20th February 2006 Archive

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  • Kazaa, record company lawyers ready for appeal

    Case sits in Oz Federal Court today

    Media 20 09:43

  • Sweetening the pill of compliance

    Lessons from financial services

    Management 20 09:49

  • Gov. diverts £2bn gravy train

    But industry still "paranoid" about OGC secrecy

    Policy 20 10:21

  • Sony admits PS3 could be delayed

    Blu-ray copy protection system set-backs the cause?

    Games 20 10:23

  • IGF: success, great success or useful sideshow?

    Making hard decisions, melting hard cheeses

    Financial News 20 10:33

  • Multimedia arms race

    Web browsing, email, TV tuners and more

    Mobile 20 10:43

  • Boffins wrestle with future in Roman Bath

    High-tech giants backing pervasive network

    Data Networking 20 10:45

  • Google says no to US gov

    US customers more important than Chinese?

    Media 20 10:58

  • C&W to cull jobs in Ireland

    Workers de-Energised

    Networks 20 11:02

  • Apple 17in MacBook Pro 'to debut in June'

    Waiting on the right optical drive?

    Hardware 20 11:22

  • Political hacking scandal hits Hungary

    Making a goulash of security

    Security 20 11:22

  • Bird flu menace poised to cross the Channel

    Europe up the swanny - UK vets testing dead birds

    Science 20 11:34

  • iPod Shuffle becomes t-shirt icon

    Too tempting for tea leaves?

    Hardware 20 11:41

  • £179m council outsourcing costs disputed

    "A complete fabrication," city of Westminster says

    Policy 20 11:45

  • Spammers adopt stealth tactics

    Slow burn

    Security 20 11:46

  • UK gambling firms say no to Italian ban

    Talking to lawyers...

    Financial News 20 11:49

  • Nintendo to drop DS for DS Lite

    Summer switch-over, says Nintendo US exec

    Games 20 12:00

  • Small biz owners' stress levels shoot up

    It's lonely at the top

    Small Biz 20 12:07

  • Lite-On EZ-DUB DVD writer

    An easy way to copy...er... dub

    Hardware 20 12:48

  • Relisys back in business

    Good news all round...

    The Channel 20 12:53

  • RIM open to 'reasonable' settlement offer from NTP

    Blackberry ban hearing draws nigh

    Phones 20 13:08

  • Rumsfeld: US govt insufficiently tech-savvy

    Administration's PR 'a five-and-dime store' in an 'eBay world'

    Bootnotes 20 14:23

  • Dell seeks damages from man called Dell

    Butterfly and wheel...

    Bootnotes 20 14:35

  • Global net tussle reaches uneasy truce

    There at the birth: Internet Governance Forum

    Media 20 15:06

  • EU cops to get Europe-wide licence and vehicle database

    Although 'nascent' springs to mind...

    Media 20 15:08

  • Linux worm targets PHP flaw

    Silly Mare

    Security 20 15:09

  • Mio eyes CeBIT for mass GPS device roll-out

    Six models lined up for launch, apparently

    Hardware 20 15:26

  • Microsoft reveals piracy battle plan for the UK

    For the good of the economy, of course

    Software 20 15:49

  • Sony preps Vaio VoIP mouse

    March debut

    Hardware 20 16:02

  • London Oyster card - a tool for spouse stalkers?

    Marriages down the tubes...

    Media 20 16:12

  • Big studios sue Samsung


    Media 20 16:13

  • iPod Nano add-on adds old iPod add-ons

    Re-use your old accessories

    Hardware 20 16:15

  • Yahoo!Mail bans Allah and Dirty Harry handles

    Good choice of enemies fellas...

    Media 20 16:27

  • OSx86 Project forum reopens after DMCA black-out

    Links to OS X patch download to blame

    Hardware 20 16:28

  • Intel next-gen South Bridge to kill parallel ATA

    ICH8 has Serial ATA only, apparently

    The Channel 20 16:51