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China breaks up illicit gaming and piracy networks

China has shut down a number of online porn and piracy sites as part of its crackdown on internet smut and other illicit content. The clampdown has resulted in arrests in the Chinese provinces of Guangdong, Anhui and Hubei.
John Leyden, 24 Mar 2006

Microsoft re-org elevates Office chief

Microsoft has re-organized management and reporting for the third time in six months, further integrating its Windows and Office work and focusing on online services.
Gavin Clarke, 24 Mar 2006

Flock fellow flees

Flock's Chris Messina is leaving the company, five months after it unveiled its beta browser to the public. He served as "Director of Experience and Open Source Ambassador" for the startup.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Mar 2006

Lessig blesses DRM

If you arrive for work today and discover a grisly pool of brain tissue and bone fragments where a colleague used to sit, we may have the explanation right here.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Mar 2006

T-Mobile to make mobile net service 'unlimited'

T-Mobile UK is to make its Web'n'walk mobile internet service "unlimited" giving punters access to an "all-you-can-eat" product for £7.50 a month. Due to be launched on 1 April, the unlimited Web'n'walk service will enable punters to browse the web, check out email and chat whenever they want.
Tim Richardson, 24 Mar 2006
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Fujitsu stacks up SOA

In as much as Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) are predominantly hot air rather than current implementation strategy for most of both the user and vendor community, it is quite difficult to point to any from either camp that can be readily identified as an obvious leader. With the launch of SystemWalker, however, Fujitsu Software highlights the possibility that, if a leader is to emerge, it might just come from Japan rather than the USA or Europe.
Martin Banks, 24 Mar 2006
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Mozilla Thunderbird wrecked my relationship

Hot on the heels of a woman who blames a bug in Firefox for exposing the flaws in her relationship with a fiancé comes the tale of a young lad whose relationship was hit by the spam filtering shortcomings of Thunderbird, the email client companion of Firefox.
John Leyden, 24 Mar 2006

BBC kicks off HD balls in May

Geek TVBy Jane Hoskyn, TV Scoop
Tech Digest, 24 Mar 2006
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Global IT spending to rise 6.3 per cent in 2006: IDC

Worldwide spending on IT will rise by 6.3 per cent during 2006 as a result of economic stability in the US, Europe and Japan and robust growth in emerging markets.
ElectricNews.net, 24 Mar 2006

Plusnet inks LLU deal with Tiscali

PlusNet is to piggyback onto Tiscali's LLU network to provide broadband services in the UK.
Tim Richardson, 24 Mar 2006

Toshiba defeats Hynix in Tokyo court

Hynix suffered a set-back in the Tokyo District Court today when the judge ruled that the South Korean company infringed a NAND Flash patent held by Toshiba and ordered it to pay ¥7.8m ($66,000) in damages. Infringing Hynix products may not now be imported into Japan.
Tony Smith, 24 Mar 2006

IBM plots 'chip on a molecule'

A functioning processor on a single molcule has been created by IBM scientists, offering the possibility of super-fast processing by tiny devices.
Christopher Williams, 24 Mar 2006

Sony says PS3 will be region-free

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 will not impose a region-coding scheme on games. That the consumer electronics giant was considering such a move was first signalled in November 2005, but it was made official policy this week by the company's head of games development, Phil Harrison.
Tony Smith, 24 Mar 2006

May launch for Sky HD

HDTVUK - blogging in high def
Tech Digest, 24 Mar 2006
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PC World de-commissions sales floor

Sales staff at PC World are being encouraged to help customers rather than twist their arms into buying things they didn't visit the store to buy.
Mark Ballard, 24 Mar 2006

Alcatel, Lucent confirm 'merger of equals' talks

Alcatel and Lucent could be about to tie the knot after the telecoms equipment makers confirmed they are mulling a merger.
Tim Richardson, 24 Mar 2006

Feds nix Check Point's Sourcefire bid

A takeover bid by an Israeli firewall firm has become the latest victim of US security protectionism. Check Point Software has dropped its bid for US rival Sourcefire after objections from the FBI and Pentagon were heard by the Treasury's Committee on Foreign Investments.
Christopher Williams, 24 Mar 2006
Universal's new King Kong

Universal launches movie downloads... at DVD prices

AnalysisLovefilm.com will next month extend its full-length movie download service from rentals to pay-to-own. It will kick of the offer on 10 April with the latest King Kong remake, charging £20 for a copy of the DVD and a pair of digital downloads, one for desktop usage, the other for portable media players.
Tony Smith, 24 Mar 2006

Nvidia wins more Sony contracts

Nvidia is going to get more money out of Sony - more, in fact, than it garnered for developing the PlayStation 3's graphics chip, the company revealed this week, though it won't say what the work's for.
Tony Smith, 24 Mar 2006

