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Joe-job spammers shift tactics to evade filters

Spammers are giving the old trick of joe-jobbing a fresh twist in a bid to fox email filters. Conventional joe-jobbing involves forging the sender's email address so that some poor innocent - rather than a spammer - has to wade through bounced messages sent to invalid email addresses.
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NASA probes underwater operations

Three astronauts and a doctor are being sent sub-aqua to try out medical techniques in a simulated space environment. Procedures developed by the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations project ('NEEMO' - bet that was a red letter day for the agency's pun lab) may one day be used in real space emergencies, the agency says.

IBM offers Sun-only price break on middleware

IBM's software team has cut Sun Microsystems server customers a price break of sorts. Those of you installing IBM middleware on Sun's new UltraSPARC T1-based servers will use a modified per-processor pricing model that attempts to deal with the unique nature of Sun's latest chip.

Red Hat feels open source certification vibe

Red Hat has yet to release its first run of certified application stacks for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) but already seems convinced it's on to something big. The OS maker has announced that it's looking into two more certification sets.
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Of Infocard: Who keeps an eye on the guardians?

Nick Kew has raised an interesting point re: Mary Branscombe’s InfoCard piece.
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Reports of death of MS Passport exaggerated

Another hare started from Mary Branscombe’s InfoCard piece.
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BT Retail to increase call charges

BT Retail is to increase the minimum cost of all calls from 1 April, according to information seen by El Reg.
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Directive to switch off hate TV in Europe

EU broadcasting regulators last week welcomed the commission’s proposals to update the Television Without Frontiers Directive of 1989, partly because they will help in the fight against the incitement of hatred.

BT opens IT helpdesk for home users

BT's offering punters a new telephone support service to tackle all their IT problems.
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Another delay for .xxx domain

Plans to approve the creation of a controversial .xxx top-level domain (TLD) at an ongoing meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in New Zealand have been dashed, according to reports.
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ID cards sorta compulsory

ID card opponents lost a key battle in Westminster last night, after a month that has seen the Identity Card Bill tossed between the Commons and Lords.
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Drunk driver fingers Shania Twain

Here's a top tip if you're ever pulled by the cops while driving your pickup truck down a busy Ottawa street while legless - you can try and avoid criminal charges by claiming that Shania Twain was helping you drive.
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Nokia staff jacked by Ernst & Young laptop loss

Exclusive When Ernst & Young loses a laptop, it doesn't mess around. The Register has learned that the same missing system with personal information on Sun Microsystems, Cisco, IBM and BP workers also contained data on Nokia's US staff.
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First phase of public service transformation underway

The Cabinet Office has published its Transformational Government implementation plan, outlining a range of targets for July 2007.
Kablenet, 30 2006

Navman intros 'navigation-by-pictures' GPS kit

Navman today revamped its dedicated GPS navigation kit, launching three new low-end, mid-range and top-of-the-line models - the latter with a 4in widescreen display, the first in a device of its class, the company claimed - along with an RDS traffic data system and a new look that places some clear blue water between Navman's products and their more gizmo-like rivals.
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The man behind OSSTMM

Pete Herzog, founder of ISECOM and creator of the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) talks with Federico Biancuzzi about the upcoming revision 3.0 of the OSSTMM.
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Japanese tune into quasar encryption

Japanese scientists are proposing the use of random radio pulses emitted by quasars as "one time pads" for the encryption of sensitive messages, New Scientist reports.
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Trojan row over spouse monitoring software

A commercial product that records information about an individual's mobile phone calls and SMS messages before sending them to a remote server has been labeled as malware by security researchers. FlexiSPY is described by Finnish anti-virus firm F-Secure as the first Symbian Trojan spy. The firm behind FlexiSPY, Thai-based Vervata, denies this accusation.
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AMD readies Opteron 2xx, 8xx speed bump

AMD will next week take its single-core Opteron 8xx and 2xx families to 3GHz and speed-bump the dual-core line-ups, it has been claimed. The move will see the arrival of Opterons with model numbers 256, 290, 856 and 890.
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Chinese invade Antarctica

Chinese researchers just back from a four-month jaunt to Antarctica's eastern extreme have announced their intention to name 46 newly-surveyed islands after notable "scholars, politicians, emperors and artists", Reuters reports.

Packet-sniffing techie uncovers spousal infidelity

Technology has been instrumental in ending yet another long-standing relationship. Hot on the heels of tales of a woman who blames a bug in Firefox for exposing the flaws in her relationship with a fiancé and a man whose relationship was hit by the spam filtering shortcomings of Thunderbird, comes the story of a software programmer who unearthed evidence of his partner's infidelity using Ethereal, the packet sniffing software.
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AMD re-schedules dual-core Turion 64 debut?

AMD may have put back the release of its anticipated dual-core Turion 64 X2 mobile processors to June, sources cited by website DailyTech have alleged. If the chip maker does indeed delay the chips' debut, it's also likely to reschedule the release of the parts' single-core siblings, the report claims.
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Techscape: what in the world is going on?

