14th February 2006 Archive

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  • Women's broken hearts go ignored

    Happy Valentine's day

    Science 14 00:02

  • Orion pulls the plug on deskside cluster op

    When engineers cry

    Servers 14 00:20

  • ID Cards to be compulsory in Britain

    'Creeping compulsion' retained

    Policy 14 00:33

  • Apple drops Intel Mac Mini's built-in iPod dock

    Eleventh-hour decision, sources claim

    Hardware 14 10:00

  • Official: Figure skating pointless

    Scoring system on thin statistical ice

    Bootnotes 14 10:17

  • ID Card costs escape scrutiny

    Dobson amendment lets govt. off hook

    Media 14 10:32

  • Windows Vista boot times to pass by in a Flash

    USB memory keys to accelerate app, data loads too

    Hardware 14 10:37

  • Mobile telcos to link IM networks

    It's good to chat

    Mobile 14 10:45

  • Virgin Mobile confirms mobile TV deal

    Tunes in with BT

    Mobile 14 10:50

  • Experts issue stark Valentine's Day press release warning

    Your business is at risk. Click here now

    Bootnotes 14 10:53

  • Paris Hilton may play movie Mother Teresa

    No, really

    Bootnotes 14 10:55

  • NEC preps 'perfume bottle' media player

    Sports 'liquid gui', apparently

    Hardware 14 11:19

  • Firm launches 'world's smallest' external HDD

    USB key packs in 0.85in 4GB drive

    Hardware 14 11:43

  • Serco Solutions appoints new COO

    'Operations integration'

    The Channel 14 11:49

  • Intel 'to halve' Pentium D 950 price next April

    Other 65nm dualies to get much cheaper ahead of 960's debut

    The Channel 14 12:02

  • Tiscali UK nears 1m broadband punters

    Nearly time to crack the Asti

    Broadband 14 12:14

  • 419er jailed for 376 years

    Hard time for $2m scammer

    Media 14 12:52

  • Seagate to spin a 12GB 1in HDD in Q3

    Perpendicular recording

    Hardware 14 13:00

  • MS anti-spyware labels Symantec as Trojan

    False alarm

    Security 14 13:06

  • Motorola promises 3G Q PDA phone for Q4

    Ready for network testing then, at least

    Phones 14 13:26

  • Mobile internet mesh fraught with pitfalls

    Here's another fine IMS you've got me into

    Broadband 14 13:37

  • Vodafone teams with Google on mobile search

    Google live!

    Mobile 14 14:32

  • Three charged with Seattle hospital botnet attack

    Come as you are...to jail

    Security 14 15:11

  • US student tries to score dope at cop shop

    University-grade criminal mastermind

    Bootnotes 14 15:14

  • OFT warns of online dating scams

    Cashing in on lurv

    Security 14 15:27

  • IBM takes Power5+ to 2.2GHz

    Rolls out p5 575 server to put it in

    Servers 14 15:35

  • Girl hit on zebra crossing lands in court

    Possible fine for nine-year-old Swiss tearaway

    Bootnotes 14 15:36

  • Please don't censor internet, sobs Yahoo!

    Heartfelt plea fails to mention China

    Media 14 15:44

  • Apple gears up to ship MacBook Pro with CPU speed boost

    Notebooks now running at up to 2.16GHz

    Hardware 14 15:59

  • X-prize expands ambitions

    Big bucks for breakthroughs

    Science 14 16:24

  • BenQ hails 'super 3G' phone first

    Claims first showing of an HSDPA handset

    Phones 14 16:31

  • Skype and Vonage: thank you, and goodnight

    UMA kills the VoIP dream

    VoIP 14 16:41

  • France Telecom to axe 22,000 jobs

    C'est la vie

    Networks 14 16:44

  • Motorola readies Windows Media music phone line-up

    Apple relationship souring?

    Phones 14 17:04

  • 400,000 Sony Bravia TVs hit by software flaw

    Affected models stuck in stand-by

    Hardware 14 17:40

  • PalmOS goes Linux - again

    Garnet successor due by year-end

    Phones 14 17:49

  • Symbian explains price cuts

    Old tariff remains, with Java

    Mobile 14 17:56

  • Microsoft releases its annual mobile phone market excuse

    Low sales equals vast opportunity, apparently

    Mobile 14 18:06

  • Microsoft promises Passport redux with ‘InfoCards’

    Saving Howard Ting

    Security 14 20:06

  • Sun’s McNealy wants to take MS security staff hunting


    Security 14 21:42

  • Microsoft tastes sweet, sweet open source CRM

    SugarCRM and Windows Server unite

    Applications 14 23:51