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Telcos complain about lack of Openreach staff

BT Openreach has promised to recruit more staff to manage the accounts of phone companies and broadband providers following complaints from operators. Openreach chief exec Steve Robertson has given written assurances to Ofcom that more workers will be brought on board over the coming months to deal with the workload.
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C&W to axe half of UK jobs

Cable and Wireless (C&W) is axing half its UK workforce and ditching thousands of customers as part of its restructuring plans.

Microsoft to appeal South Korean anti-trust ruling

Microsoft is to appeal a ruling by the Korea Fair Trade Commission that it infringed anti-trust rules. In December, the competition regulator fined Microsoft around £15m and ordered the firm to unbundle its instant messaging and media player software from Windows.
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Surge in child porn complaints in Ireland

Analysts from the ISPAI have reported a marked increase in both the severity and amount of online child pornography content being reported to its hotline.

Small business 'victory' in Jersey tax dispute

Owner-managers have claimed a victory over retail industry big guns in an argument about the exploitation of Jersey’s tax loophole.
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Softbank gambles on Betfair

Betfair is selling almost a quarter of its shares to Japanese investment firm Softbank.

Public service reform unit axed

A key Cabinet Office unit with responsibility for public sector reform is being quietly broken up.
Kablenet, 28 2006

Application Replatforming

When larger organisations across the market were frantically implementing ERP and CRM applications in the second half of the 90s, the platform to underpin these systems was typically the high-end UNIX box.
Dale Vile, 28 2006
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'Unfoolable' portable cocaine detector invented

A team at notorious 'party school' UC Santa Barbara in California has developed a portable cocaine sensor. Researchers worked on the technology with local high school students as part of a summer intern programme.
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Locker room voyeur pic youth in court

An enterprising 14-year-old Bosnian youth is set to be punished in juvenile court for hawking covert shower room pictures of the local women's basketball team for £1.50 a pop, Ananova reports.

Sony Ericsson unveils Cyber-shot camera phone

Sony Ericsson today unveiled a long-awaited camera phone that leverages another key Sony brand: Cyber-shot. The mobile phone maker also launched an attempt to push that other borrowing from its parent company - the Walkman brand - further down-market with the first ever clamshell version.
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Amazon back in fashion

Amazon.com is buying women's fashion retailer Shopbop.com for an undisclosed amount.

UK.plc struggles to eradicate viral infection

Viral infection was the biggest single cause of security incidents over the last two years, according to a DTI-backed study published on Tuesday.
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Sheet metal Messiah for sale on eBay

We've had Jesus in a Romanian wardrobe door and Jesus in a Sussex hawthorn, but ye of little faith prepare to marvel at the ultimate Jesus simulacrum collectible: Jesus in a 22 gauge sheet of steel:
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VIP makes another buy

UK distie VIP Computer Centre has bought Techfever - an online seller of IT products aimed at techies and small businesses for an undisclosed amount.

Sony Ericsson eyes up low-end camera phones

Sony Ericsson will next quarter round out its camera-phone line-up with a trio of low-end models pitched at the growing market for phones that offer a basic array of functions but don't sport a feature list as long as your arm.
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Hubble spies Pinwheel galaxy in pin-sharp detail

Images released today from the Hubble Space Telescope show the gigantic Pinwheel galaxy in unprecedented detail. Regions where stars are born are clearly visible in the set. The spectacular super-high definition main portrait (pictured right) is actually a composite of 51 individual exposures. The Pinwheel sits face-on 25m …
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Vodafone mobile-dispensing machine: an apology

You know how it is: it's Friday afternoon and you get a press release from Vodafone banging on about some mobile-dispensing machine in Manchester and you think "hold on a minute, we did something on this in October last year" and sure enough, it's more-or-less the same press release...
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Blu-ray to hit US in May

Blu-ray Disc will go on sale in the US on 23 May, according to Sony's home video division, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, MGM Home Entertainment and Samsung. The South Korean giant will ship its BD-P1000 hardware on that date, ready to play the eight - count 'em - films the two content companies will release on the same day.
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Old PCs for new uses

Last year it was time for The Register to move offices. Lying in a small box-room were half a dozen or so redundant computers, unused since our previous move. We decided to get rid of them, but a colleague, John Leyden, had a better idea: he contacted Computer Aid International, the UK's biggest computer recycling charity, which promptly collected our unwanted PCs. This removed our disposal headache, and gave us a warm fuzzy glow.
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Vodafone Japan unveils 'unprecedented' 3G handset

The boffins at Vodafone Japan have announced a brace of whacked-out innovations for a new 3G handset, the Sharp Vodafone 904SH.