Opinion What in the world is going on in the tech sector?
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Tories promise to ditch ID Cards

The Conservatives will scrap ID Cards if they win the 2010 election, shadow home secretary David Davis promised last night.
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Thus integration going to plan

Plans to fold Your Communications and Legend Communications into Thus are going just swimmingly.
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Asbo total hits 7,356

The Home Office has revealed that a total of 7,356 Asbos (AntiSocial Behaviour Orders) have been slapped on English and Welsh miscreants since their introduction in April 1999, the BBC reports.
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IPTV set for £1bn future

Broadband TV could become a billion pound industry in the UK if providers get it right, according to research outfit GfK NOP.
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SMBs eye up big boys' storage

Small and medium sized firms are ready to stump up big bucks for higher end storage set-ups, if the latest research from IDC is anything to go by.
Nintendo Revolution

Nintendo Revolution chip specs leak

Nintendo's Revolution console will be powered by a 729MHz processor - 50 per cent more clock cycles than its predecessor in the GameCube - and a graphics chip set to run at 243MHz, it has been claimed.
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MS, EC trade slaps on way into anti-trust hearing

Microsoft and European competition officials were less than civil to each other on the way into a two day anti-trust hearing in Brussels today.
Joe Fay, 30 2006
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UK.gov html all over the place

Sixty per cent of UK government websites contain html errors, while 61 per cent do not comply with World Wide Web Consortium guidelines aimed at making sites accessible to disabled people, the BBC reports.
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Blue Peter ID cards no joke

It was meant to be a joke, but reality has turned out to be stranger than science fiction. Blue Peter producers are indeed considering introducing ID Cards for kids.
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ParACCEL up and running

ParACCEL is the latest company to announce that it is joining the data warehouse appliance mêlée. That said, and before I discuss ParACCEL, another company that is rumoured to be about to enter the market is Dataupia — more on that when it actually makes any announcements.
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Top bean counter to quit C&W

The top bean counter at Cable & Wireless (C&W) is leaving the firm as part of far reaching restructuring at the head of the alternative telco.

O2 confirms XDA IQ smart phone

UK cellco O2 is preparing to extend its XDA smart-phone line-up with a model designed around the traditional candybar form-factor rather than the more PDA-styled devices the range has so far delivered, the company told Reg Hardware today.
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Ofcom confirms continued cellco dominance

An interesting press release was issued today by UK regulatory body Ofcom in relation to mobile call termination charges.
Dale Vile, 30 2006
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Power cut hits Plusnet

Sheffield-based ISP Plusnet has been hit by a power cut this afternoon that has floored its website and affected web-based services such as email.

Navicore Personal 2006/1 smart phone GPS

Review It's only been around eight months since Navicore launched its GPS-driven smart phone-based route-planning and navigation application in the UK, but the company has already updated Navicore Personal with the latest maps and a handful of new features, some making it easier to use, others providing more travel information to the driver...

Minister pledges no complete DNA database

The Home Office minister responsible for science has said the National DNA Database will never be extended to cover the whole population.

Alcatel signs up to MS dewormer tech

Microsoft has signed up another network vendor to its Network Access Protection (NAP) scheme with the addition of Alcatel to the ranks of supporters of the technology.
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SKY TV crashes in NZ and Oz

SKY viewers in Australia and New Zealand have lost their TV service following a snag on the broadcaster's satellite.

O2 to offer Palm Treo 650 smart phones

Exclusive Palm has won the support of another major mobile phone operator for its Treo 650 smart phone, Reg Hardware can confirm. O2 today told us that it will shortly begin offering the handset to its business customers "from next week".
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GNER inter city trains to get Wi-Fi by August

UK rail operator GNER this week said all its East Coast Mainline trains will provide passengers with Wi-Fi internet access this summer.

Judge quashes MS bid to subpoena Oracle and Sun

A Californian judge has thrown out Microsoft subpoenas asking that Oracle and Sun Microsystems hand over documents to support its case against the European Commission.

VXers add rootkit tech to MyDoom and Bagle

Virus writers have begun adding rootkit functionality as a component of commonplace malware such as MyDoom and Bagle. Rootkit technology is designed to hide the presence of malware on infected systems. Originally the technology featured only as a component of more sophisticated and exotic forms of malware. Now the technology has moved into the mainstream, anti-virus firm F-secure reports.

Dutch offered Harry Potter 4 pay-to-own download

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has become the second major home video giant to offer pay-to-keep movie downloads. Today, it announced Dutch consumers will be able to download Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on the very day the DVD goes on sale in the Netherlands.
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Rural BOFHs face FBI threat menace

Administrators everywhere should prepare for a whole new class of user request classifications. Common request tags such as "Priority," "High Priority," and "Dear lord, this is an EMERGENCY!!" have proven insufficient for some. In fact, one IT expert continues to extoll the virtues of the "I'm calling the FBI now if you don't help" support escalation.