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MySQL close to SAP certification

MySQL AB is inching closer to certification with SAP's mighty business applications suite, nearly three years after the companies first united.
Gavin Clarke, 01 Mar 2006

UK punters avoid VoIP in droves

Half of UK consumers are aware of VoIP, but take-up of internet telephony remains low, according to Ofcom.
Tim Richardson, 01 Mar 2006

Apple end-of-lifes G4 Mac Mini

With yesterday's introduction of Intel-based Mac Minis, Apple quietly killed off its PowerPC-based predecessor. The G4-based Minis have gone from Apple's online stores, leaving just the Power Mac G5 and the 20in iMac G5 as the remaining legacy desktops.
Tony Smith, 01 Mar 2006
Plantronics Pulsar 590A Bluetooth headphones

Napster blames Microsoft shortfalls for its problems

Struggling music subscription service Napster is blaming Microsoft for its problems.
John Oates, 01 Mar 2006

ICANN approves dotcom contract

ICANN has approved a controversial dotcom contract that will see VeriSign handed control of the internet's most famous product forever.
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Mar 2006

'World's smallest' Windows phone to debut next month

Malaysian phone maker Fifth Media has announced what it claims is the world's smallest Windows Mobile 5 smart phone. The compact handset's profile measures 11.3 x 4.9, but it's 2.1cm thick. It squeezes in quad-band GSM, GPRS and EDGE connectivity, along with Bluetooth 1.2 and 802.11b Wi-Fi.
Tony Smith, 01 Mar 2006

Managing the RFID opportunity

The use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags is becoming a hot topic for developers and business (visit the independent - sponsored by both the UK Government and commercial organisations - UK RFID Centre here).
David Norfolk, 01 Mar 2006

Moto touts salmon SLVR

The public's passion for all things pink has found a new outlet: a salmon-hued version of Motorola's SLVR phone. A sibling of the better-known L7, the rose-tinted release - to be offered exclusively through UK retail chain Carphone Warehouse, it seems - is the L6.
Tony Smith, 01 Mar 2006

HP-OuterBay merger shows market nous

CommentFrom where I've been sitting, HP has never had the best track record in enterprise software. The next 'e' never was e-services, and HP has acquired many a product only to let it wither on the vine - Bluestone was a prime example. Meanwhile, the company has struggled to bring together its OpenView service management portfolio with Compaq's Insight Manager systems management tools, to present a coherent portfolio. Is it any wonder then that we've seen considerable erosion of HP's credibility as it tries to sell software into the enterprise.
Jon Collins, 01 Mar 2006

Colon family in exploding toilet ordeal

A family from Charlotte, North Carolina, is currently engaged in a stand-off with the local utilities company over who is responsible for cleaning up the aftermath of a toilet explosion which has forced them from their home.
Lester Haines, 01 Mar 2006

Four plead guilty in US piracy case

Four US citizens have pleaded guilty to piracy charges following an investigation by the Department of Justice.
John Oates, 01 Mar 2006

Lip-reading footie fans spot racial abuse

Police are looking into an allegation that a Liverpool player racially abused a Manchester United team member during the two teams' clash at Old Trafford on 22 January, the BBC reports.
Lester Haines, 01 Mar 2006

ECS touts eco-friendly, Viiv-benign mobo

Want to build your own Viiv system? Elitegroup (ECS) has the motherboard, at least: its RoHS-compliant 945G-M3, which it has just begun shipping in the UK, the Taiwanese supplier said today.
Tony Smith, 01 Mar 2006

JVC tunes in to mid-size LCD HDTVs

JVC today unwrapped a pair of LCD TVs with integrated digital tuners. It pitched the products' inclusion not only of twin HDMI ports, but also their support for the HDCP copy-protection system. And JVC lauded the screens' bass-boosting sound systems and picture enhancement technology, too.
Tony Smith, 01 Mar 2006

MS boffins develop foot-powered interface

Microsoft boffins are working on a foot powered user interface as an alternative or adjunct to computer mice.
John Leyden, 01 Mar 2006

Bird flu: your painful death not inevitable

A leading virus expert has said that anyone claiming a human pandemic of bird flu is inevitable "is saying more than they can possibly know".
Christopher Williams, 01 Mar 2006

'Fake' emails MP hits reply

The Conservative MP caught rigging his popularity rating by sending emails to himself was told to do so by the website that shopped him, the MP's spokesman has claimed.
Mark Ballard, 01 Mar 2006

Opposition to AOL's 'email tax' grows

More than 50 organisations are joining forces to protest against AOL's plan to start charging for email.
John Oates, 01 Mar 2006

Feed your PC free-to-air satellite TV

AVerMedia has begun shipping just the card you need to connector your computer to freebie satellite TV channels. Its DVB-S Pro PCI card hooks up to your reception dish and get the kind of PVR and programme archiving features you don't get from the standard FreeSat box.
Tony Smith, 01 Mar 2006

