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SourceLabs puts its SASH around Oracle

A services start-up has certified four increasingly popular open source frameworks for "out-of-the-box" interoperability with Oracle's Java and middleware portfolio.
Gavin Clarke, 10 Feb 2006

Oracle in talks to consume three open source darlings - report

Oracle is in talks to buy three open source companies in a strategy that would potentially reinforce the company's middleware against low-priced competitors, according to a report in BusinessWeek.
Gavin Clarke, 10 Feb 2006

Wi-Fi for dummies

The average user has no idea of the risks associated with public Wi-Fi hotspots. Here are some very simple tips to keep network access secure.
Scott Granneman, 10 Feb 2006
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UK.gov in partial ID card climbdown

The UK government is reportedly poised to accept key concessions in an effort to ease the passage of its controversial ID card plans through parliament. Amendments to the legislation, due to be tabled by a home office minister, would mean a new bill would have to be enacted in order to make it compulsory for Britons to carry biometric identity cards, following a defeat in the House of Lords over the issue.
John Leyden, 10 Feb 2006

CD-Rs to get cheaper as Philips backs down on licensing

An anti-trust investigation into the licensing of Philips' recordable CD technology has been shelved after the firm changed its tune.
Team Register, 10 Feb 2006

Toshiba, LG to share CD, DVD, HD DVD toys

Toshiba and LG have agreed to share their respective optical disc patent portfolios the better to make each company's product development budget go further. The deal covers not only discs, but players and recorders too, and even extends to HD DVD - an interesting move given LG's preference for the Blu-ray Disc format.
Tony Smith, 10 Feb 2006

Fossett faring fine

The Virgin GlobalFlyer and its pilot Steve Fossett have passed the halfway point in their bid to break the record for the world's longest flight. The experimental plane is currently over the Pacific, with next land sighting set for Mexico's Baja peninsula at about 1800 GMT.
Christopher Williams, 10 Feb 2006

Geek TV is back

Hoping to leave the living room at some point this year? Not a chance. This spring, the Tellyville honchos have two main ways of getting you off your computer and making you watch the box - assuming they're not one and the same, of course.
Jane Hoskyn, 10 Feb 2006

Does Cisco need consumer electronics?

Does Cisco really have any desire to enter the consumer electronics business, as many analysts, and Cisco itself have been saying of late?
Faultline, 10 Feb 2006

Web suicide pacts sweep Japan

The number of Japanese people who killed themselves after making suicide pacts forged over the internet almost doubled last year. Ninety-one people topped themselves in groups after meeting on the net during 2005, compared with 55 in 2004 and 34 in 2003, when the National Police Agency in Japan began keeping records of the disturbing phenomenon.
John Leyden, 10 Feb 2006
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Intel offers Pentium D discount promo

Intel is offering resellers instant cash rebates for purchasing its boxed dual-core Pentium D processors. Dealers can get up to $80 off the price of a chip just by ordering one from an Intel Authorised Distributor.
Tony Smith, 10 Feb 2006

Qinetiq kicks off £1.3bn IPO

Shares in Qinetiq began trading today as the UK tech firm kicked off its £1.3bn IPO. The shares were valued at 200p each - at the top end of 165p-205p range set for the float - but surged ahead in brisk early trading.
Tim Richardson, 10 Feb 2006

ATI tweaks Catalyst, adds set-up Wizard

ATI has updated its Catalyst graphics card driver package. The new release, 6.2, incorporates tweaks for more than half a dozen games titles, including World of Warcraft, Half-life 2 and City of Heroes, and fixes a whole series of glitches. For the non-technical, ATI has added a Wizard-based interface for Catalyst Control Center to guide users through the most commonplace tasks. A list of products for which the update is suitable, along with release notes and the download itself can be found at the ATI support site, here. ®
Tony Smith, 10 Feb 2006

IBM bids for personal area network crown

IBM's bid to open up chip technology that could be used as a basis for high speed in-room networks, seems destined to flounder.
Faultline, 10 Feb 2006

Google to get a handle on handwriting

Google is funding research aimed at making handwritten documents searchable. The Dublin City University project is a rare external collaboration for Google, which in the past has preferred to simply buy in the expertise it needs.
Christopher Williams, 10 Feb 2006

The Final Countdown: case closed

LettersThose of you who have been closely following the ongoing debate as to how exactly Europe's The Final Countdown goes (and let's face it, bird flu is a worry but this really matters) will be delighted to learn that we have the definitive answer.
Lester Haines, 10 Feb 2006

Video surveillance outfit chips workers

A Cincinnati video surveillance company CityWatcher.com now requires employees to use Verichip human implantable microchips to enter a secure data centre. Until now, the employees entered the data centre with a VeriChip housed in a heart-shaped plastic casing that hangs from their keychain.
Jan Libbenga, 10 Feb 2006

