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Ever talked to SCO? - asks IBM

The discovery phase deepens in the SCO trial with IBM demanding every communication between SCO and Microsoft, Sun, Hewlett Packard and Baystar Capital - the investment company that initially funded the IP campaign - since the start of the McBride era.
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Feb 2006

DRM delayed Nokia's 'iPod' phone

Nokia's music N91 smartphone - it's first phone with a hard disk - has been held up because of DRM issues, the company confirmed.
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Feb 2006
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Scavengers line up to pick at Borland's developers

Software developers using Borland's soon-to-be dumped integrated development environments (IDEs) are being sized up by the competition. Sun Microsystems and REAL Software are working separately to persuade JBuilder and Delphi developers to switch to their application development tools.
Gavin Clarke, 23 Feb 2006

x86 boxes carry server market in 2005

Surprise, surprise. Shipments of x86 servers rose during 2005, while big-iron sales dropped.
Ashlee Vance, 23 Feb 2006

IBM and BI - I take it all back

CommentOkay, I confess. I have been beating IBM up about how it needs to buy a BI player in order to be a credible player in the space, and it turns out that I got it all wrong, because IBM already owns a BI player. Well, actually, a bit of a BI vendor. A very small bit. And I’m not actually sure the information management people actually know about it but, nevertheless, IBM owns a very small (less than 5 per cent) portion of a New Zealand based company called Descisys.
Philip Howard, 23 Feb 2006

Need cheap DSL? Go to Rwanda

Not too long ago, a high-speed internet connection in Rwanda cost close to $1,000 per month. A whopping 22 customers could afford to buy this service from the national telco - RwandaTel. Then, Terracom arrived.
Ashlee Vance, 23 Feb 2006

Ofcom sets out plans to regulate VoIP

Ofcom, the UK communications industry regulator, has set out details of its new approach to internet telephony, updating earlier guidance published in 2004. Ofcom is consulting on its new proposals.
OUT-LAW.COM, 23 Feb 2006

Talk to the badge

Doctors in one hospital have been spotted talking into their lapels under a scheme to improve communications using the latest technology.
Kablenet, 23 Feb 2006

Sky offers preview of its HDTV service

Sky has launched a new website, which includes sample teaser clips from its new high-definition television service, to be launched before July.
ElectricNews.net, 23 Feb 2006

Picsel beats Macromedia to put Flash 7 onto mobile

Scottish file-viewing specialist Picsel was happily demonstrating its ability to publish books, cartoons, video, and now Macromedia Flash 7 - all on Symbian and Windows Mobile devices. It also finds itself on the new NTT DoCoMo FOMA phone, model SH901i.
Guy Kewney, 23 Feb 2006

Eurovision HDTV contest

HDTV has been creeping into Europe for a while and as we sit tight and anxiously wait for Sky, Telewest and the BBC to start rolling out our high definition signals some countries are already enjoying the delights of 720p and 1080i programming.
Tech Digest, 23 Feb 2006

Apple drops 15in PowerBook

Apple has phased out its 15in PowerBook G4. The PowerPC-based notebook has been removed from the company's online stores in the UK and the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific, even as the first Intel-based 15in MacBook Pro machines began to be delivered to buyers.
Tony Smith, 23 Feb 2006

US demands extradition of '419 scammers' from Europe

US investigators have requested the extradition of four Nigerians accused of running 419 scams in the Netherlands after the arrest of a gang in Amsterdam and the nearby town of Zaandam earlier this week.
Jan Libbenga, 23 Feb 2006

So, will IM replace SMS?

