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Police database fingers suspects

British police have fingered some suspected scoundrels and nonces with a shared police database system, the Home Office said at the official launch of the system today.
Mark Ballard, 13 Feb 2006

AOL UK premieres online movie rentals

AOL has become the latest operator in the UK to offer video on demand (VoD) with the launch of an online movie rental service.
Tim Richardson, 13 Feb 2006

Music traders prepare for EC face-off

Music royalty traders being investigated by EC anti-trust authorities said they fail to understand why the European Commission had launched proceedings against them, and hope to reach an agreement without resorting to the law courts.
Mark Ballard, 13 Feb 2006

Vietnamese fruit seller in net name cock-up

A Vietnamese grapefruit seller has been refused the domain name www.buoi.com.vn because "the word for grapefruit, buoi, without a proper tone marking can be misunderstood", as Thai Huu Ly, of the Vietnam Internet Network Information Centre, put it to AFP.
Lester Haines, 13 Feb 2006

Virgin Mobile to ink mobile TV deal with BT

Virgin Mobile looks set to be the first cellco to sign up to a nationwide TV service, according to a report by the Financial Times. The pink paper reports that the tie-up is due to be announced tomorrow at the 3GSM trade show in Barcelona and will provide punters with at least five TV channels and a number of radio stations.
Tim Richardson, 13 Feb 2006

But I'm a professional!

CommentAs a practitioner of agile principles, I value communication and feedback. Indeed, I insist on regular feedback and, if it's not forthcoming, will go in search of it. I've worked with a few teams over the years and one of the first things I always try to introduce is a Kanban system, Kanban being the Japanese word for 'sign' or 'placard'.
David Putman, 13 Feb 2006

Beyond CRM

If Web 2.0 mashups are the future of the internet, what will the enterprise application look like? The folk at Salesforce.com think they have the answer, in the shape of the winter 06 release of their web application platform – and the introduction of a web service and application directory, the AppExchange.
Simon Bisson, 13 Feb 2006
New Intel logos

Intel's 'Woodcrest' to clock at 2.93GHz

Intel is set to ship its 'Woodcrest' processor, the first 65nm Xeon chip to be based on the chip giant's next-generation architecture, will ship at 2.93GHz and boast a 1333MHz frontside bus, a purported copy of the company's server roadmap posted on a Chinese-language website claims.
Tony Smith, 13 Feb 2006

Check mate

CommentKnow the law before you accuse “34 per cent of top UK companies” of breaking it. Recent research, reported by the BBC, FT and others, suggested that our corporate tycoons are flouting the law on email marketing. But the data management company behind the research got the law wrong.
OUT-LAW.COM, 13 Feb 2006

Fossett forced into feat finale farce

Steve Fossett has broken the world record for the longest uninterrupted flight – but a last minute electrical failure meant he had to make an emergency landing.
Christopher Williams, 13 Feb 2006

Be expands broadband network

Be - the broadband ISP that advertises speeds of up to 24Mb - is expanding its network. The ISP is investing in local loop unbundling (LLU) and has already installed its kit in 60 BT telephone exchanges in London to provide services direct to end users.
Tim Richardson, 13 Feb 2006
vulture tv reporter

Start-up seeks to spin a safer web

File-sharing software that installs adware, websites that attempt to compromise a visitor's computer, and free downloads that install a host of other unwanted software - the web has become a confusing and sometimes dangerous place for the average home user.
SecurityFocus, 13 Feb 2006

Wipe your iPod before selling it, RIAA warns

If you sell your iPod and don't remove your music first, you could find yourself with the Recording Industry Ass. of America (RIAA) breathing down your back. The organisation last week told sellers in the US that doing so is a clear violation of copyright law and warned them that it's sniffing out for infringers.
Tony Smith, 13 Feb 2006

Dept of Homeland Security tests cyberterrorism response

The US Department of Homeland Security has conducted a wargame to test how the country's key IT infrastructure would stand up to a coordinated attack.
Christopher Williams, 13 Feb 2006

Apple applies for virtual clickwheel patent

Claims that Apple is preparing an iPod-branded video player were strengthened late last week when it emerged the company has filed a patent application for exactly the kind of virtual clickwheel technology the new device has been said to sport.
Tony Smith, 13 Feb 2006

The unbearable not-rightness of Bitesize

StobLetters We received a shed load of emails in response to our jibes at the BBC's Bitesize website for GCSE sufferers.
Verity Stob, 13 Feb 2006

Pope: science and religion are compatible

The Pope moved to soothe the increasingly fractious science versus religion rumpus on Friday, saying the two are compatible in the Christian faith. His Holiness told the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in the Vatican: “The Church joyfully accepts the real conquests of human knowledge.”
Christopher Williams, 13 Feb 2006

UK e-tailing breaks new records

Another batch of figures has been published bigging up online shopping. Despite security fears, UK shoppers splashed out a record £8.2bn in online shopping in 2005, according to a report by retail analysts Verdict.
Tim Richardson, 13 Feb 2006