TomTom redesigns Go in-car GPS kit

Dutch satellite navigation specialist TomTom today said it will ship an updated TomTom Go range of in-car route-planning devices on 1 April. No fooling, the new 510, 710 and 910 models will feature a "world first" 4in screen, "greatly improved" GPS performance and a new computer dock.
Tony Smith, 01 Mar 2006

UK parents to get online check of 8m child workers records

The UK Government today announces plans for a massive data, security and privacy own goal, in the shape of the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Bill. The Bill, which is intended to widen and centralise the vetting of people working with children (approximately 8 million individuals), will allow (indeed, compel) employers, including parents hiring nannies and childminders, to check the records of potential employees online.
John Lettice, 01 Mar 2006

AOL sues mystery phishers for $18m

AOL filed three civil lawsuits against several major phishing gangs on Tuesday as part of the ISP's wider fight against identity theft scams and other internet security threats.
John Leyden, 01 Mar 2006

ATI unwraps dual x16 CrossFire Xpress 3200

ATI has announced its Radeon CrossFire Xpress 3200 chipset, as anticipated, with its support for twin PCI Express x16 slots for CrossFire configurations - the first single-chip North Bridge to do so - and provision of "unprecedented overclocking capabilities".
Tony Smith, 01 Mar 2006

IPTV: killer apps and dead horses

Industry commentTime and time again, industry talk comes back to what the one "killer app" will be for IPTV as a platform. Most assume it will be video-on-demand (VoD), as the historical business case has always rested on the fact that consumers love being able to have video whenever they want it, and it allows full VCR-like functionality over the network, which includes fast-forward (or ‘seek’). Fast-forward allows a viewer to skip ads, scan past what they’ve seen before and flick through material in a very efficient way. While this does put additional strain on video servers, technology is now emerging to counterbalance this.
Alex Cameron, 01 Mar 2006

Flying China saucer

Christopher Williams, 01 Mar 2006

Serco results grow

Services giant Serco, which bought ITNET last year, managed to bring in £2.26bn in revenues - up 38 per cent - in the year ended 31 December 2005.
John Oates, 01 Mar 2006

Suicide prompts South Korea mobile data cap

The suicide of a young South Korean boy who racked up a huge phone bill playing games on his mobile has prompted local operators into revising their call plans. The unnamed 16 year-old student from the south western Korean town of Iksan toped himself on 15 February after running up a bill of 3.7m Won ($3,830), according to local police.
John Leyden, 01 Mar 2006

Driven to test-action

CommentTest-Driven Development (TDD) has increased in popularity both as a practice and as a term. Although there is a strong association with Extreme Programming, more generally there is a certain set of practices that can be honed in on and applied across various development models.
Kevlin Henney, 01 Mar 2006

Fore-get space exploration

Never let it be said that the space programme is a waste of time and money.
Christopher Williams, 01 Mar 2006

Online CD sellers may lose offshore haven

The States of Jersey has given CD sellers who have set up on the island in order to avoid VAT a year to close up and leave.
John Oates, 01 Mar 2006

NASA plans three shuttle launches this year

Christopher Williams, 01 Mar 2006

LogicaCMG revives in 2005

Britain and the Netherlands delivered a bumper year for LogicaCMG in 2005, as it also benefitted from its IT workshops on the Indian sub-continent.
Team Register, 01 Mar 2006
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Sting nets two spam scam suspects

The US secret service has arrested two men over accusations that they sent massive quantities of spam emails to more than 1.2m AOL subscribers. Todd Moeller (AKA Trill), of New Jersey, and his business partner Adam Vitale (AKA Batch1), 25, of Florida, were busted after agents used an informant to hire the duo to spamvertise a computer security product.
John Leyden, 01 Mar 2006

Songwriters to blame for digital music's pothole

DMFJonathan Potter, head of the trade group DiMA which represents the big digital music download services, says greedy publishers are a roadblock to business, and could hand the illegal P2P networks ultimate victory.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Mar 2006

Olive works 400GB into Opus digital music centre

Olive has announced the latest version of its latest high-end digital music separate, this time called the Opus and equipped with a 400GB hard drive - enough, the company claims, to hold 660 uncompressed CDs, 1,100 ripped using lossless compression, or 7,230 albums ripped to 128KBps MP3 files.
Tony Smith, 01 Mar 2006

BEA fires up for Fuego

BEA Systems has splashed out $87.5m for Fuego, a business process management specialist, in a push into service oriented architectures (SOAs).
Gavin Clarke, 01 Mar 2006

Universal music chief blasts Slashdot

DMFThe president of Universal Music Group's digital division, Larry Kenswil, dipped into Slashdot to illustrate the kind of laggards who are holding up progress in digital music.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Mar 2006
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Oracle opens embedded business unit

Oracle has opened an embedded systems unit serving Asia Pacific and Japan while simultaneously ramping up its capabilities with Sleepycat Software and its own small-footprint database.
Gavin Clarke, 01 Mar 2006

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