Fujitsu Siemens preps 'piano lacquer' laptop

Fujitsu Siemens (FS) today unveiled what it claims is "the world's most desirable laptop" - so desirable, in point of fact, that the company is making the €4,000-plus ($4,743/£2,724) product available in "limited quantities only". Among its appealing features: it's 2cm thick and is decked out in a "black piano lacquer" finish.
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Big six dominate expanding mobile phone market

Mobile phone sales totalled 816.6m units in 2005, a 21 per cent increase from 2004. The big six mobile vendors - Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and Siemens - increased their share as a group during the year to control 79.4 per cent of the market at the expense of smaller suppliers, according to market analyst firm Gartner Dataquest.
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Car-molesting radar menaces Norfolk

Around 18 months go we carried the chilling report of Eglin Air Force base in Florida and its Motorola garage door jamming system - a radio set-up which locked said portals, much to the chagrin of local residents.
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Kent blag cash fenced on eBay

Updated Reader Rob Griggs-Taylor reckons the following eBay auction won't be up for long*, but describes it as "pure class". We agree on both counts:

Asono touts designer MP3 player

Want an MP3 player that doesn't look like an MP3 player? Norway's Asono may have the answer: the Play, a low-cost version of its Mica device. iPod Shuffle-like in its simplicity, the Play has no screen and a single joystick for control. It even clips into its own design-integrated neck lanyard.

Tul hints at ATI Theater TV chip upgrade

ATI appears to be preparing an update to its Theater graphics chip family, if an announcement by Taiwanese card maker Tul is anything to go by. Tul recently revealed what it would be showing at next month's CeBIT show. Among them a product based on "ATI's latest Theatre chipset".
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Goat sex man in caprine shotgun wedding

NSFW A Sudanese goat-fancier has been forced to walk down the aisle with his four-legged victim after the animal's owner caught him in flagrante delicto, the Juba Post via Ananova reports.
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C&W backs Bulldog in restructuring

Bulldog is to remain a part of the Cable & Wireless (C&W) business despite earlier speculation that the telco might pull the plug on the business and focus instead on the provision of wholesale broadband.

Open source ID management puts users in control

An open source project that aims to give people more control over how their personal information is used online has secured the backing of IBM and Novell. The Higgins Project, managed by the Eclipse open source foundation, aims to develop so-called 'user-centric' identity management.

iLoad to link iPod Nano to mobile phone music stores

We're not quite sure why you'd want to download tracks to your iPod Nano from an expensive mobile phone operator-run music store rather than the cheaper, iPod-friendly iTunes Music Store, but US start-up Wingspan Investment Partners says it will let you do so this Summer for a mere $199.
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'Solar activity' interrupts John Pluthero's flow

Hats off to John Pluthero. The man in charge of "an underperforming business in a crappy industry" stood in front of analysts today for 15 minutes short of three hours outlining Cable & Wireless's (C&W) plans to turn around the business.
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Trojan targets basic Java phones

Ne'er-do-wells have created a Trojan that can infect mobiles phones running Java applications. RedBrowser-A infects not only smart phones, but any mobile phone capable of running Java (J2ME) applications, according to Russian anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab.

Kensington dangles iPod Shuffle dock dongle

Last week we told you about a neat new adaptor that allows iPod Nano users to connect a host of older iPod accessories to their slimline music player. Now, thanks to Kensington - better known for its ubiquitous notebook lock port - so too can Shuffle owners.
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Zend cosies up to Oracle

Zend Technologies, the subject of Oracle acquisition rumors, has updated its implementation of the PHP development language for the giant's database family.

Can Sun get posh with Bechs?

Analysis Like us, you might find it tough to take a company with "sharing" as its motto too seriously. Sun Microsystems, however, put on a very serious scowl at a Media Summit held at its Menlo Park offices last week. "Grrrr" was the message doled out by Sun staffers in between servings of lunch and birthday cake.

'Fun' is a warm piece of hardware for Apple

A third Intel-powered Mac, the pint-sized Mini, and a portable sound system for iPods are apparently what passes for fun on Apple's campus these days.
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Shy HP Superdomes arrive without the full Monte

Intel has put HP in the rather awkward position of launching its new line of high-end Itanium servers without the new chip they were designed to accommodate.
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Google CFO crushes investors' dreams of limitless growth

Shares of Google took a dive Tuesday, as the company's CFO told investors what they wanted to hear least. The growth - she is a-slowin'.