40-metre profanity spotted from space

NSFWHere's a Friday poser for you: you're a member of a highly-advanced alien civilisation and have just travelled to Earth in your hyperdrive-powered craft intending to enjoy a long-weekend break. The trouble is, you can't decide whether to: a) nip over to rural Idaho, abduct a farmhand and anally probe him before modifying his DNA and dumping him back on the highway; or b) pop down to Billingley in Yorkshire and leave a cryptic message for humanity in a corn field…
Lester Haines, 10 Feb 2006
New Intel logos

Intel 'Sossaman' Core-Duo-for-servers chip surfaces

Intel is getting ready to release its 65nm Core Duo-derived 'Sossaman' server processor as the Xeon LV - if the latest announcement from Supermicro is anything to go by. The server motherboard maker this week launched a pair of products that will support the new chip and its 31W power envelope. The boards and the Xeon LV were almost immediately offered up by Tokyo computer retailers.
Tony Smith, 10 Feb 2006

BT Openreach faces first Ofcom probe

BT Openreach is facing its first formal investigation by telecoms regulator Ofcom - less than a month after the official launch of BT's access services division.
Tim Richardson, 10 Feb 2006

Yahoo! in second Chinese dissident rumpus

Yahoo! has been accused of assisting Chinese authorities for a second time to apprehend a Chinese dissident. Li Zhi was given an eight-year jail sentence in December 2003 for "inciting subversion" over comments criticising official corruption posted on online discussion groups. The case against Li (a 35-year-old ex-civil servant from Dazhou in south west China) was based on data supplied by Yahoo!'s Hong Kong subsidiary, according to media watchdog Reporters Without Borders.
John Leyden, 10 Feb 2006

NHS launches web page for w**kers

NSFWThe NHS has incurred the wrath of at least one MP by offering a page on its NHS Direct which advises Brits to set aside a bit of "me time" for some light "going solo".
Lester Haines, 10 Feb 2006

MS: Halo 2 for PC a Windows Vista 'exclusive'

Microsoft looked to Bungie's Halo to sell its Xbox console, and it's now planning to see if the same trick will persuade gamers to upgrade to Windows Vista. Yes, Halo 2, which shipped for Xbox over a year ago, is coming to the PC - but you'll need Microsoft's next major operating system release to run it. The game will not run on Windows XP, Bungie admitted this week. It will run "exclusively" on Vista.
Tony Smith, 10 Feb 2006

Linksys preps VoIP handset pair

Linksys will ship a new, slimline standalone VoIP handset next week, according to at least one US e-tailer which this week said it was accepting advance orders for the product, the WIP300. The device operates across any 802.11b/g Wi-Fi network, includes a POP email facility and sports a 1.8in colour display.
Tony Smith, 10 Feb 2006

BOFH takes a leaf from Captain Kirk's log

Episode 6It's always the new guy that starts the trouble. OK, that's not entirely true - very occasionally it's the sleeper who's been happily working away in the company for years who suddenly gets his activation signal - but mostly it's the new guys.
Simon Travaglia, 10 Feb 2006

Vonage flags $250m IPO

Vonage is looking to raise $250m as part of an IPO, the US-based VoIP outfit revealed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
Tim Richardson, 10 Feb 2006

NTL trials 100Mb broadband

NTL is to begin field trials of ultra fast broadband next month in a bid to hit speeds of up to 100Mb.
Tim Richardson, 10 Feb 2006

EFF issues Google Desktop warning

Google has released a revamped version of its desktop search tool which introduces the ability to search the contents of one computer from another. Previous versions of the tool indexed files on user's PCs, but using the optional "Search Across Computers" facility in Google Desktop 3 temporarily stores text copies of searchable items on Google's own servers for up to 30 days.
John Leyden, 10 Feb 2006

SiS confirms Socket AM2 chipsets to ship Q2

SiS has let the cat out of the bag. Yesterday, it announced half a dozen chipsets all of which will support AMD's Socket AM2 microprocessors - none of which have yet been formally introduced by the chip maker - which will ship in Q2, SiS said.
Tony Smith, 10 Feb 2006

Nintendo preps navy, sky blue DS Lites

Nintendo will ship is DS Lite handheld console in light- and dark-blue hues in addition to the classic iPod white the videogames pioneer had already said the device will be decked out in when it debuts in Japan on 2 March.
Tony Smith, 10 Feb 2006

Fragile Flyer frightens Fossett

Steve Fossett has told his team at mission control in Kent that he was close to bailing out of his experimental aircraft as it hit extreme turbulence over India. The lightweight and fragile Virgin GlobalFlyer apparently feels its effect four times as much as a commercial jet would.
Christopher Williams, 10 Feb 2006

Archaeologists unearth King Tut's neighbours

Archaeologists have discovered Egypt's first undisturbed tomb since Tutankhamun in 1922 – unbelievably just five metres away from that of the boy pharaoh.
Christopher Williams, 10 Feb 2006

Alaskans warm to volcanocam

Isolated Alaskan communities are using the internet to follow the ongoing eruption of Mount Augustine. The volcano, located in the Cook Inlet, 285km to the southwest of Anchorage, has been spewing out dust, ash and dangerous pyroclastic flows since mid-January.
Christopher Williams, 10 Feb 2006

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