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God smiles on Sun and delivers grid computing miracle

At long last, Sun Microsystems will fire up its retail grid computing service and give any US customer access to a supercomputer class system.
Ashlee Vance, 21 Mar 2006

Sun bangs NetBeans drum

Sun Microsystems hopes to take some of shine off this week's EclipseCon open source conference by unveiling new NetBeans tools and support for Java developers.
Gavin Clarke, 21 Mar 2006
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EDS wants MOD pound of flesh

US IT services giant EDS is seeking compensation from the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) after being given bum orders for the delivery of a £2.3bn contract.
Mark Ballard, 21 Mar 2006

First Minister of blogging

David Miliband has prompted a heated debate by becoming the first government minister to launch his own blog.
eGov Monitor Weekly, 21 Mar 2006

The podcasting rule book

The Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society and the Performing Right Society have launched a licensing scheme for music podcasters. The MCPS and PRS plan to assess the operation of the licence and update the scheme early next year.
OUT-LAW.COM, 21 Mar 2006

Fujitsu to pay Rambus for third-party DRAM purchases

Rambus has licensed its memory technologies to Fujitsu, presumably allowing the Japanese vendor to buy DRAM from any company it cares to without the fear that Rambus' lawyers will come knocking on its door because it has bought allegedly unlicensed product.
Tony Smith, 21 Mar 2006

Generalissimo Blairo 'fesses up on loans

The executive chairman of Capita and a boss of London Bridge software are among those named today for lending the Labour Party some £14m.
John Oates, 21 Mar 2006

Dutch coffee shops introduce fingerprint ID

Some Dutch coffee shops, which sell marijuana in small quantities for personal use, are introducing fingerprinting technology to check the age of customers.
Jan Libbenga, 21 Mar 2006

Intel lining up Q3 Pentium D price cuts?

Intel hasn't launched the dual-core Pentium D 960 yet - it's due late April, we understand - but already it's planning to cut the processor's price, sometime in Q3, according to the latest claims coming out of Taiwan's system builder community.
Tony Smith, 21 Mar 2006

Gold in the BI hills

CommentOrganisations are rarely short of data, but the information it contains is often elusive.
Mark Whitehorn, 21 Mar 2006

Ofcom proposes to free BT from price controls

BT could be free to charge what it likes for phone services such as line rental and call charges if proposals to scrap 22 years of price controls get the go-ahead. Regulator Ofcom says there is now sufficient competition in the UK's telecoms sector to release BT from its price constraints and allow the market to work without regulatory intervention.
Tim Richardson, 21 Mar 2006

Philips turns on feature-filled Media Centre system

Philips has begun pitching its entry into the Media Centre PC arena to UK consumers, touting its MPC9350i as the ultimate home entertainment rig, offering music and movie playback, twin TV tuners, hard disk-based PVR functionality, wireless internet access and more.
Tony Smith, 21 Mar 2006

Mobile users diss premium content

Mobile users will use almost any kind of media content on their phones, but they won't pay a premium for it.
John Oates, 21 Mar 2006
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Adware backers named and shamed

Large corporations and dot.com firms are funding the distribution of software that loads invasive pop-up ads with their advertising dollars, according to a report by the Centre for Democracy and Technology.
John Leyden, 21 Mar 2006

ID cards to spur e-signature take up

ID cards programmes and e-government initiatives are hoped to spur the development of an electronic signatures market across the EU, according to the European Commission.
Kablenet, 21 Mar 2006

Boffins build see-through chip

Scientists at the Oregon State University (OSU) have produced the world's first "completely transparent" integrated circuit using inorganic materials. The see-through transistor technology will revolutionise electronics, allowing circuitry to be integrated into items like windows, bottles, glasses and car windscreens. It will also boost LCD technology, the researchers say.
Tony Smith, 21 Mar 2006

Google Finance beta lives

Google has launched a beta version of its finance portal - it looks like Google news with some market report charts stuck on top.
John Oates, 21 Mar 2006

Archbishop of Canterbury backs evolution

The Archbishop of Canterbury has condemned the teaching of creationism in schools. In an interview with Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, Dr Rowan Williams said the Biblical creation stories do not belong in the same category as evolutionary theory.
Christopher Williams, 21 Mar 2006

Telcos will have to fight for IPTV success

BT will have to work hard to make its newly announced broadband TV service BT Vision a success, according to a report by consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.
Tim Richardson, 21 Mar 2006
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DiData is Cisco God

Dimension Data bagged three gongs yesterday from Cisco at the data networking vendor's annual partner summit in San Diego. The company has been named Cisco Global IPC (Internet Protocol Communications) Partner of the Year, Cisco APAC (Asia Pacific) Partner of the Year (Datacraft Asia) and Cisco Emerging Markets Partner of the Year. ®
Team Register, 21 Mar 2006

LG to ship GSM-flavoured Chocolate in Europe

LG is to bring its popular 'Chocolate' mobile phone to Europe in May, the company said today. The handset, also known as the LG5900, is a dark-brown - hence the more casual moniker - slider phone with a touch-sensitive keyboard outlined in red. The product has won a variety of awards for its looks. Chocolate is 1.5cm thick and sports a 2in 240 x 320 display.
'ard Reg, 21 Mar 2006