News from 3GSM that some of the biggest mobile phone networks are planning to join up to push instant messaging (IM) over mobiles needs a little thought. The PC community has long settled into islands of IM services which can almost never talk to one another.
Faultline, 23 Feb 2006

Shuttle shows M2000 media centre PC

Shuttle has taken the wraps off its second generation consumer electronics-styled PC chassis. The M2000 squeezes in twin TV tuners and a fully functional Windows XP Media Center Edition system into a box designed to replace your DVD player, set-top box and music centre.
Tony Smith, 23 Feb 2006

Ex-Gizmondo exec walks from wreckage - of $1m Ferrari

Picture exclusiveFormer Gizmondo Europe executive Stefan Eriksson was this week involved in a car crash that shredded in his million-dollar Ferrari Enzo. Eriksson, who told police he was not the driver of the vehicle, walked away from the impact with cuts and bruises.
Tony Smith, 23 Feb 2006

Old and new square up in VoIP debate

The old and new of the telecoms industry are preparing to make their case as Ofcom takes another look at the rules governing internet telephony in the UK.
Tim Richardson, 23 Feb 2006

Met police set up film piracy unit

UK police have established a unit especially dedicated to fighting movie piracy. The new Metropolitan Police Film Piracy Unit will target gangs and individuals raking it in from the sale of fake DVDs.
John Leyden, 23 Feb 2006
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Siemens back to immigration

The UK's Immigration and Nationality Directorate welcomes back an IT supplier which was at the centre of its previous computer failures.
Kablenet, 23 Feb 2006
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Compel prelim revenues unchanged

Compel described a relatively stable IT market yesterday as it turned in preliminary results that met City expectations.
Team Register, 23 Feb 2006

Tear up the Harris survey

CommentWe don’t normally lead on surveys, but a recently released Harris Interactive survey samples the average US household and says that it shows that consumers are both ready, waiting and largely willing where IPTV is concerned.
Faultline, 23 Feb 2006

Telefonica faces broadband price probe

Spanish incumbent Telefonica is facing an investigation by the European Commission (EC) amid allegations that it abused its dominant position regarding the provision of broadband.
Tim Richardson, 23 Feb 2006

RIM lauds latest NTP patent rejection

The US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has rejected all the claims contained in US patent number 6,067,451, one of the three patents held by NTP, and for which it successfully sued Research in Motion for intellectual property violation.
Tony Smith, 23 Feb 2006

Asus dreams up modular PC of the future

ExclusiveAsus has shelved plans to develop the PC of the future - literally. The Taiwanese vendor's Green PC concept computer, shown to Reg Hardware this week, is just that: a shelf. And some clever wireless connectivity and non-contact inductive power source.
Tony Smith, 23 Feb 2006

Asus prices up Lamborghini laptop

Asus has dropped a few more hints about what's going to be inside its upcoming Lamborghini-branded notebook. The company confirmed this week that the machine will indeed be based on Intel's Centrino Duo platform, and said it will contain more than 1GB of memory and a hard drive offering over 120GB of storage capacity.
Tony Smith, 23 Feb 2006
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Acxiom database hacker jailed for 8 years

A Florida man has been jailed for eight years after being convicted of stealing vast amounts of personal information from Acxiom, one of the world's largest database companies, in order to inflate the value of his spamming firm.
John Leyden, 23 Feb 2006

By the three moons of Pluto!

Astronomers have confirmed they spied two previously unknown moons orbiting tiny ninth planet Pluto using the Hubble Space Telescope.
Christopher Williams, 23 Feb 2006

Colt trots to Europe as it rejigs business

Colt Telecom is overhauling its corporate structure in a bid to generate profit, and is also looking to raise £300m in new equity which should help reduce its net debt to below £100m.
Tim Richardson, 23 Feb 2006

Ofcom unveils phone number plans

Ofcom is tinkering with telephone numbers to ensure there's plenty of digits to go around in the future. But the regulator moved to assure punters that it had no plans to meddle with geographic phone numbers as part of its review of the UK National Telephone Numbering Plan.
Tim Richardson, 23 Feb 2006

Apple to 'launch full movie downloads' next week

Apple will next week announce that it's going to start selling full-length movie downloads through the iTunes Music Store, if the forecast of a US market watcher is correct. The prediction comes in the week the company passed the 1bn music downloads mark.
Tony Smith, 23 Feb 2006

