13th February 2006 Archive

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  • Police database fingers suspects

    Fledgling system pools intelligence

    Media 13 09:02

  • AOL UK premieres online movie rentals

    Lights, camera, popcorn...

    Broadband 13 09:02

  • Music traders prepare for EC face-off

    CISAC fails to see reason in EC investigation

    Financial News 13 10:01

  • Vietnamese fruit seller in net name cock-up

    Is that a grapefruit in your pocket...?

    Bootnotes 13 10:03

  • Virgin Mobile to ink mobile TV deal with BT

    So the trial was a success

    Mobile 13 10:41

  • But I'm a professional!

    Kanban, thank-you ma'am

    Developer 13 10:55

  • Beyond CRM

    Salesforce.com mashes it up on the AppExchange

    Developer 13 11:00

  • Intel's 'Woodcrest' to clock at 2.93GHz

    'Whitmore Lake' system logic for Xeon ULV, too

    Hardware 13 11:16

  • Check mate

    Email marketing: prior consent does not mean opt-in

    Media 13 11:32

  • Fossett forced into feat finale farce

    Adventurer breaks record, lands in God's waiting room

    Science 13 11:40

  • Be expands broadband network

    Still schtum on customer numbers

    Broadband 13 11:46

  • Start-up seeks to spin a safer web

    SiteAdvisor to police pages

    Security 13 11:51

  • Wipe your iPod before selling it, RIAA warns

    Organisation on the look-out for loaded music player sales

    Hardware 13 11:52

  • Dept of Homeland Security tests cyberterrorism response

    Massive 'Cyber Storm' simulates attack

    Management 13 12:05

  • Apple applies for virtual clickwheel patent

    Paves the way for gesture-driven, context-sensitive iPods and tablet Macs

    Hardware 13 12:54

  • The unbearable not-rightness of Bitesize

    Whence cometh the 'C' in 'ICT'

    Verity Stob 13 13:25

  • Pope: science and religion are compatible

    And Darwin's 197 years young

    Science 13 13:35

  • UK e-tailing breaks new records

    Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it

    Financial News 13 13:38

  • MS adds full push email to Windows Mobile 5

    Watch out, RIM?

    Phones 13 13:45

  • O2 breathless about music deals

    Visual Radio - isn't that like silent telly...

    Mobile 13 13:49

  • Fujitsu Siemens confirms €700 3G PDA phone

    Blackberry-like Microsoft push email tech on board

    Phones 13 14:13

  • Waiting for the software revolution

    AppExchange and Smartfundit.com pave the way

    The Channel 13 14:13

  • HP to ship iPaq hw6900 Wi-Fi PDA phone this 'Spring'

    Leaked device launched

    Phones 13 14:34

  • Nokia not afraid of VoIP. Really

    Sssh, don't mention Motorola

    VoIP 13 14:55

  • Sony Ericsson readies eight-hour talk-time budget phone

    Low-end 3G handset in the works too

    Phones 13 15:06

  • 'Lawful interception' firm tapping into Europe, Asia Pacific

    Network diversity spurs growth

    Media 13 15:07

  • US firm plays big brother for parents

    No more mobile smut for you wee laddie...

    Mobile 13 15:20

  • TV Licensing to keep tabs on mobile users

    Who's watching who?

    Mobile 13 15:26

  • Official: US girls are easy...

    ...to date online

    Bootnotes 13 15:46

  • IP Wireless gets its chance with Sprint

    Race towards LTE

    Broadband 13 16:02

  • A GI called Ajax

    Generally interfacing TIBCO

    Developer 13 16:29

  • Verisign buys Austrian mobile app firm

    Don't worry, no frogs involved

    Mobile 13 16:33

  • Microsoft 'year away' from single-core phone OS

    Costly catch-up

    Mobile 13 16:49

  • Sun plans to get Linux on UltraSPARC via Xen

    Hypervisor marriage

    Servers 13 18:07

  • Humble Fiorina declined 'most powerful woman in the world' post

    She's still pretty amazing

    Bootnotes 13 19:30