Samsung unveils 32GB Flash-based 'HDD killer'

Samsung has launched what it reckons its the world's first 32GB NAND Flash-based hard disk drive replacement unit. The company claimed the so-called "solid state disk" can access data three times faster than an HDD can and write files one-and-a-half times more quickly - though we don't know what HDD spec it was comparing its product to.
Tony Smith, 21 Mar 2006

UN sounds biodiversity mayday

Human activity is causing the biggest loss in biodiversity since the extinction of the dinosaurs, a UN report says.
Christopher Williams, 21 Mar 2006

All eyes on CCTV

The Information Commissioner, which watches the CCTV watchers, said its updated advice for CCTV operators has been given a due date in the summer - six months late.
Mark Ballard, 21 Mar 2006

UK peerage for sale on eBay

In light of the Lord Chancellor's recent announcement that all loans to the Labour Party will soon have to be declared and will be capped at £500k, this may be your last chance to gain that well-deserved peerage by the back door and with no questions asked: a seat in the House of Lords for a modest £1.5m.
Lester Haines, 21 Mar 2006

Don't break DRM even if it 'threatens lives'

Copyright holders have collectively objected to proposed exemptions to the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in cases where copyright software causes security and privacy harm. Lawyers for the pigopolists (including the Business Software Alliance, Motion Picture Ass. of America and Recording Industry Ass. of America) also said exceptions that would allow DRM software to be circumvented in hypothetical cases where it "threatens critical infrastructure and potentially endangers lives" might create "uncertainty" in the minds of software developers.
John Leyden, 21 Mar 2006

Price war looms if BT price controls relaxed

Ofcom's plan to scrap price controls for BT after 22 years of having its hands tied could lead to a price war, industry watchers said today.
Tim Richardson, 21 Mar 2006

Handheld Xbox: third time lucky for MS iPod killer scheme?

CommentWorld+Dog is this week feverishly reporting on rumours that Microsoft is hard at work on an iPod killer. Or it may be a PlayStation Portable killer. Or perhaps a PMC killer. No, wait a moment, PMC - aka Portable Media Center - was Microsoft's last attempt at an iPod killer, and just look at what that did to restrict Apple's revenue growth...
Tony Smith, 21 Mar 2006

Computer games push up UK inflation rate

The UK's Office of National Statistics (ONS) has placed Apple's iPod and the some of the company's iTunes Music Store downloads in the standard shopping basket the organisation uses to monitor the cost of living in Britain.
Fred Needlestreet, 21 Mar 2006

Clara.net boss blasts 'ridiculous' publishing laws

Clara.net managing director Steve Rawlinson has branded existing laws which hold ISPs responsible for content they host as "ridiculous". Speaking to the Register about the case of "Tube geek" Geoff Marshall's blog - hosted by Clara.net and the subject of legal wranglings with Transport for London - Rawlinson reluctantly advised people to "host their sites outside the UK".
John Oates, 21 Mar 2006

Deutsche Telekom fingers Microsoft for IPTV

Deutsche Telekom (DT) is hooking up with Microsoft as part of plans to roll out broadband TV (IPTV) in Germany later this year. The service is to be carried via a new VDSL (Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line) network capable of bandwidth up 50 meg and has already been tested by boffins at the giant telco.
Tim Richardson, 21 Mar 2006

Novell puts Netware on life support until 2015

Novell will support Netware, the veteran, nay ancient, network operating system, until at least 2015. By which time, presumably everyone who ever used the system will be retired or dead.
John Leyden, 21 Mar 2006

UK parents offered kid-friendly MP3 player

German MP3 player specialist Maxfield has launched a digital music player for kids. Pitched at children between the ages of six and 12, the primary colour player sports a playground-safe water-resistant shell and limits the decibels lest the young ones' passion for loud metal play havoc with their wee ear-drums.
Tony Smith, 21 Mar 2006

French struggle to get US visas

The US Embassy in Paris is struggling to deal with a huge increase in demand for visas because the French government has missed Bush's deadline for biometric passports.
John Oates, 21 Mar 2006

Ingram Micro gets into people trafficking

Ingram Micro is setting up an recruitment and temping agency for channel customers in its US homeland.
Drew Cullen, 21 Mar 2006

France votes for DRM interop

It's the "dawn of an equitable internet", says French culture minister Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres. The nation's parliament has backed a bill to mandate interoperability between competing lock-down software restrictions on digital media.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Mar 2006

Introducing the UK Imagine Cup Team

Welcome to the first blog entry from team ‘Three Pair’. Team who?
Team Three Pair, 21 Mar 2006

Google's deceptive do-gooder claims turn dangerous

AnalysisGoogle likes to attach a greater social significance to its varied work as an advertising broker. The best and most obvious example of this policy comes from the "Do No Evil" stamp placed on financial statements. Time and again, however, Google's actions demonstrate that there is no greater good at hand. Google is little more than a purveyor of capitalism's most despised offshoot - advertising.
Ashlee Vance, 21 Mar 2006

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