Thomas Pink collars iPod with commuter tie

British shirt-maker Thomas Pink has begun selling a limited edition tie with an integrated iPod holder, the better to allow City gents to groove to their favourite beat combos as they battle their way to work every morning.
Tony Smith, 23 Feb 2006

Stunned Londoners see Wi-Fi work on water

Christopher Williams, 23 Feb 2006

Capita increases turnover, profit

In briefCapita turned in increases in profits and revenues when it unveiled full year results today. For the year ended December 31, the services vendor reported turnover of £1.4bn, up 12 per cent. Operating profits were up 8.2 per cent to £166.6m, and pre-tax profits were up 7.8 per cent to £ 153.1m. When a share based payment charge, intangible amortization and impairment were stripped out, operating profits grew 19 per cent to £190.7m, while pre-tax profits were up 19 per cent to £177.2m. The firm increased its dividend for shareholders, and also hinted at a share buyback.®
Team Register, 23 Feb 2006

Networking 'will never be a commodity'

NetEventsIn his keynote speech to the NetEvents European Summit in Garmisch, Germany today, HP Procurve VP John McHugh stuck his neck out, and said: "Enterprise networking is not going to be a commodity."
Guy Kewney, 23 Feb 2006

Motorola RAZR V3i

ReviewA manufacturer with one of the most popular mobiles on the market has a problem when it comes to updating the phone: just how do you improve a product without ruining it? In the case of the V3, Motorola has obviously decided the way forward is to leave well alone, only pausing to correct a couple of oversights it made in the original...
Shaun Marin, 23 Feb 2006

Scientists: masturbation not as good as sex

A swift one off the wrist - easy, convenient, refreshing - but just not the same as the real thing, perhaps.
Christopher Williams, 23 Feb 2006

Amstrad's em@ilers are going, going...

If you want to get your hands on one of Amstrad's em@iler phones-cum-email thingies - you better be quick. Last September, Amstrad confirmed that it was ceasing production of the em@iler following poor sales.
Tim Richardson, 23 Feb 2006

Music to code to

Well, Microsoft loves its developers and wants to know what makes them tick. So it asks them what music they like to code to - apparently, the "winner" was something by Coldplay (whoever they are - and what will this do to their street cred, anyway). And HMV Digital have made a radio station specifically for UK developers, 'Music to Code To', available online as a "top station" (subscription needed) - "because developers want to listen to what other developers listen to". They do? Changed since my day then - I used to code to Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring".
David Norfolk, 23 Feb 2006

Quantum computer solves problem without running

A quantum computer at a US University has solved a computational problem without running a program. Scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign gleaned the answer to an algorithm by combining quantum computation and quantum interrogation (a technique that makes use of wave-particle duality to search a region of space without actually entering that region) in an optical-based quantum computer through a process called "counterfactual computation".
John Leyden, 23 Feb 2006

We own all your rich internet media

Just as the Web 2.0 crowd gets excited over AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), an unknown web developer tools company is threatening to spoil the party.
Gavin Clarke, 23 Feb 2006

Over the Waterfall

CommentLet's throw some rocks at Waterfall development. You know, the development method which says that you have to produce about 10kg of specification document (there’s a standard, usually, for the weight of paper appropriate to different project types).
David Norfolk, 23 Feb 2006

Sophos in Mac OS X worm false alarm

Sophos has apologised after releasing a faulty signature update that flagged up legitimate Mac OS X system files as infected with a new low-risk worm, Inqtana-B.
John Leyden, 23 Feb 2006

The real reason Skype isn't as good as it was

NetEventsHave you been a Skype user for ages? Noticed that it isn't as good as it was? Silent moments, repeated sounds, buzzes? Here's the good news: it's almost certainly fixable. The bad news? You have to lobby your cable company to fix it.
Guy Kewney, 23 Feb 2006

Microsoft exposes itself in bid to embarrass Europeans

Microsoft is accusing the European Commission (EC) of denying it a fair defense in its long-running anti-trust case, so officials could nip off early for their Christmas hols.
Gavin Clarke, 23 Feb 2006

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