Expressing yourself in Java: Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are an area of computing that most of us know a little about, have a rough understanding of, but have often avoided using except when absolutely necessary. In the past, they often required the use of tools such as Perl, rather than languages such as Java.
John Hunt, 24 Mar 2006
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Microsoft won't open up Office till January

Microsoft Vista developers spending Christmas trying to finally finish the product will now have a little company from their colleagues in the Office division.
Joe Fay, 24 Mar 2006

Palm sales up, shipments down

Palm saw its sales rise 36 per cent year on year during the third quarter of its 2006 fiscal year. Revenues for the three-month period reached $388.5m, down 12.6 per cent on the previous quarter's $444.6m, though a Q2-Q3 dip is traditional.
Tony Smith, 24 Mar 2006

BOFH: Clear and present danger

Episode 11Nothing starts a day worse than the Boss wandering into Mission Control with a clipboard in his hand. It's just never a good sign...
Simon Travaglia, 24 Mar 2006
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RIM's 3G Blackberry launch imminent

Research in Motion (RIM) has partnered with Vodafone to bring the first 3G-enabled Blackberry device to market, Reg Hardware has learned. The machine is based on the 8700 series launched last year.
Tony Smith, 24 Mar 2006

Cassini beams back dazzling photo album

NASA's probe Saturn Cassini has sent back spectacular views from the Solar System's second largest planet.
Christopher Williams, 24 Mar 2006

Asus W2Vc 17in widescreen notebook

ReviewWith the notebooks taking a huge share of the home market, Sony has been one of the most popular brands, partly due to its stylish designs, but mostly thanks to its well-know brand name. Asus seems to be very keen on taking some of Sony’s share in the home laptop market, and the W2Vc is one in a range of new ultra-stylish notebooks it hopes will do just that...
Lars-Göran Nilsson, 24 Mar 2006

E-commerce not relevant, say SMEs

There appears to be little appetite for e-commerce among the UK's SMEs who are put off trading online due to skills shortages and the high costs involved in setting up websites.
Tim Richardson, 24 Mar 2006
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NHS IT probe useless

By the time the official audit of the government's £6.1bn NHS IT modernisation is published in the summer it will be too late to be of any the cash-strapped NHS, said a leading contributor to the investigation.
Mark Ballard, 24 Mar 2006

Podcast licensing, my arse

LettersSadly, it appears that RFID chips are not going to go away and die the miserable, lonely death they so clearly deserve. Still, let's look on the bright side, eh? They give eggheads plenty of hours of amusement working out where they can stick 'em. That's in your mouth, btw:
Lester Haines, 24 Mar 2006

Need some corporate lift music? Click here

If your company finds itself in need of a corporate aural brand frontage, and has not been sufficiently warned of the possible dangers posed by letting deranged musos loose in the boardroom, then hotfoot it down to eNthem - "a revolutionary new project, that hopefully, will change the business world forever!"
Lester Haines, 24 Mar 2006

Brits dial up naked phone calls

A third of Brits make phone calls while stark bollock naked, according to research from the Post Office, with four in ten blokes and three in ten lasses letting it all hang out while chatting on the blower.
Team Register, 24 Mar 2006

Bluedelta extends SmartSCART AV connector

Bluedelta Designs has updated is SmartSCART router, increasing not only the number of SCART connections it can intelligently and automatically route signals between but also adding stereo audio and a pair of RCA compostite video and two S-video inputs too.
Tony Smith, 24 Mar 2006

Trojan intercepts bank tokens

A newly discovered Trojan is intercepting the TAN codes used as security tokens by customers of two major German banks, Postbank and Deutsche Bank, according to anti-virus experts.
Jan Libbenga, 24 Mar 2006

Fidelity lost HP's employee data to impress HP

Given the recent spate of laptop losses affecting major companies, many of you have wondered why the likes of Fidelity and Ernst & Young would let crucial customer information leave their own servers and desktops in the first place. Well, in Fidelity's case, we've learned that the company had a really important demo to perform - one that apparently required it to load 200,000 HP workers' personal information on a laptop.
Ashlee Vance, 24 Mar 2006

Oklahoma city threatens to call FBI over 'renegade' Linux maker

The heartland turned vicious this week when an Oklahoma town threatened to call in the FBI because its web site was hacked by Linux maker Cent OS. Problem is CentOS didn't hack Tuttle's web site at all. The city's hosting provider had simply botched a web server.
Ashlee Vance, 24 Mar 2006

'ARRRRRGH!!!! GRRrrrrrr!!!!! RAAWWRRR!!!!! ... Dummy'

FoTWWe're often bowled over by the erudition of you, our readers. But this one is special. Peter Petrovski offers this learned contribution to the ongoing epistemological debate about Wikipedia.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Mar 2006

Jobs dumps Apple stock

In briefApple Computer founder and CEO Steve Jobs sold 45 per cent of his Apple stock this week. Jobs sold 4.57m shares at a price of $64.66, netting him a cool $295m.
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Mar 2006

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