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Cray to woo DARPA and others with server candy store

Anyone watching Cray slog it out in the supercomputing marketing probably saw this coming. The company has decided to converge its four, separate product lines and center them around some common technology. In so doing, the cash-strapped Cray expects to save money on hardware design costs and to offer customers gear at a more affordable price.
Ashlee Vance, 18 Mar 2006

Microsoft's new DRM Plays For Sh... Shorter

Microsoft's "PlaysForSure" DRM knocks as much as 25 per cent off the battery life of a portable music jukebox, according to tests.
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Mar 2006

Google chief dampens Office hype, allays net future paranoia

Google's token grown-up Eric Schmidt has dampened the hype surrounding the company's acquisition of Writely last week - and says that fears over the loss of "network neutrality" are largely unfounded.
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Mar 2006

'Break up Amazon.com'

AnalysisYou can hear it on every earnings call. Wall Street's frustration with Amazon.com is growing, and recently, it's broken out into open insolence.
Andrew Orlowski, 18 Mar 2006

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