

    Pick the content you want - the way you want it

    Site News 31 15:02

  • Unions to test Siemens' mettle

    Civil service decamps to India

    Policy 31 15:38

  • The mystery of the vanishing neutrinos

    Massive...but tiny

    Science 31 15:40

  • AOL UK boss get Europe promotion

    Onwards and upwards

    Financial News 31 15:40

  • Apple 'iPhone' coming tomorrow/delayed to 2007*

    *Take your pick

    Phones 31 15:54