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Fourth DRAM cartel member fined $84m

Elpida, a Japanese joint venture set up between Hitachi and NEC, has become the fourth memory maker to pay a penalty for fixing memory prices.
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Jan 2006

VMware's Chief promises to play nice with Microsoft and Xen

InterviewVMware has become one of the most successful x86 server software franchises around, and proprietary and open source rivals have taken notice. They would love to eat away at the more than $100m in revenue VMware does per quarter - a figure that's been doubling year over year.
Ashlee Vance, 31 Jan 2006
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ATI licenses HDMI technology

ATI's plans to add HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) support to future chipset and graphics card products took a step closer to fruition yesterday when the company announced it has licensed HDMI technology from Analogix.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2006
Griffin TuneCenter iPod dock

MS posts Xbox 360 update

Microsoft posted its latest Xbox 360 update last night, which makes a handful of tweaks to the console's system software, according to the brief list of fixes posted by Microsoft. The update adds improvements to Xbox Guide and to the Dutch Xbox Live network configuration. It also provides more detailed information on unreadable disk or region errors, increases the accuracy of 'last time played' readouts and provides a saved-game retention option when users' profiles are removed.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2006

Free the DB2

Free is suddenly becoming a fashion statement in the database world. As predicted, IBM has decided to join Microsoft in launching a cut-down, free version of a large, mainstream database with the arrival of DB2 Universal Database Express-C, or DB2 Express-C in its snappy, shortened version.
Martin Banks, 31 Jan 2006

Japan gets USB-connectible SD card

Japanese peripherals maker Keian has launched the latest attempt to make SD memory cards sit comfortably in computers' USB ports. The company's PSB (Personal Storage Disc) product replaces past SD/USB cards' complicated folding panels with a simple removable wedge that, once gone, allows one end of the card to be fitted into a USB port.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2006

AT&T boss warns on bandwidth

The boss of AT&T yesterday warned content companies they might have to pay for access to broadband networks.
John Oates, 31 Jan 2006

Cable & Wireless restructures and warns on profits

Cable & Wireless watched its share price fall more than 15 per cent this morning after it warned that profits would be lower than expected and waved goodbye to its chief executive.
John Oates, 31 Jan 2006

Scientists formulate Indian vulture rescue plan

Scientists have found a solution to the vulture crisis in India where large numbers of the birds are being wiped out by eating cattle carcasses contaminated with the anti-inflamatory drug diclofenac.
Lester Haines, 31 Jan 2006

Nvidia ships HD TV transmission-friendly Quadro card

Nvidia has begun shipping its Quadro FX 4500 SDI broadcasting workstation-oriented graphics card, the company said yesterday. The card builds on the existing FX 4500 board, adding a pair of Serial Digital Interface (SDI) component video connectors. It allows users to output uncompressed SDI data in the 2K digital cinema format, and the HD and SD TV formats, Nvidia said.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2006

Imation wraps 256MB Flash round wrist

Worried about losing your USB Flash drive? Concerned that if you keep it on a key ring it'll get scratched? Bothered wearing it round your neck will make it seem you're wearing a cheap iPod Shuffle knock-off? Imation has the answer: the Flash Wristband.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2006

Google's data minefield

The US Government's broad subpoena to search engines effectively seeks to mine the data of the internet. While Google has resisted the subpoena, there may be little they can do to protect our privacy from many prying eyes.
Mark Rasch, 31 Jan 2006

MessageLabs launches archiving service

Web security firm MessageLabs has launched a message archiving service to complement its existing web and email filtering services. The MessageLabs Archiving Service will offer backups of both instant message and email traffic as a hosted service designed to help firms meet growing compliance and corporate governance requirements.
John Leyden, 31 Jan 2006

Pre-op transsexuals favoured with twin IDs

Many people in the UK don't want an ID card, but one group of people is getting stuck with two.
John Oates, 31 Jan 2006

Fortinet settles anti-virus patent dispute

Fortinet has settled a long-running legal dispute with Trend Micro over its alleged infringement of Trend's patent for server-based anti-virus technology. Financial terms of settlement, announced Monday, were not disclosed.
John Leyden, 31 Jan 2006

BenQ ships P50 Wi-Fi smart phone

BenQ's P50 PDA phone has begun shipping in Europe - almost two years after the company first showed the device to the public.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2006
Elonex Lumina Media Center

Elonex readies 40in all-in-one Viiv media centre

UK PC maker Elonex will soon ship its upgraded Lumina TV-like media centre system, adding a 40in model to the 32in screen it currently offers and moving the line-up from the Pentium 4 to Intel's dual-core Core Duo chip - and stamping the range with the chip maker's Viiv brand.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2006

Samsung preps four-hour fuel cell for portable video players

Samsung has developed a fuel cell capable of powering a personal media player for four hours - almost double the video playback time of the rechargeable batteries that usually ship with such devices.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2006

Google at work on desktop Linux

Google is preparing its own distribution of Linux for the desktop, in a possible bid to take on Microsoft in its core business - desktop software.
Ben King, 31 Jan 2006

HP - more than ink... water too...

HP is to start selling a water-cooling system for servers in data centres. The product attaches to HP's G2 racks and triples cooling capacity - it allows use of up to 30 kilowatts of energy, three times the usual amount.
John Oates, 31 Jan 2006

IBM names day for new blades

Big Blue has named the day for the release of its second generation blade servers - and the big day is February 8, according to CNet.
John Oates, 31 Jan 2006

Centeris scouts for Euro dealers

Windows to Linux start-up Centeris is hunting for channel partners in the UK and Europe after launching its flagship Likewise product.
Team Register, 31 Jan 2006
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Spyware probe couple deported to Israel

Spyware-for-hire suspects Michael and Ruth Haephrati arrived in Israel on Monday to face industrial espionage charges following their extradition from Britain. The couple, alleged masterminds behind a spyware-linked industrial espionage program, face trial in their native Israel after dropping an appeal against deportation.
John Leyden, 31 Jan 2006

Terry Schiavo's hospital gown appears on eBay

UpdatedHere's one eBay auction we don't think will be around for too long: your chance to secure Terry Schiavo's hospital gown:
Lester Haines, 31 Jan 2006

Doctor Who reads out your TXTs

Send a text message to a UK landline and the recipient will now hear the missive read out by Doctor Who. Well, one of 'em, anyway. Yes, Tom Baker - for many, the definitive incarnation of the Time Lord - is the voice of BT's new text-to-speed system. Well, for three months, anyway.
Team Register, 31 Jan 2006

Relisys reassures on warranties

Relisys may be in administration but it will continue to honour warranties.
John Oates, 31 Jan 2006
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Winamp exploit poses hacker risk

Hackers have created an exploit targeting a serious security vulnerability in Winamp, the popular media player. Users are strongly urged to update their software to Winamp version 5.13 to guard against attack.
John Leyden, 31 Jan 2006

Dell to betray Intel with AMD mobile chip embrace - analyst

Dell's embrace of AMD processors will turn from myth to reality by March, according to a financial analyst.
Ashlee Vance, 31 Jan 2006
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NetApp finds time to tempt SMBs with Cisco SAN switch

In BriefNetwork Appliance has added a new Cisco Fibre Channel switch aimed at the SMB market as an option with its arrays.
Ashlee Vance, 31 Jan 2006

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