16th March 2006 Archive

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  • HP celebrates a decade of love for AMD

    Hands out Geode and Opteron party favors

    Servers 16 01:58

  • IBM and Oracle to get physical over Eclipse SOA projects

    We'll see you in hell or Santa Clara

    Developer 16 02:34

  • London Underground sets lawyers on tube spotting geek

    Blogger bashed for map mashup

    Bootnotes 16 07:02

  • Gates mocks Negroponte's $100 laptop

    Why pay less when you can pay more?

    Software 16 09:52

  • Beyond the Oyster

    End of an era for smart cards?

    Financial News 16 10:06

  • Tube to reject passenger scanners

    Bomb detectors 'too impractical'

    Management 16 10:19

  • Middle-class peeves cost more money than exists

    Statistics confirm our worst fears

    Management 16 10:28

  • Memorex revives 1970s tape look for Flash disk era

    Is it reel or is it..?

    Hardware 16 10:30

  • Anti software patents lobby agrees with arch enemy

    What? And hell didn't freeze over?

    Media 16 10:42

  • The Curly Wurly nebula at the centre of the Milky Way

    Twisted logic

    Science 16 10:48

  • Judge upholds PlayStation controller ruling

    Sony's witness not credible, judge says

    Media 16 10:55

  • Registrars urge rejection of VeriSign's .com deal

    GoDaddy slams 'outrageous' agreement

    Media 16 11:01

  • Archos readies twin-tuner handheld PVR

    Watch digital telly in a fast car

    Hardware 16 11:04

  • 10m Vodafone Live! punters signed up

    Hey, some good news from Voda for a change

    Mobile 16 11:10

  • Centerprise signs up BFG

    BFG Technologies not the Big Friendly Giant

    The Channel 16 11:14

  • Amazon poised for film downloads assault

    If it's serious, it's game over

    Financial News 16 11:24

  • MHP licensing terms finally create havoc

    Told you so

    Broadband 16 11:38

  • Vodafone eyes 3G TV phone for Japan

    A Sharp Aquos LCD TV in the palm of your hand, apparently

    Phones 16 11:44

  • Global Knowledge becomes largest Cisco trainer

    Claims Azlan buy puts it in class of its own

    Data Networking 16 11:51

  • Get your drugs over wireless

    Implant offers pill-free future

    Science 16 12:02

  • Cybercrime costs biz more than physical crime

    Lock up your servers, thar be hackers about

    Management 16 12:16

  • Celebs tremble as stalkerQuest takes off

    Call for star spotter map site to be shut down

    Bootnotes 16 12:22

  • 3 disappoints Irish roamers

    Ah, well

    Mobile 16 12:28

  • Ex-Apple execs hop on the Spac track

    Acquicor raises $150m to buy tech firms

    Hardware 16 12:57

  • Pebble micro MP3 player

    Does it rock?

    Hardware 16 13:39

  • Horizon sees rise in revenues, earnings

    And investment set to drive figures in 06 too

    Financial News 16 13:40

  • Say Hi to the mouse click capturing Trojan

    Sting in the tail

    Security 16 14:32

  • Priapic pensioner becomes garlic-powered porn star

    More from our Russian geriatric filth bureau

    Bootnotes 16 14:39

  • Google sets up Base for retailers

    Supermarket sweep

    Financial News 16 14:43

  • Mac-boots-Windows contest won

    WinXP successfully run on MacBook Pro

    Hardware 16 15:04

  • US authorities bust P2P child porn chat room

    Attacks were streamed live

    Media 16 15:15

  • Disabled people check out site usability

    New guidelines introduced

    Media 16 15:24

  • uSwitch.com switched for £210m

    Europe bound

    Financial News 16 16:03

  • Microsoft hunts pirate auctioneers

    Issues eight lawsuits in US

    The Channel 16 16:10

  • US bank approves ripped-up credit card application

    Follow the money

    Security 16 16:31

  • Nominet loses all three EGM votes

    UK registry owner undermined by biggest shareholders

    Media 16 16:36

  • Friends and families deal with drug trial fallout

    Victims 'screamed'

    Science 16 17:06

  • OFT fingers online grocers over pricing

    Every little helps

    Financial News 16 17:11

  • Motorola unveils Ming Linux phone for China

    Dynastic pretensions?

    Phones 16 17:13

  • ID Cards compulsory again

    Oh no they're not, oh yes...oh, shut up

    Media 16 17:13