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Small.biz ill-equipped for IT threats

Seven out of every 10 small firms risk losing their business because they are not equipped to cope with security threats from viruses, fraud and system failure, new research suggests.
Startups.co.uk, 02 Mar 2006

iTunes' long march to market share

DMFApple's iTunes Music Store has been hailed as "the future of music" so many times that you might conclude the future has already been written.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Mar 2006

The Google menu exposed

An army marches on its stomach, Napoleon Bonaparte famously declared. Silicon Valley's more benevolent employers put this maxim into practice with on-campus dining facilities to keep staff happy, and therefore, productive.
Gavin Clarke, 02 Mar 2006
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Solaris ported to Itanium?

Sun Microsystems has turned "good cop" in its campaign against Hewlett Packard's UX by offering the prospect of porting Solaris to Intel's dreaded Itanic.
Gavin Clarke, 02 Mar 2006

Improvements to council websites 'slowing'

Local authority internet services are showing signs of improvement, though the overall level of progress is slowing, a major survey reveals.
eGov Monitor Weekly, 02 Mar 2006

Auditor applauds Walsall

The Audit Commission has applauded Walsall council for jilting Fujitsu Services after three years in which the two haggled as the services that were counting most on the deal suffered.
Mark Ballard, 02 Mar 2006

Hynix staffers to plead guilty to DRAM price-fix charges

Four Hynix staffers will do time in a US jail and together pay $1m in fines after agreeing to plead guilty to US Department of Justice charges that they conspired to fix memory prices, the DoJ said yesterday.
Tony Smith, 02 Mar 2006

OSA pushes open source

A website has been launched to help local authorities make decisions on the use of open source software.
Kablenet, 02 Mar 2006

Cellcos prepare for IM onslaught

Steve Ballmer told the audience of 3GSM recently that Microsoft should be considered a friend, not a foe, of the global mobile operator community.
Faultline, 02 Mar 2006

AMD calls on Skype for Intel anti-trust evidence

AMD vs IntelAMD has subpoenaed VoIP software developer Skype in a bid to seek evidence to back its allegations that Intel abused its dominant position in the x86 chip market to hinder its smaller competitor. The move follows an announcement that Skype 2.0 contains features that are only available to PCs fitted with Intel CPUs.
Tony Smith, 02 Mar 2006

Softek launches message archiving service

Security and archiving specialists Softek has signed a deal to distribute services firm Global Relay's hosted message management solution in the UK and Europe. As well as easy day to day access, the Message Archiver system makes regulatory compliance more simple, they say.
Christopher Williams, 02 Mar 2006

Overland Storage romances resellers

San Diego-based data backup firm Overland Storage today announced a reseller recruitment drive beginning next week.
Christopher Williams, 02 Mar 2006

Scots deploy snow-busting remote technical assistant

Those government IT departments who have of late been battling to keep services running in the face of inclement and Arctic weather would do well to drop a line to Aberdeenshire Council who, we're delighted to report, have once again proved that the UK truly is at the cutting edge of technological innovation:
Lester Haines, 02 Mar 2006

MS to unfold Origami at CeBIT?

UpdatedMicrosoft has pushed back the unveiling of its mysterious Origami Project, believed to be a consumer-friendly tablet PC, to next week. The website dedicated to the project last week said we would "learn more" today, 2 March, but the site now says we'll "find out" about it on 9 March.
Tony Smith, 02 Mar 2006

Europe's PC retailers pile 'em high, sell 'em cheap

Europe's top retailers are expected to sell $100bn-worth of IT kit this year.
Team Register, 02 Mar 2006

Photo standards war

For those of us that don’t follow photo standards every day, there appears to be a new standards war forming among the picture takers of the world, with Kodak firmly holding up one side of the war, and representatives from the PC printing world led by Epson and HP, supporting the other.
Faultline, 02 Mar 2006
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Morse continues services shift

Morse plc saw revenues slip but profits increase in the last six months of 2005, figures released yesterday showed.
Team Register, 02 Mar 2006

Gun clip found near ex-Gizmondo exec's crashed Ferrari

US police have found a gun magazine near the site of a crash that totalled a $1m Ferrari Enzo in which former Gizmondo executive Stefan Eriksson was riding. Local law enforcement officials believe the clip is connected with the smash, the Los Angeles Times reported this week.
Tony Smith, 02 Mar 2006

Apple update fixes 'critical' security bug

Apple released a security update on Wednesday that fixes multiple vulnerabilities, including a critical flaw in its Safari web browser that created a means for hackers to attack vulnerable systems.
John Leyden, 02 Mar 2006

MS in geek sex hard sell shocker

There was a time when Microsoft ads were a bit more entertaining than the current "dinosaur head" offerings which have of late been baffling adults and scaring small children worldwide.
Lester Haines, 02 Mar 2006

Pentagon to enslave shark-kind

Sinister news has leaked out of the US Department of Defence, where plans are afoot to implant mind control devices into sharks in the hope of using them for underwater espionage.
Christopher Williams, 02 Mar 2006

Schizophrenic 419er moves to Isle of Wight

We're not entirely sure what exactly the Isle of Wight has done to merit a visit from the Lads from Lagos, but locals should be aware that the Newport correspondent of the Advance Fee Fraud Times may be suffering from a multiple personality disorder:
Lester Haines, 02 Mar 2006
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US.gov probes Sourcefire acquisition

Israeli-based security firm Check Point faces a rare full-blown US government investigation over its proposed acquisition of intrusion detection firm Sourcefire. AP reports the Committee on Foreign Investments in the US is to look into the $225m deal following concerns raised by the FBI and Pentagon over the wisdom of allowing the development of technology that forms a linchpin in defending critical systems against hacker attack to move overseas.
John Leyden, 02 Mar 2006

LG ships multimedia sub-notebook

We like sub-notebooks here at Reg Hardware, and LG's 2.3cm-thick, 1.1kg Xnote TX - it's called the TX Express outside Korea - quite caught our eye. It may not be based on the latest Core Duo processor, but it still packs in some impressive features in its compact casing.
Team Register, 02 Mar 2006

US man faces five years for hacking supervisor's PC

A former federal computer security expert faces a possible five year jail term after pleading guilty to hacking a US Department of Education computer. Kenneth Kwak, 34, of Chantilly, Virginia, admitted snooping on his supervisor's email and internet surfing activities while employed as a system auditor for the US Department of Education.
John Leyden, 02 Mar 2006

HP, Gateway sign $47m patent pact

HP and Gateway have agreed to settle their legal differences with a $47m payment, from Gateway to HP. The two firms fell out in 2004 over patent infringement allegations made by both companies against each other - both now have a licence to use the other's intellectual property.
Tony Smith, 02 Mar 2006

BT bumps broadband speed up

In briefBT says that 99.6 per cent of UK homes and businesses will be able to get higher speed broadband from the end of this month. The UK incumbent said that 78 per cent of BT customer lines should be able to support 4Mbit/s and above, while 42 per cent will get 6Mbit/s and above. Those special people who live or work very close to their exchange may get upto 8Mb/s. BT said it is upgrading 5,300 exchanges to support these speeds. Pity those poor souls hooked up to the 150 smaller exchanges who won't get the spanking new speeds.®
Team Register, 02 Mar 2006

Aircraft mobile ban ought to stay - study

A study by a US university has concluded that mobile phones and other portable electronic devices are liable to interfere with the operation of critical aircraft components.
John Leyden, 02 Mar 2006

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