MS adds full push email to Windows Mobile 5

3GSMMicrosoft will next month allow handset vendors and mobile phone networks to offer customers Direct Push Technology - its answer to Research in Motion's Blackberry push email system. DPT will be delivered through a Messaging and Security Feature Pack update to its Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, plus a Service Pack for its Exchange Server 2003 code.
Tony Smith, 13 Feb 2006

O2 breathless about music deals

3GSMO2 is extending its partnership with music label Universal. O2 punters will now get access to 100,000 tracks from Universal's catalogue. They can buy ringtones, video tones, or full length video or sound tracks.
John Oates, 13 Feb 2006
fujitsu siemens pocket loox t830

Fujitsu Siemens confirms €700 3G PDA phone

3GSMFujitsu Siemens today launched its Pocket Loox T series 3G-based PDA phones, as anticipated, and pledged to ship the 802.11g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 and GPS-equipped handsets - one with a two megapixel camera, the other without - next July.
Tony Smith, 13 Feb 2006
For Sale sign detail

Waiting for the software revolution

Quocirca's changing channelsResearch conducted by Quocirca in 2005 showed the majority of UK enterprises still pay for software upfront either as perpetual licences or renewable on an annual or bi-annual basis. The same research also showed that more than half would like to see the way they pay for software changed to a monthly subscription. What the customer wants, the customer should get, but this leaves a problem for vendors and resellers who need money in the bank to pay the bills. Two initiatives launched in January this year will make it easier to make a transition in the way software is both delivered and paid for: the salesforce.com AppExchange, and new financing portal smartfundit.com.
Bob Tarzey, 13 Feb 2006
hp ipaq hw6900 mobile messenger

HP to ship iPaq hw6900 Wi-Fi PDA phone this 'Spring'

3GSMHP today unveiled its latest iPaq Mobile Messenger handset, finally taking the wraps off a device it has been inadvertently mentioning on its website for some time. However, the members of the hw6900 series look a little under-specced compared to Fujitsu Siemens' latest competitor product.
Tony Smith, 13 Feb 2006
nokia 6136

Nokia not afraid of VoIP. Really

3GSMOutgoing Nokia chief Jorma Ollila compared the challenge posed by IP telephony to the shift from analog to digital today. It was just this transition that saw Nokia usurp Motorola's dominant position in 1G analog mobile handsets - and it's been top dog ever since.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Feb 2006
sony ericsson k610 3g phone

Sony Ericsson readies eight-hour talk-time budget phone

3GSMSony Ericsson today took a swipe at Motorola's popular, ultra-low end C115 handset and Nokia's 1100 with a no-frills dual-band GSM handset of its own. It also launched a low-end, "affordable" candybar phone for the 3G market.
Tony Smith, 13 Feb 2006

'Lawful interception' firm tapping into Europe, Asia Pacific

3GSMLawful interception firm SS8 Networks is using the 3GSM show to set out its stall in Europe. The firm, which makes middleware that helps service providers manage the collection of data from wiretaps across multiple voice and data connections, also announced a resale agreement with Pen-Link, a firm whose software allows law enforcement agencies to make sense out of the data SS8 collects.
John Leyden, 13 Feb 2006

US firm plays big brother for parents

3GSMBritish teenagers are the world’s worst when it comes to misusing their mobile phones.
John Oates, 13 Feb 2006

TV Licensing to keep tabs on mobile users

TV Licensing, the outfit that collects the fee that funds the UK's BBC, is mulling plans that would force retailers to pass on details of people who buy mobile phones, The Times reports.
Tim Richardson, 13 Feb 2006

Official: US girls are easy...

Europeans will never do as much online dating as Americans, even as their internet use ramps up to trans-Atlantic levels.
Mark Ballard, 13 Feb 2006

IP Wireless gets its chance with Sprint

3GSMStill seeking a new CEO after the abrupt departure of Chris Gilbert a week ago, IP Wireless has announced the first of its global partners to trial its next generation of wireless broadband - Sprint Nextel.
Newswireless.net, 13 Feb 2006

A GI called Ajax

Web applications are sexy these days; well, the idea of a web application is sexy, partly because the web itself is sexy. Nevertheless, frequently the “user experience” associated with an actual web application is a bit clunky, not at all sexy, compared to the richness possible in a boring old desktop application.
David Norfolk, 13 Feb 2006

Verisign buys Austrian mobile app firm

3GSMVerisign, which bought Jamba, the company behind the Crazy Frog, has bought Austrian service provider 3united Mobile Solutions for E55m.
John Oates, 13 Feb 2006

Microsoft 'year away' from single-core phone OS

3GSMWith Nokia and Sony Ericsson about to launch single-core, single-chip phones using a real-time OS, Microsoft embarked on its catch-up strategy today.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Feb 2006

Sun plans to get Linux on UltraSPARC via Xen

Heat issues getting you down? Could your server room use a web serving boost?
Ashlee Vance, 13 Feb 2006

Humble Fiorina declined 'most powerful woman in the world' post

Stripped of her position atop the technology world, Carly Fiorina has morphed into a humbler, gentler globe-trotting celebrity speaker. Or so the Mercury News would have us believe.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Feb 2006

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